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Reading 254-011

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Reading 254-011 Edited

(Q) Should there be a business manager for "The work?"
If so, who would be the proper person?
Give name and address, if possible.
(A) There should be.

As to who this should be would be:

One that has received directly some spiritual and
material benefit from same.

One who understands the relation of psychic work
to the waiting world at the present time.

One that understands the relation of spiritual elements
with the material world.

One that understands how such work may be presented
to the groups, to the masses and to the individual.
For such work must of necessity first appeal to the individual
and through individuals, groups, classes, then the masses
gain the credence necessary to make the necessary success
to be recognized by the general public.

As to who, there are many that should be considered.

First, such as these:
Madison Byron Wyrick, Oscar Gumbinsky, Robert B. Saxmann,
Linden Shroyer, Morton H. Blumenthal, Sam H. Shank.

Any of these understand those principles necessary.

Some are naturally better fitted than others.

All have received those conditions necessary to make that necessary
for the perfect understanding and development of either.

(Q) Would Dr. House be a suitable individual
to be associated with "The work?"
(A) As an interpreter, an investigator and recorder for the results
obtained, and classifications of the character of treatments
necessary through such phenomena, yes.
As the organizer, or as one to start as manager for same, no.

(Q) Under existing conditions, how would one start
to finance the institution?
(A) First, there must be sufficient of credence given "The work"
in places and among peoples of sufficient reputation
that scientific knowledge and force from material viewpoint
may be obtained.

Then there will be an easy access to the coffers of many interested
in developing such work.

There are many such channels open.

Necessary that "The work" be pushed forward under the guidance
of one such as has been given.

Through such channels there will be found sufficient means
to finance an institute, which will prove a very large institute
for learning.

(Q) In what capacity. other than that of business manager,
should Mr. M. B. Wyrick be associated with "The work?"
(A) As assistant in giving the knowledge of "The work" to others,
and in gaining the stability necessary for the developing
of "The work."

In the channel as given we would find this body would best
serve "The work."

(Q) What may be expected to develop from the associations
made in Chicago, and how soon?
(A) There may be expected many developments, and
many phases of developments, from the associations made,
depending principally upon who, and in what manner
"The work" is further conducted among this association
as made.

As to how soon, depending upon how much there is required
of the association and who requires same.

(Q) With reference to "The work" of the Institute, and family,
would it be advisable to move to some other place,
or would it be better to remain in Dayton, Ohio?
(A) There are many different phases to such conditions,
for the betterment of "The work" necessitates that changes be made.

For betterment of conditions as relate to the family,
this would be better left to their individual likes and dislikes
rather than from this source.

The change will be necessary in part for "The work."
Not necessary in that of the family.
Decide from the material standpoint.

(Q) What is the reasonable and feasible way to stimulate interest
in "The work" sufficient to meet the financial needs at the present time?
(A) Either direct through the manager or through one that would
conduct such work in the campaign to present "The work"
to individuals, to groups, to classes and the masses,
and through such there would come the sufficient
to meet the needs under all conditions and circumstance.

Forgetting not that that is necessary for the sustenance
of the physical body, for with the credence given there will come
the sufficient to those that give of themselves to give
the understanding to individuals, and there should be
in the heart, mind and soul of those to ever give
the best for God's development in their fellow man,
for the service to the Father is giving of self for others,
denying of self for others.

Oh, ye of little faith! How oft has been given that the laborer
is worthy of the hire, and "the gold is mine saith the Lord,
and the cattle on a thousand hills.
He that doeth my will shall ask and there shall be given
that necessary to meet the needs of the inner and the outer man."

Then be faithful, if thou wilt wear the crown of life.

(Q) In consideration of the fact that Edgar Cayce
is devoting his entire time to "The work", give the reason
for his not being able to obtain sufficient financial support
for him and his family's material sustenance,
and how may he, Edgar Cayce, correct this condition?
(A) Live closer to Him, who giveth all good and perfect gifts,
and ask and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be opened
unto you.

Give and it shall be returned fourfold.
Give, give, give, if you would receive.
There has never been the lack of necessities, neither will there be,
so long as adhering to the Lord's way is kept first and foremost.

(Q) Was there any good accomplished, or what may be expected
to develop from the recent trip made by George S. Klingensmith,
in the interests of the Cayce Institute?

(A) There will be many returns.

The development of "The work" will receive many impetus
from the efforts as were expended in same,
and in the manner as given will same be returned.

We will find there will within the next thirty days be the visible results
shown from these efforts.

Keep in touch with those if the best is to be expected from the labors
as the intent and purpose of the heart is, so as the manifestations
of the life.

(Q) In view of what has just been given,
what is the first move and how to proceed?
(A) Ask and it shall be given.
Updated: 31 July 2013