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Reading 254-015

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Reading 254-015 Edited

(Q) You will have before you Edgar Cayce, his psychic work,
Morton Blumenthal, and the project the Scientific American Magazine
is carrying out to investigate psychic phenomena.

You will tell us whether Morton Blumenthal should bring
Edgar Cayce before those of the Scientific American Magazine,
conducting this work?

Or whether it would be best that Edgar Cayce be not brought
to the attention of these people, but his work
be allowed to develop in its present routine?

And that Edgar Cayce and Morton Blumenthal work in cooperation,
as they now are, without those connected with the Scientific American.

You will answer questions relating to this.

(A) Yes, we have these conditions here, and the project work
of the Scientific American of NYC.

There will come the time when this would be proper,
to bring "The work" to the attention of the Scientific American.

But "The work" must be developed in those channels
where the benefit comes to the greater number of peoples,
and the ones who have the project work in investigation
of psychic phenomena seek the audience for such investigation.

These would be the proper channels to conduct such work.

Let "The work" be presented in a manner to a great number
of peoples in the proper way; that is, through the channels
first of individuals, then of groups, classes and masses.

But keep in that direct channel wherein as has been given,
keeping in that straight and narrow way as was given to Him
who was tempted of Satan's forces.
"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life,
and there are few who find it."
(Matthew 7:14)

(Q) What is the purpose of those connected with the Scientific
American Magazine in conducting
this search for bodies psychic;
or bodies who
are spiritual mediums?
(A) All such work at the present time has been conducted
along those lines where individuals give themselves
to the use of dis-incarnate spirit action and force, and
with such investigation has gone the proof of, when
the forces did not respond.
Then there was the urge that brought the destruction
rather than the benefits.

Keep only in those channels where the good in physical
and in the mental developing to the spiritual good may manifest
in physical.

These have been, as we see, for mercenary purposes
and to disprove claims of many (which may be disproved
when guided, or used, under such strains as these
have been conducted).

There would, as we see, come the time when
there would be the investigation of such phenomena.

Direct them under those channels as has been given:
First, there must be the innate desire for help from the individual
needing physical or spiritual assistance.
Second, there must be the belief in the divine forces innate
in each individual.
Third, and first, there must be the consciousness in the entity,
or the ones responsible for the physical and mental development
of the entity of the Divine in each and every entity.

Unless these are in accord, Do not cast pearls before swine!
(Matthew 7:6)
This we see should be the rule, absolute, would "The work,"
as is contemplated and has been done, succeed.

Follow without exception, for with the mental forces
through the physical sensory system, a body becomes cognizant
of conditions as seen, felt, heard or experienced, and
unless the desire is awakened in the entity to make some
such manifestation an integrate part, of their individual lives
there cannot come the answer of the
"spirit beareth witness with thy spirit" (Romans 8:16),
and all such receive that werewith has been given,
and without that none cometh unto the correct desire in their life.

(Q) Will the bringing of Edgar Cayce before these people do
"the most people the greatest good"?
(A) When the time has arrived that such investigations find
the answer from within to seek the knowledge as has
been outlined, it will. It will arrive, you see.

The time will come - not yet - October 1925.
[GD: In October 1925 EC was in Virginia Beach and MHB
began having dream readings interpreting spirit communications.]

(Q) Explain in detail how the body, Morton Blumenthal,
may follow the injunction given him:
"You will take him (Edgar Cayce) where he may do
the most people the greatest good."
(A) This has just been outlined, as to how each individual first
must be approached.

Those rules, those investigations governing such, should be
first established in fact.

And let all know that to approach such they must comply
with those conditions, would they receive the greater benefit.

Then, as to how Morton Blumenthal may carry these forces,
as exercised through Edgar Cayce, to the greater number,
let the greater number know; by letter, by the publishing
of such data as has and may be compiled, sticking
to that endeavor as outlined.

Do that.
We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013