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Reading 254-016

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Reading 254-016 Edited

(Q) You will have before you "The psychic work" of Edgar Cayce,
the developing psychic forces in [137] all the work,
and associations in persons and conditions to both of these.
And also you will have before you the contemplated project
of issuing a monthly paper bearing on matters of
a psychic nature and on material gotten from these forces.

And also you will have before you those persons who
are trying to organize this paper and persons who may be
associated with this paper.

You will answer the questions that will now be asked
relating to this in a very definite and explanatory manner.

This is a matter of business as well as work of good and
must be accomplished in a business-like manner.

Your answers, therefore, will be specific and practical.

(A) Yes, we have these conditions and all associations as would,
might be, and can be had with such an undertaking.

For this we find covers a great deal of developing, and conditions
are according to the development of many individuals and
the effect of their wills exercised in such project work.

There enters also the relations with such work and
the developing of same, with the business conditions
in a material world.

Hence the developing, the conditions, the outcome, of such
may only be given as conditions have been, and are, and only
relative conditions to the development in the many peoples
and some individuals that such project work influence in a business
and a material world, as related to those conditions that are
manifested through phenomena.

Hence, again, only relative conditions may be given.

(Q) Is the present time the right time to organize and issue a paper?
(A) Depending upon the character of paper published.

The right time is when there is sufficient data for the public,
individuals, groups, or masses, to be interested in data obtained.

This, with the psychic forces, and developing forces in others
is a correct time to present such paper before the ones interested
in the study of such as phenomena, and such as would bring good
into the lives of many.

(Q) Is the present time right for the financial success of the paper?
(A) Any time that such paper, or data in such paper, is of the nature
as to give benefits to the peoples, such can be made, and would be,
a financial success.

The present time is the time a financial success may be made,
either from such publication or by data for other publications.

Best that both be conducted at once.

However, the paper first should be published as a tri-yearly,
and articles given to other publications, until such a time
that the financial success would be assured from the readers
and subscribers in every financial branch of same.

This we find would require one year to so found and
to propagate such work, by development of many that
would be, and many that will be, by such publications
and such data in such publication.

(Q) First there is the problem of printing or publication.
Should we have some publisher issue the paper?
Or should we ourselves have paper printed and distributed?

If a publisher, who should we approach on the matter?
Give name and address of publisher.

(A) Era Press, or any public utility press that makes a business
of such publications or papers.

These, and such work, is that wherein the association
must use common sense and their own abilities,
incensed by the desire for the good of many, and the publication
for the first year should be compiled and distributed through
a group, or association of such as interested in developing
of such phenomena or work, and so conducted through the groups.

Gather the group together that would be associated in such
an undertaking.

Choose from that group those that would be associated in
such work.

From that number choose those who would take
the responsibilities for such developing.

Relying ever on the fact that, so long as the good is adhered to,
with first principles, the forces would supply that necessary
to bring the greater success in financial, in good,
in the results as would be shown.

(Q) If we are to do "The work", tell us how to distribute
the paper so as to bring us many subscriptions.
(A) Through the channels as outlined; that is, those already
interested from good obtained, first approach.

Those who are interested from every phase are but
the ensamples of gaining a large subscription
for such undertakings.

Knowing with the first year's work [you] gain subscriptions
by such data as given for years  to come.

Distributing same through every society organized
for study of phenomena from every view-point, pertaining
to mental, soul, spiritual development.

Such as we find in Psychology Clubs (mental);
as in the study of spiritual phenomena.

Groups, communities and the greater amount would be reached
through those  already interested by having obtained some assistance,
or attempted. Help them understand that necessary
to gain mental, soul, or spiritual development!

Also through other publications, such as:
Scientific American, Success, American, Ladies'
Home Journal, Delineator.

All such publications carry some phases of such phenomena,
either through their own writers or through articles submitted,
written regarding such development.

These would gain the preliminary work for the success
in a stupendous manner for paper when published monthly.

Advertising in all magazines that cater to such phenomena
and its manifestations in lives of individuals.

(Q) Is Linden Shroyer capable of handling this work?
(A) Of the distribution, and of data to be kept for
the development, yes.
For writing such articles as would be acceptable in
other publications, not yet.
He may develop, if he would.

(Q) Has Shroyer had enough experience to carry
this work through successfully?
(A) As given and outlined, he has; for few have the insight
into the necessary qualifications of those that would obtain
the benefits of such manifested phenomena, and have
sufficient business qualifications in data, in records,
in keeping and qualifying same, to make the success as outlined.

(Q) Name the one who Edgar Cayce or Morton Blumenthal
should broach on this matter, who could make this paper
a success, if Linden Shroyer could not.
Give his name and address.
(A) Morton H. Blumenthal will make the success in qualifying
the data for publication in this paper, or for the other magazines
or papers that would carry such data or manifested phenomena.

He would make the success - 74 Broadway, New York City,
for we have given the outline necessary for this to be made
the success financially, and in a business manner.

The detail work done by Shroyer, the writing and qualifying
of articles for publication in paper, or in other publication,
should be qualified through Morton H. Blumenthal.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 31 July 2013