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Reading 254-004

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Reading 254-004 Edited

(Q) You will give the best name for this book. (See 3744 Readings)
(A) Psychic Phenomena Through the Subliminal.

(Q) You will give suggestions for improvement or changes
advisable for the text matter of this publication.
(A) We have text matter for the publication that is not of the readings,
or of psychic phenomena.
In this we have nothing to do.
This as we have very good as we would give from this,
for it has been given from this plane.
It may be or may not be enlarged upon as it stands.

(Q) Give the exact text matter that should appear on the title page
of this book.
(A) We haven't that here.
There are many corrections to be made in this before
would be published you see in book form in data
as gathered here; phraseology, punctuation,
and some words mis-spelled.

(Q) In order to develop the ARE it might be necessary
from time to time to have additional psychic readers.
How should the governing board of the Institute proceed
to get in touch with such people as may be required?

(A) The developing of psychic forces in the individuals
as contact the forces
as radiated by "the work" contemplated
to be done by "the research work"
will develop those now being brought in the earth and physical plane,
for relativity of forces bring all force, gravitation
of those elements necessary to perpetuate
any given force of the up-lift or building nature.

Be not afraid, for the developing of many will be the guiding force
in hundreds that will give assistance to the people.
It will be developed then in the work itself.
Choose those.
Updated: 12 August 2013