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Reading 254-008

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Reading 254-008 Edited

(Q) How and by whom should "The work" be conducted?
(A) "The work" should be conducted by anyone that has the ability
to concentrate sufficient to keep the at-oneness of the results.

As to the best, "The work" would succeed best with the one
now in charge.

Others, under circumstances, are necessary that they be used,
yet all times using discretion.

The physical must be kept fit, if we would have the manifestation
of the spiritual forces in the earth plane.

(Q) What may be expected from the efforts of George S. Klingensmith
in raising funds to promote "The work"?
(A) As to that expectancy from the efforts of George S. Klingensmith,
we will find there will much come of this.

"The work" needs the publicity necessary that others may know
of "The work" and gain benefits.

Give of "The work" in many places, and in the sixty days necessary
for the change to come we will find we will be near to the correct place.

The best way to do would be to go to the place where you expect
to establish and begin and open "The work" there.

That is, Norfolk, Old Point Comfort, and those cities close to where
"The work" expects to be established.

Show what is meant.
Give the understanding.
Work to that end, beginning first in the places near.

(Q) What is the attitude of Linden Shroyer toward "The work" and others
connected with it?
(A) As to the attitude to "The work" and others from Linden Shroyer,
we find that is a personal condition and Shroyer feels that the other two
(Edgar Cayce and Gladys Davis) have left him out of their closer understanding
and union rather than his lack of interest in "The work", and with the financial
that has come in is detrimental to his further development, and it would be better
that he had never known than to turn against.

Forget not the injunction as given,
"He having put his hand to the plow turn not back again".
(Luke 9:62)

(Q) How should "The work" here in Columbus be conducted
so as to be remunerative?
(A) As to "The work" here in this place (Columbus), and how to conduct that,
it may be remunerative.

Would only be, let those understand that there is expected, for necessity,
that due to those for the labors physically spent and that the necessity
of the needs must be supplied by those desiring the help.

Better that there be someone else with these two (Edgar Cayce and
Gladys Davis?) than alone, for the attitude that some snobs take toward
such relations, for it has often been given that relations with
the opposite sex in psychic forces bring the carnal forces to that
not understandable condition in other minds that are shut out to the higher,
finer and enobling things of life, and who only see that which is of the earthly.

This then should be done in the manner that there may be no questioning
in any manner or form, or as is given, present the body, the life,
the work wholly unspotted from the world, avoiding even the appearance of evil.
[Jas. 1:27; 1 Thes. 5:22]

Let the two in their attitude, which is above reproach in their own lives
and bodies, be circumspect in their actions in the presence of others,
for they will be enjoined by such.

Follow these.
Keep in the way, trust in Him.
Better were these (activities) opened first from here, (as we see here),
in Charleston, West Virginia, then in Roanoke, then in Norfolk,
West Point, Old Point Comfort.

Thus, we find, we would give and get the better results.

(Q) [Question added by Mr. Mohr] Would it be well for "The work"
to be conducted in other cities under the supervision of
Mr. Frank E. Mohr?
(A) Very good. Anyone whom there is no question of their sincerity
and who is honest with self and those concerned.

Keep in that way that each may not make life in the physical
a burden to the other, giving of self in physical, in spiritual,
in all forces, for their union should be perfect in each and in Him.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013