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Reading 254-014

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Reading 254-014 Edited

(Q) You will have before you the associations of Edgar Cayce,
present in this room, Merryle Rukeyser, Charles Meyer,
Max Shuster, Morton H. Blumenthal and David E. Kahn,
as regarding the formation of a syndicate, or corporation,
to handle, or publish, a monthly magazine, including articles
written in the psychic state by one, Edgar Cayce.

What would be the outcome of this association,
if entered into in this manner and way?
Which will be the best way for this to be handled?

What would be the financial success from same?
The likely amount necessary to handle such proposition?
What type of articles should be supplied by Edgar Cayce?
What  other type of articles should be included in such a magazine?

Who should publish it, if other than this corporation?
Who else might be interested in such a publication?

If this would be a proper manner, and in keeping
with the forces, to exploit "The work?"

(A) Yes, we have these conditions in such an association
for such an undertaking.

In this association we would eventually find one in the number
would be better replaced by some other individual.

In this association we find when used for the explorations
of such work and phenomena through these channels
would be in keeping, as has been given in this:
"Should be given to individuals, to classes, to masses
and to the whole populace."

This would of necessity, in such an undertaking, include many phases,
business conditions and relations that should be studied carefully
and then acted upon in the manner direct and business like.

Such a publication could be made a financial success, with
the cooperation of other individuals that cover various phases
of Psychic Research, and there would be found many contributors
to such a publication.

Necessary these be well culled and the correct incentive used
in selecting the articles necessary.

This also would open fields for other explorations,
and these should be looked after in a manner in keeping
with "The work" undertaken.

First we would give that such publication be prepared and contracted
for publication under the title and supervision of those interested
in such work.

The amount necessary for the publication would vary according
to the size of the volume or magazine publication.

Also according to "The work" and the ability of advertising and
business manager to obtain outside help for such publication.

The size and issue would also play an important part in this
and the manner this would be distributed.

There would be a large circulation in a short while by the work
of mailing individual copies to many lists that would be prepared
by the various members of this organization.

The type of contributions from "The work" of Edgar Cayce may be
in a two-fold nature.

(1) That of individuals to the Editor and exploit those conditions,
(2) and by articles on Subject Matter.

These are the character of "The work" that should be exploited
in such publication.

Stories, articles, scenarios, information, horoscopes,
such may be referred but prefearably disposed of
to other publications through these direct channels,
for with the acceptance by any scenerio writer of such story,
with magazine making appearance at same time,
through magazine and other newspaper channels,
a success of the publication could be made at once.

Others that are considered as authoriites by at least groups
of peoples should be approached and interested
in such publication.

These, we would find some as in these:
Dr. Bull, NYC.
Hereward Carrington, NYC.
Joseph Harris (Chandler Harris's son), NYC.
Mrs. Harold F. McCormick, Chicago, Illinois.
Dr. Kraus and associates,
who are studing the phases of spiritual phenomena, NYC.
Dr. McDougall and many others.

We would find the forces as exercised thorough Psychic Phenomena
would guide and guard many of such conditions attending
the association as outlined.

Necessary that each one of such a group be thoroughly convinced
of the possibilities of good to be derived from such work upon
which this would be founded.

And with the incentives that the publication in each issue
would give to the waiting public such information
that would assist each individual studying same to find
a closer relation to their Maker.

Without entering into any theory, cism or ism, other than
that given in their individual selves, and their study of
the force latent in every entity, complete in its relation
to its Maker and its associates day by day.

With the enlarging of the publication from time to time,
we would find would be many changes.

In this should this group, association, or corporation better still,
find themselves in this:

There should be first considered the reason for such a publication
being presented to the public by the Editor, Merryle Rukeyser,
and the place which such a publication expects to fill in the lives
of all individuals waiting, studying, thinking, along the lines
that such publications cover.

The change that would be found first would be in that of Shuster.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013