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"Reading 2072-4" 

Advice regarding mental and spiritual attributes of the body.
(Q) Please list the names of the incarnations of the Christ, and of Jesus,
indicating where the development of the man Jesus began.

(A) First, in the beginning, of course (Adam); and then as Enoch, Melchizedek, in the perfection.
Then in the earth of Joseph, Joshua, Jeshua, Jesus.

In giving advice or counsel regarding mental and spiritual attributes of the body,
much as to the premise from which such thoughts and experiences would be gathered
it might be well to indicate to the body;
that the suggestions given may be made more practical in the everyday life of the entity.

Then, when considering such a premise,
there must also be considered that which has been the ideal of the entity.

Such information would not be given in the way of finding fault,
but to point out the comparisons that may be drawn by the body-consciousness itself from day to day.

As we have indicated, the entity is supersensitive in this particular or individual experience
above that ordinarily indicated in many individuals.

As to why this would be stated may be well to indicate to the entity,
as well as some warnings and some counsel to be considered;
because such conditions are apparent and active in the consciousness of the present entity.

Then, owing to the quickness of return in this present sojourn,
there has been formed that concept of materialization of thought of mind,
into those influences that may be manifested in all forms.

Hence, as has been indicated, beauty and symmetrical activity;
formations of tone, color, words, character into visualized experiences
are a part of the entity's consciousness in the present.

Thus the entity may be among quite a throng and be quite lonely.
It may be among much that is beautiful and at times only see that which indicates crushing defeat,
or all forms of pessimistic vision.

Again there may be quite the opposite, when everything in expression takes a form
that is beautiful and finds expression in words, in deeds and in activities,
in such a way that at times may even be questioned by others;
while to the entity may be the essence of consistency, of life, of love, of the power and influence for good.
These cause some anxiety, especially in relationships with others.

Then the activities of the entity in other expressions of consciousness, in and out of the body,
also have their influence upon this awareness, this consciousness which
- as we have indicated - exists with the entity in the present experience.

It is asked, then:

What should be the ideal?

What are the principles to be applied, mentally; the sources spiritually,

and the physical expressions of same in relationships to others?

As we have so oft indicated through these sources:
These lie in that realm of awareness in which the ideal is based or founded.

It may be well to consider:

The many forms, manners as well as mannerisms of approach to any desired point or purpose
in the spiritual and mental evolution and activity of the entity.

Also it is well to keep in mind the fact that such do exist.

From THESE sources, or this channel, there would be given
that consciousness as manifested in that power
given unto man as the ideal,

- that should and would be considered
the premise from which parallels might be drawn,

lessons gained and
instruction given.

As: In Adam
that expression was given by the Father in its individual activity,
as well as in its relationships to the conditions about the entity.
Know, then, it was not only a part of the awareness of this entity,
but also that as should be the premise or basis for consideration
whenever there is that desire of expression towards growth into grace,
into love, into activity as in relationships to those about the entity.
Anywhere and everywhere those activities may be found,
those lessons and experiences gained that determine what was given in the beginning.
Of everything about thee ye may learn a lesson!
SUBDUE this, - make it that which will serve thee in thy dealings with the problems of relationships,
as well as in dealing with the problems which have to do with conditions or circumstances about the entity, ever.

Again it was manifested in Enoch,
who oft sought to walk and talk with that Divine Influence;
with the abilities latent and manifested in self to find self in the varied realms of awareness,
yet using the office of relationships as a channel through which blessings might come,
as well as recommendations and warnings might be indicated to others.
Such then is an ideal to which the entity may concur,
with that indicated as to the service and activity of that entity in and through the earth.

Again there may be drawn to self a parallel from the realm of spiritual enlightenment of that entity known as Melchizedek,
a prince of peace, one seeking ever to be able to bless those in their judgments
who have sought to become channels for a helpful influence without any seeking for material gain, or mental or material glory;
but magnifying the virtues, minimizing the faults in the experiences of all with whom the entity comes in contact day by day.
While it is well to delve oft into that realm not made with hands, the mental forces ever should seek
(as are the experiences of those, and of this entity individually, who are seeking - seeking) to become more and more
- as did the expressions of that entity - aware of the relationships to conditions and to others,
from the relationships to that which is of the divine source or nature.

We would turn again to that realm of awareness in material experiences from which the entity may gather those lessons,
those instructions which arose from the activity of the entity called Joshua;
that though in the earth's place or period of advancement,
there may be the collective activity of that as would do good even unto those who persecute thee.
Not that those realms of activity bring the entity into those experiences where, as may be proverbially given,
there is the scratching one's back because others seek to have their vanity, their backs scratched;
but rather the activity in such realms enables the entity to make that declaration as made by Joshua,
which has become a part of the awareness of each and every entity at times during the sojourns in the earth;
partaking of the earth, yet becoming less and less earthly-minded.

Then again the expression was in that entity (Jeshua)
as he entered through those channels indicated as necessary

for the functioning of the material, mental and spiritual mind,
for the advent of that influence manifested in what ye call the Christ-Consciousness,
the Christ awareness (Jesus Christ).

