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Reading 254-002

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Reading 254-002 Edited

(Q) How is the psychic work accomplished through Edgar Cayce's body?

(A) The conscious mind is under forced submission
[subjugation] by the subconscious or soul mind.

The information is obtained through
(1) the power of mind over mind,
(2) the power of mind over physical matter,
(3) the active part of the subconscious mind.
(4) other subconscious minds
(5) from minds that have passed into the Beyond,
which leave their impressions.

What is known to one subconscious mind or soul
is known to another, whether conscious of the fact or not.

The force submission [subjugation] of the conscious mind putting
the subconscious in action.

This body obtains its information when in the subconscious state.

(Q) Is this information always correct?
(A) Correct as far as the suggestion is in the proper channel
or in accord with the action of subconscious or soul matter.

(Q) Do the planets have anything to do with the ruling
of the destiny of men? If so, what?
And what do they have to do with this body?
(A) They do.
In the beginning, as our own planet, Earth, was set in motion,
the placing of other planets began the ruling of the destiny
of all matter as created, just as the division of waters
was and is ruled by the moon in its path about the Earth;
so as in the higher creation, as it began,
is ruled by the action of the planets about the earth.

First, the strongest power in the destiny of man is the Sun.

Then the closer planets, or those that are
coming in ascendency at the time of the birth
of the individual;

But let it be understood here,
no action of any planet or any of the phases
of the Sun, Moon, or any of the heavenly bodies
surpass the rule of Man's "individual will power."

The power given by the Creator of man in the beginning,
when he became a living soul, with the power
of choosing for himself.

Man's natural tendency to act or feel in a particular way
is ruled by the planets under which he is born.
In this far the destiny of man lies within the sphere
or scope of the planets.

With the given position of the Solar system at the time of the birth
of an individual, it can be worked out, - that is, the inclinations
and actions without the will power taken into consideration.

For example in this body here (Edgar Cayce) born March 18, 1877,
three minutes past three o'clock, with the Sun descending,
on the wane, the Moon in the opposite side of the Earth (old moon),
Uranus at its zenith, hence the body is ultra in its actions.

Neptune closest in conjunction or
Neptune as it is termed in Astrological survey, in the ninth house;
Jupiter, the higher force of all the planets, save the Sun,
in descendency,
Venus just coming to horizon,
Mars just set,
Saturn - to whom all insufficient matter is cast at its
decay - opposite the face of the Moon.

Hence the inclination as the body is controlled by the Astrological
survey at the time of the birth of this body,
(no middle ground for this body) either
very good or very bad,
very religious or very wicked,
very rich or always losing,
very much in love or hate,
very much given to good works or always doing wrong,
governed entirely by the will of the body.

Will is the educational factor of the body;
thence the patience, the persistence,
the ever faithful attention that should be given
to the child when it is young.

As to the forces of this body,
the psychical is obtained through action
of Uranus and of Neptune,
always it has been to this body and always will,
just outside the action of fire-arms, yet ever within them,
just saved financially and spiritually by the action
of great amount of water - the body should
live close to the sea, should always have done so.

The body is strange to other bodies in all of its actions,
in the psychical life, in all of its ideas as expressed
in the spiritual life as to its position on all matter
pertaining to political, religious or economical positions.

This body will either be very rich or very poor.

(Q) Will this work hurt the body?
(A) Only through the action or power of suggestion over the body.

This body is controlled in its work through the psychical
or the spiritual.

It is governed by the life that is led by the person
who is guiding the subconscious when in this state,
or by the line of thought that is given to create ideas
of expression to the subconscious.

As the ideas given the subconscious to obtain its information
are good, the body becomes better;
If bad or wicked it becomes under the same control.

Then the body should not be held responsible
save through the body controlling the body at such times.

(Q) Can this power be used to be of assistance to humanity
and also to obtain financial gain?
(A) There are many channels through which information obtained
from this body in this state would be of assistance to humanity.

To obtain financial gain from these is to obtain that which is just
and right to those dependent upon this body for the things of life.

Not those that would be destructive to the bodies themselves,
physically or mentally, but that which is theirs by right should be
obtained for such information.

As to which is the best channel, it depends as to whether
the information desired is in accord with the ideas of the body
from which they are attempting to obtain them.

When credence is given to the work in a material way,
anyone is willing to pay in a financial way for such information;
but without credence there can be nothing obtained.

(Q) Is there any other information that this body should have now?
(A) The body should keep close in touch with the spiritual side of life;
with sincerity to the spiritual side of life, if he is to be successful,
mentally, physically, psychically and financially.

The safest brace is in the spiritual nature of the body;
sincerity of the work done or obtained through any channel
with which this body is connected is governed by the masses
through the action of the body towards the spiritual.

Updated: 12 August 2013