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Reading 254-010

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Reading 254-010 Edited

(Q) Now you have before you the associations of Edgar Cayce,
Dr. Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann and Dr. Robert B. Saxmann.

You will answer all questions which I will ask you relative
to this association and regarding places and conditions.

(A) Yes, we have the bodies here and their associations that may be
and have been, for we find what is has been, and the change
in conditions only the developing of entity.

(Q) Is the property located at 307 E. Everett Street, Dixon, Ill.,
the logical place for one, Edgar Cayce, to start his institution
for the purpose of helping the sick to get well?
(A)  Very good in many respects.

There are some conditions that are to arise that have not been taken
into consideration.

As we find, it would be a very good place, yet with surrounding conditions,
with the associations, with other conditions as have been and will be,
it would not be the place at this time.

(Q) What, if any, connection would Robert B. Saxmann and
Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann, chiropractors by profession,
have with such an institution?
(A) This we find becomes the condition which is entered into through
and by the will forces of the entity.

With such an institution there must of necessity be those who may make
such conditions as individuals may find the manner, the manifestation
through themselves, "The work" of the institution.

These we find, Dr. Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann and Dr. Robert B. Saxmann,
would be well fitted, well suited, to assist in "The work", that others
might find themselves and find the manifestations of same through
their efforts.

Be well that they be connected with such an institution, for in these
we find the understanding of the spiritual insight into the manifestations
of the I Am in the individual as applied by other forces.

(Q) How soon should the property be taken over by Edgar Cayce
at Dixon, Ill.?
(A) This, as we have given, is not the best at present.

(Q) Would it be advantageous for Edgar Cayce to have office space
located with Robert B. Saxmann and Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann
in their office, which is contemplated in loop of Chicago, Ill.,
in near future, and would it be the best for Harriet E. Saxmann
and Robert B. Saxmann to have one, Edgar Cayce, connected
with them, for all concerned?
(A) As we find, there will be an institution, in which Robert B. Saxmann
and Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann will labor and assist in giving the fruits
of their endeavors to assist in "The work."

Not as an office but as an institution from their office, though it may be
changed back and forth.

This we find will be connected together.
First in Chicago, then in the East, for we find in the future this is
to grow and expand.

They, Robert B. Saxmann and Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann, are worthy.
Keep close then to that spiritual insight that comes from Him,
the Giver of all good and perfect Gifts, that the Spirit of Him
may be manifest in and through His people.

(Q) What office building in loop is best to locate in?
Or should Robert B. Saxmann and Harriet E. Saxmann
go to some other city to practice?
If so, where?
(A) Stay where they are for the present.
As their location, anywhere they may choose.
Should not be given from these forces as to such conditions.
This we find will eventually develop into conditions
as have been given - away from here, this city, - yes.
As to where, not just as yet given.

(Q) Should Dr. Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann accept proposition
from one, John Hoffman, of Dixon, Ill., as to sale of her property
in Dixon, or take proposition of Mr. Elliott's of the vacant lots
out in South Chicago, on or about Union Avenue?
(A) Take proposition in Dixon, Ill.

(Q) Where should Robert B. Saxmann and Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann
practice, if Chicago is not logical?
(A) Chicago is the place at present.
Change with institution, you see, for it will develop to the largest
institution of learning to the peoples.

There are many channels, there are many ways, that of being prepared
for these conditions to expand and be made known;
if they, Robert B. Saxmann and Harriet Ellsworth Saxmann would give
of their best do not let go that opportunity, for the associations
have been and should be in that way and manner to grow to
the development and overcome those conditions as have existed
in the past.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013