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Reading 254-007

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Reading 254-007 Edited

(Q) Would it be in accord (OK) with the forces to ask for information
relative to sports or races or (gambling) other conditions of that character,
when returns (profits) from gambling are to be used for the furtherance
of the psychic work as being done by Mr. Cayce?
Please answer this fully and at length.

(A) Only that information may be used that does not give one
individual the advantage over another.

It is never right to do that which is evil that good may come,
and with the foundation of work as classified under that
of spiritual understanding of the soul and physical forces
in an individual would only mean such institution or work
was founded upon shifting sands.

Only render that unto God that is God's and to Caesar
the things of Caesar.

In every sport or undertaking or race, (gambling) there must be
some winner, but as has been given tempt not God, thy Creator,
but live by the words of Life, as He has given.

In every character then that would reflect to Him that would be made
to understand the calling and election of Him that would be
made perfect in Him.

Avoid that which is evil and cleave to that which is good.
Let that mind be in you as was in the Master, and cleave only
to the good that may be done to others, without the expense
and the questioning of the intent, and in all keep thyself unspotted
from the world.

It would not be (OK) in keeping or in accord with that being attempted
(profits from gambling) through the work or forces.
Updated: 31 July 2013