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Reading 254-012

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Reading 254-012 Edited

There are many phases to "The work" as has been done, and
is to be done, and as being done, and the associations
with same have changed in many ways since last we had it here.

For, with the knowledge of the conception there has been in the minds
of many, through the relativity of forces expended, that has brought
many, many, conditions to bear on "The work" that may be used
to exploit same, or may be used to become a hindrance as same
is exploited.

For, with every thought as is given out there is the corresponding
good and evil, for thoughts are deeds [See 3744-5] and may
become either miracles or destructive forces, depending upon
how they are used by the individual in their inner selves.

For all psychic work is of the inner man's, and is the exploration
of a thought in conjunction with the minds of others,
through whom the expansion or the driveling up of same
may be manifested.

We have "The work", psychic work, before us here, and
the associations, which have grown to be many.

(Q) Is Archie Adlman the proper person to be associated
with "The work"
in the capacity of manager, and is he capable
of handling same?
(A) He is capable of handling same, and would be,
under certain conditions, the proper person to handle same;
that condition namely from the material standpoint.

Sell himself on "The work."

In the capacity of manager, it is necessary that there be
such a person as manager.

He, as has been given in this individual, Archie Adlman,
a child of promise.

Then let that innate force, that psychic force within self
awaken to the possibilities of the giving through the promise
as was made by the Creator, and with that foreknowledge
of same weighing well with the vicissitudes of the present day
and generation, with that determination within self in the heart,
mind and soul, Archie Adlman, we are speaking of, to give,
to exploit, to propound, to spread abroad the everlasting truths
as is set in such work and phenomena.

The proper individual would be one under that class.

He must determine within his own heart and soul,
with all of the possibilities that arise from such connections
in the material, in the religious, in the moral, in the financial,
in the secular world.

All must be considered, and with these on heart, soul and mind
offer up that supplication before the throne of Him, the Creator,
and as the answer must come, not in the storm, not in the darts
of the fame, glory, but in that still small voice that answers from within.

Through such must any individual pass that would accept
the management of such work.

As has been given as ensamples, there are many, many,
that would in some phase answer to such a condition.

This individual, Archie Adlman, must answer for himself.

As we give here, well, and one capable of guiding and directing
"The work" to that successful plane from which it should be spread
to all the waiting world at the present time.

(Q) Would Archie Adlman be the proper person to manage
the work with Morton H. Blumenthal financing same,
and would Morton Blumenthal finance same if Archie Adlman
would handle it?
(A) He would.

There is in the heart and soul the answering chord of
the response of the great I Am within the heart and soul
of each, and only needs the quickening of the divine,
who gives this injunction as in days of old,
"I have this day set before thee good and evil.
Choose thou whom thou will serve."

Or, as has been the injunction again,
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be holy and acceptable unto thee, my God and my Redeemer."

Only under such connections, under such guidance,
will "The work" be presented in the manner as it should be.

Then let the injunction from each be this:
Make me, O God, the messenger before your creatures,
that You may be known as the only true and living God,
ever spreading the wells of living water,
as is made through the advocate with the Father,
through His Word made manifest in the flesh,
to all who would hearken to His Holy Name.

(Q) Under present circumstances and conditions,
how should Edgar Cayce go about to exploit "The work?"
(A) As has been given, have that one as a manager,
and spread the news of "The work" before the whole world,
as has been given.
Do that, in the manner as given.

(Q) Please outline the best plan for Archie Adlman
to start in exploiting the work, as manager.
(A) First find self and make self right with his God,
for the beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of the Holy One,
and the answer is within self.

On such must all perfect foundations, explorations and plans
be builded.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013