For, THIS - the Christ-Consciousness - is the basis.

Thus, how may one combine all as may be there gathered, into the realm of activity in which the everyday individual is met?

How may the entity apply self that there may be the broadening, the greater awareness of its purposes, its desires, its hopes?

The entity is ever surrounded with the guardian influences of that which has been created in self
through the application of those laws for that manifestation being sought.

Then what must be the attitude, what must be the activity?
Know that the entity has reached that period in its awareness when all must be in accord, coordinant with all forms of contact
- in word, in speech, in daily application - that express those forces which are today a part of that group to which the entity may attain,
- through the activities in that realm, that state of consciousness, that state of awareness in this present experience.

Then, in summing up these:
The knowledge that there may be the greater expansion,
the greater experience of enjoying here and now the satisfaction of knowing that the days are spent in the glorifying of the spirit of truth,
makes and brings the awarenesses of every nature into the realm of the entity's consciousness.

For, He is thy guardian here and now.

Put thy whole trust in those things indicated by Him,
that ye have studied in this present experience:
"As ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them."

Is this become trite?
Too oft such is the reaction.

There may be the glimpses here and there, not only of the beauties but of the hardships,
not only of the joys but of the besetting influences that make one afraid.

In Him there was no fear.
Of Himself little might have been accomplished in the earth,
but being willing to be used He became the perfect channel.

Be thou willing to be used in every form, as may be expressed in the very contrite manner,
to love the Lord with all thy might,
to encourage those who are weak,
to assist those who seek to admonish and warn those who are of themselves self-sufficient in this material relationship.

These, then, are
those forces, those characteristics and natures, those purposes made manifest
that caused the kingdoms of the mental and spiritual realm - even of the earth
- to be controlled by that influence which constantly lives those injunctions,
"Be my people and I will be thy God."

Yes, there are the many approaches.
There are the many awarenesses.
Yet all that are of extremes,
all that are of the contradictory notion to those that become the physical-minded, are manifested in Him.
"Be ye unafraid, for it is I."

That attitude, that purpose, that harmony should be and is the channel,
the way that leads to the abilities for each soul to manifest the greater opportunity in the material experiences.

To love the Lord, then; to eschew evil, to keep from condemnation and to give blessings to all,
- that is the way, the truth in which the entity may make self fully aware of His walk with thee.
Let not thy heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;
ye believe in God, believe also in Him
- who went about doing good;
knowing Himself, even as ye, to be a part of all that has been made manifest in the daily life.

These awarenesses bring greater abilities, greater harmonies into the experience.
Hence they are the beauties, - yea, the expressions of that rule and force and manner
which should conduct the dealings of one entity with another, in those journeys along that way leading home!
Let that light, that harmony, that peace, take its time with thee.

This brings the entity again to that second premise, - as it, too,
is a part of those awarenesses about the entity, of that love which makes itself manifest.
For, if ye would have friends, ye must indeed show thyself friendly.
If ye would know God and those relationships to Him, then, ye must seek after Him.

For it is the answering of that spirit within thee to that spirit from which it comes.
Thus love thy neighbor as thyself.
SEEK to be that channel that causes those ye meet day by day to be better in every way because of coming in contact with thee;
thinking better and better of themselves, by thy being less and less condemning of that about thee, or in thy relationships to things or peoples.
This too, then, becomes thy answer.
Ye would love even as He hath loved thee.
For it may become a living experience in thy own activity,
in such measures as to bring not gratification of earthly things
but attuning to that realm of the higher self which answers -
"Thy spirit beareth witness with my spirit as to whether ye be the child of God or not."

These are the premises from which ye would judge or measure thyself.
These are the rules, the regulations to be followed in humbleness of spirit,
yet declaring day by day the mighty works of the living God as made manifest in the lives of those ye meet day by day in every way.

Let this prayer ever be that upon thy heart and mind, guiding thy purposes, thy hope offering:
that ye may hold to that which is good, making same manifest by thought, by act, by purposes as to be one with Him.
Then, let that light shine in the darkness of those that fear or doubt.
Let thy heart keep the faith as thou seest and knowest.
Thus the answer comes, as to those influences that direct thy daily life.

First find thyself.
Apply thyself in such a way and manner as to know what ye will do with this man,
Jesus of Nazareth -
Jeshua of Jerusalem,
Joshua in Shiloh,
Joseph in the court of Pharoah,
Melchizedek, as he blessed Abraham,
Enoch as he warned the people,
Adam as he listened to Eve.

As Adam, He knew not Birth, but did know death -
As Enoch he knew birth but did not know death.
As Melkizedeck he knew neither birth nor death -
As Joseph He knew all the pangs of life, a pattern of his life as the Master.
As Joshua, the leader,
As Jeshua, the recorder of all as had been.
As Jesus the life as sacrifice - for he Knew Himself to be Himself, yet - came to fulfill the LAW,
thus becoming the Law.
The Law then remains - those who live by the law,
meet all they who live by faith in HIM are no longer under the law, save of Grace.
2067-6 Report (Edgar Cayce letter to 2067)

Updated: 19 December 2013