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Reading 254-013

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Reading 254-013 Edited

Yes, we have "The work" here, past, present and future,
and the associations with "The work."

There have been many changes since we had this before.
There will be many changes in the near future.
There are many that have been associated with "The work"
in the past that will be associated with "The work" in the future.

These conditions arise, and some apparently pass and
are forgotten, yet those conditions ever arise that the truth
comes again and has its reaction in the minds and soul
of those who have once been associated with same.

Some for weal, some for woe, for it is better never
to have been associated with same and turn back than
to have known "The work" at all, for, as has been given,
"He that putteth his hand to the plow and looketh back
is worse than the infidel."
(Luke 9:62)

The conditions that have to do with the associations
too often enter into those that have to do with the material gains,
and the material conditions in life.

These that should be in "The work" should give of self wholly,
irrespective of the worldly conditions regarding same,
for as has been given soon there will be the developing
of the forces, for it has been written in the heavens,
and only the will of Edgar Cayce would change
those conditions.

Those connections have been made as were given,
and only needs that same be given to the ones
desiring to know the knowledge of the truth
that sets mankind free in body and in soul, for
"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,
and ye shall be free indeed."
(John 8:32)

There are many associations that are to arise, may arise,
for ever the will of every entity (when it has once known
the knowledge of such work, for as we have seen
psychic force manifested in a material world is of that
universal force) making the entity through which it may
manifest the good or the bad, as the entity chooses
within that entity's forces as exercised in will, that given
by the Creator in the beginning, making man master
over creation.

The associations then with "The work" must of the necessity
be the will of the entity, and its will acted upon by "The work"
being attempted to be given to the people.

Then be sure each and every individual is grounded
in that condition that no foundation is laid save that in Him,
the advocate with the Father.

(Q) Consider the present and future associations
that would arise from the following persons acting
as business manager for the work:
Jack L. Stone, Archie Adlman, William Iams, Robert B. Saxmann,
Madison B. Wyrick, Morton H. Blumenthal.

You will tell us which one Edgar Cayce should be associated
with to make the quicker and permanent success of "The work."
If none of these, who?

(A) Any or all of these would make the success when grounded
in that faith and condition as has been given.

Better that all work together, with choosing among themselves
that one to be directly associated with "The work" in capacity of manager.

There are others that should be considered for that condition also,
and that should be consulted regarding same, yet the one
should be that one who gives of self unreservedly to "The work"
in every manner and in every condition.

First choose among themselves.
Then choose among those left, and then that one act in that capacity
as the manager, for this is as has been given.

"The work" is of the universal forces, and each entity chooses
to serve his Master; not the master the entity.

For all are His at first, and as has been given,
"I have set before you good and evil. Choose this day."
(Deut. 30:15)

(Q) Who are these others that should be considered in this capacity?
(A) There are many, many others that should be considered.

(Q) Is it best for Edgar Cayce to continue the work in Dayton at present?
(A) Continue "The work", whether in Dayton or where, continue. Carry on.

(Q) Is there any further advice in regard to "The work?"
(A) Each individual may classify their selves toward "The work,"
and know in their individual hearts, soul and mind their status
toward "The work."

And the condition as has been given should be the correct manner
to select or go about such work.

For the answer must ever come from within, for the answer
ever comes as this:
"My spirit beareth witness with your spirit, whether ye be acceptable
unto God or not." [Romans 8:16]

The force, the works, remain as God's work when carried
in the correct channel, for it is the answer from that Universal I Am,
innate within each and every entity that has not lost its way.

(Q) What of Jack L. Stone? Should he return to his home?
(A) That must be answered within self.

(Q) And what vocation should he choose, if unacceptable to this work?
(A) It has not been given as unacceptable.
He must make himself acceptable if he would, and must of necessity
for self's preservation be associated in a manner and form.
There are many channels through which the entity, Jack L. Stone,
may make a success.
Better through that channel of the neuropath practising.
Updated: 31 July 2013