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Reading 254-009

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Reading 254-009 Edited

(Q) Would it be the proper thing to consider the establishing
of "The work" along the lines as have been suggested
at Dixon, Ill.?

(A) This might be very well but there would be many conditions
that have not as yet been considered before such would
be satisfactory.

Under existing conditions, under the strain this would place many
that are connected with "The work", we would say, though this be ideal
in many ways, yet it is not that as has been given, or the place
to begin the expansion and the developing of "The work."

(Q) Would it be advisable to undertake the organization
with Dr. Frisch and the hospital venture?
(A) This might be advisable under existing conditions,
and would prove of a great deal of benefit to many
from many viewpoints, and from this might eventually build
the successful organization that is necessary for the correct
expansion of "The work."

Consider same, though we do not see this perfected at present.
May be later on.

(Q) What do the forces give as the perfect way of handling
"The work" for the best interests of mankind at the present time.
How may same be attained?
(A) Give of self in the giving of an understanding to the individuals
that need the understanding of their human ills.

At the present time it is necessary that it be carried to the individual.

With the conditions existing in all parts of country.
With the seeking after the knowledge, the understanding of
the spiritual indwelling of man's relation to his Maker,
through the advocate that mankind has with the Maker,
this is necessary to be proclaimed from one individual to another.

With this, humanity will find the understanding of self.

Then the perfect way, then the way to be given, is to take
the message from group to group until the understanding
is obtained and sufficient numbers obtain that necessary
to apply in their individual lives.

First to Jew then to all mankind is this being offered.
And in that manner may it be expected this will succeed.
And it will be found of necessity that the first associations
through which there will be either the material or the physical gain
must come to the children of Promise.

(Q) What is the attitude of Oscar Gumbinsky toward "The work"
done by Edgar Cayce, and what may be expected to develop
from the association.
(A) This we find is of a two-fold nature.

(1) In the understanding as is being awakened in Oscar Gumbinsky
we find this is to be of assistance to one he feels is attempting
in truth and in earnest to be of assistance.
(2) Yet with this the nature, the inert sensibility of the possibilities
that may be gained through the shadow or through information
may lead to greater financial gain.

Yet in this Oscar Gumbinsky we find one whose sensibilities
of truth and right are not overshadowed by earthly or worldly goods.

This may be expected to develop to a wonderful understanding,
and to the good of many.

There will be many miles, many peoples, many places,
many of the understandable, many of the mysteries proclaimed,
visited, followed, shown through this association.

Very well. It will be good.

(Q) What should be the attitude of Edgar Cayce, under
the existing conditions, with Frank E. Mohr and associates
of Columbus, Ohio?
(A) This we find may be well to consider as the first step
in developing of "The work" in the expansion.

Yet consider well the influences that are at present surrounding
"The work."

But do not forget those who can individually testify of their ability
to apply that obtained to self must be considered, forgetting not,
in the mouth of two or three witnesses, facts are established,
from the material or earth plane.

Consider this before rejection.
Consider from the material standpoint.

(Q) What should be the next move under existing conditions
of Edgar Cayce regarding "The work."
Should he remain in Chicago at the present time?
(A) At the present time yes. Very shortly, no.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013