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Reading 254-001

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Reading 254-001 Edited

[Please note: I have made a lot of changes to the following reading.
My purpose of making changes is for clarity and hopefully better understanding.
But please refer back to the original reading for clarification]

(Q) We are about to enter into a great business
and professional enterprise. (The ARE)
We want you to outline a mode of procedure
that will be successful.
We want you to tell us how to organize.

(A) We can organize for a great business (ARE).
We have a business (ARE) from different standpoints.
We have a difference from the capabilities of Edgar Cayce's work.
We have it from the power of "the work."
We can follow it from one field, or the other field.
We can take it from the material.
We can take it from the spiritual
We have it from either point.
But we cannot mix the points.
Same as we have in the body, physical, mental and spiritual self.

We have the use of all in the physical body, the material world.
We have a physical body and the mental self of Edgar Cayce.

We have its relations between the material world (or business world),
and its relations with the mental (or spiritual world),
and the action from other bodies.

We have control through the spiritual world.

We have an organization of the materialistic
through bodies outside, controlling the portions
or workings through the business of the works
done by the spiritual body of Edgar Cayce.

We have bodies subject to spiritual control.
We have minds subject to spiritual control.
Both subject to the will of the mental self of the individual man.
The development of each individual has this in itself.

The condition that we have to help the individual bodies
are through their individual self, assisted by material objects
obtained by the mental mind of the material man.

We have this body here, this mind, this matter,
that we have here, of Edgar Cayce,
through the spiritual world.

It gathers from the force given out either from the present,
the past, and given back to the material man through the
subconscious self, acting in the material body by the control
to which it is in a state of coma (trance).

The control of the subject of self first (Edgar Cayce)
is to be gained and kept under control -
the best control of the body in itself (self-trance).

We have first the direction to the body wherein
we have communication, with control
gained by the spiritual world;
outside the minds of all matter.

It is the mental capacity of all matter.
All mental man, through the control
by suggestion to the mental,
or the invisible action of matter
on the mind in the individual self
(of Edgar Cayce), or the organism of the system
wherein the man is made.

The development of each is to be gained
by its control, which is gained by its material
work shown to the material man.

We have here man by nature handed down from one body
to the other, who looks for material, or acts on the physical self.

And action gained from the spiritual, or mental,
without its production through the material has no effect on man.

(Q) Where should we locate?
(A) The place where we use these, for this, is anywhere, so we have
it fixed for use to develop or show to the mental-physical man
the structure of things gained through the channel where we have
contact here with the material world; and the means whereby
these can be gained is the ones who see personal gain to self.

(Q) Where and How should we obtain money for this business?
(A) That depends on the place and business.
Now we have a business here within this body.
We have the material.
We have the physical.
We have the mental.

(Q) We want the business of diagnosing the physical condition
of bodies.
(A) Diagnosing the mental condition, physical condition,
the abnormal condition of other bodies.

Diagnosing the physical body by physical or material means
for physical benefits of individual bodies.

The action of material things to individual bodies,
claiming to the individual body, of thoroughness
of the material thing in itself.

(Q) Tell us where and by what means to get this money.
(A) Only whereby they receive personal gain, or physical gain,
gain for the material man or body in the outside world - as we have it here
at present.

Where we have established in itself,
whereby it is shown to the material world
the workings of the spiritual body,
do we establish credence with the material.

Thereby we gain credence of the material world
and they give of their means for personal gain.

As we give credence to these, and it is shown by
its material gain through the mental, physical man,
or to the material man, he will give of his means
for the maintenance of the concourse
through the spiritual man and physical man.

(Q) How shall the professional side be arranged
and managed so as to obtain the greatest success?
(A) By doing these things, giving to the material man
from the spiritual world here.

Here, you see we have communication from all of these,
from before.

We have communication from all these present,
and from the physical bodies.

The physical condition of a body is the condition existing
in that body at the present.

If we have a body suffering from a mental state,
from a physical state or from an abnormal condition
or all combined together, it is given from the spiritual state
by that condition whereby we show to the mental man
outside, or the material man,
whereby we gain credence from these;
whereby we are able to show ourselves to the man here.

And the closer we are followed here with these
the stronger we become, because we become more thorough,
you see in "our works";
we show more strongly to the material man
the workings of the spiritual world.

As we gain more control to these we gain more
to the abnormal or subconscious mind of man,
to give credence to these conditions that exist in all bodies.

Whereby we gain these controls is got by how
these are to be given out to individual selves,
as we have now, here.

This body (Edgar Cayce), which has become
racked with pain, you see, from the physical condition
of the man - if we give this then to the material man,
as through this agent here, we rid this body of this pain.

The material man becomes conscious of this body
because we have had material good to the man.

We answer both to his inner conscience and
to the physical man, and to the outside world,
whereby we gain credence,
whereby the material that has been used into this man,
or that has used these agencies for this man here,
gains credence.

And the minute we gain credence and give credit
to ourselves we lose it all.

Updated: 12 August 2013