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Reading 254-017

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Reading 254-017 Edited

(Q) You will have before you Edgar Cayce and his psychic work,
and  Morton and Edwin Blumenthal, and associates of these two bodies,
also in New York City, who are endeavoring to cooperate
with Edgar Cayce to further "The psychic work":
For the betterment of all peoples.
For the foundation of an institute to help people physically.
For the establishment of a paper or magazine.
To create a better understanding of the phenomena of life.
To do this work as given through individuals, groups, classes
and the masses.

You will also have before you the meeting of certain people
at the home of Morton Blumenthal, who met on Tuesday evening,
November 25, 1924, in the evening for the purpose of discussing,
studying and furthering "The psychic work" of Edgar Cayce.

You will tell us if Morton Blumenthal and Edgar Cayce are pursuing
the proper course to bring about the establishment of a magazine,
institute, and to further the good to come from "this psychic work";

If not, what should they do that they are not doing?
Or what additional
may they do that has not already been done?

You will answer questions pertaining to any of this.

(A) There have been other times, too.
Yes, we have these conditions and their associations, Edgar Cayce,
Morton Blumenthal and David Blumenthal, and those interested
at a meeting held November 25, 1924, in the evening.

These and many others we have had here before.

The plans, the manner, the way this is being given about
is very good, and in the better manner in keeping with that
as has been outlined as to how "The work of good" may be
permanently established and how the greater number
may receive the greater amount of good.

As to the meeting, we find this in a manner very satisfactory.

There were questions discussed upon which many present
desired more time for study, and there were those that were
not only interested from the idea of giving good to others
but without some of the destructive phases for individual selves.

In the study, however, of these conditions, we would find many
of these conditions would adjust themselves.

For, as has been given, the forces as manifest through this specific
phenomena attract those especially that may be benefitted
individually and who are able, in greater or lesser degree,
to pass same on to others.

As to those things being left undone that should be done,
continue with the foundation for the data as has been outlined
in a very definite and specific manner.

The sooner this is done the better for all interested, both from
the spiritual and the mental claim.
So commence.

(Q) Would it be for the betterment of "The work" and of practical
advantage to the various institutions we are trying to establish,
(i.e., magazine, hospital, etc.), if Edgar Cayce and Morton Blumenthal
worked together in the same locality, in closer physical contact?
(A) This, as we might readily understand by common sense have
the closer.

The closer the relation, the more effective the work.

For with the propagation of any given condition the better
the object in view, the better the relation between such groups
should be.

In union of thought, of mind, of labor, there is strength.

There is that convincing force that impels the respect
of each individual or entity that may be interested
in saving self or in the development of others.

Would be well that these be closely associated physically
and that in the second weeks of the coming year.

[GD: Edgar Cayce & family with GD arrived in N.Y. on Sat., 1/10th

& left on Mon. 1/19th, 1925.]

(Q) Should Edgar Cayce move to New York?
(A) Not necessarily so, no.
There might be the exchange back and forth as has been outlined.

(Q) When should Edgar Cayce go to New York?
(A) We have given.

(Q) If Edgar Cayce should be in close physical touch
with Morton Blumenthal, how and when may this be accomplished?
(A) Whenever necessary; and as outlined, the better. See?

(Q) Morton Blumenthal has an idea in his mind regarding the changing
of the method by which individuals may manifest their desire
for help from "This work." Is his idea right?
Explain. Give me that idea and tell me if it should be put into effect.
(A) Better keep the idea to himself.

Use that condition, those who come in touch with the many
various phases and developments of manifestations
of psychic phenomena, as manifested through Edgar Cayce,
as being explained, as being tempered by the plans
of Morton Blumenthal.

Those conditions as have been outlined are irrevocable,
insofar as they correlate with those three rules, law.
Desire - Belief - Awakening or Quickening within.
[See 254-15]

As to that necessary for others to manifest with that desire
for assistance, well that that be correlated with these rules

And do not change from that, else we would find
the reaction would become as a Frankenstein in the hands
of those who would help others.

And this would prove only the beginning of such - entirety
without regard for these three rules: the desire, the belief,
for as has been given on that, [they who] would approach
the throne must believe that He is. See?

And there must be that quickening, that awakening, from within,
would any individual, any group, any class, any mass
of people or peoples, gain that entrance?

And through the door meet, one another in?
He that climbeth up some other way is not of that fold.
For he has heard that voice and answered.

(Q) The people who gathered at the home of Morton Blumenthal,
Tuesday evening at between 9 and 11 o'clock, November 25, 1924.
Are they the right people to help further "The work" from the standpoint
of the physician, the magazine, and the study of problems
of phenomena of life?
(A) These or others. In these we find this same injunction
as has been given.

Those are the correct ones to assist in
the development, in the propagation, of the magazine,
in the building of the institute,
who have first found the works of such phenomena
in their individual lives, and have such phenomena that
such revelations as come, that that entity desires to be
of assistance to others without the desire of personal
aggrandizement of any character first.

For we know with any work, and endeavor,
"the laborer is worthy of the hire."

Yet this must never be placed first and foremost:
Not for money, position or fame.

But the innate desire to serve and to give that others
may have the awakening from within.

In this particular group, we find the greater number of these
interested to that degree, and many who desire to serve.

There are many others who will be attracted to such group
from time to time, and "The work" only needs that impetus
necessary, that others may know and have the knowledge,
that those who gather from time to time to study "such work"
gain that which cannot be bought with money and is without price.

The development will and must come.
Follow in the straight and narrow way and we will find
the success in every manner.

(Q) Name those who will not be interested and had best
be dropped from future meetings.
Name three others who were not present but who would like
to have been and who would immediately become interested
in helping push this work through to success.
(A) Three others,
Jordan, Carnegie Hall;
David Belasco, Belasco's Production;
Leon Kaufman, 26th Street.

Those present that were not interested, and let them drop themselves,
and not exclude any, only troublemakers exclude. None in this group.

(Q) Morton Blumenthal has questions:
on metaphysical problems,

on race and life's problems,
on theological problems and
the phenomena of life.
For he is hungry for knowledge and wisdom.

Is he to be permitted, and will he do any wrong to the body
Edgar Cayce, to himself, or to anyone, if he seeks knowledge
on these problems, including knowledge of God Himself
through the psychic forces manifesting through
the body Edgar Cayce?
(A) All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help
and assistance to others.

And the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested
in the physical world.

For as given, "be faithful and subdue the world."

All power is given through knowledge and understanding.
Do not abuse that power lest it turns against and rends
the perpetrator of such conditions.

These are correct, and should be sought if used in the correct manner.

For God is Spirit.

And they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.

And, as has been made manifest in the flesh, with all power,
all knowledge.

As has been said, "man must overcome through the knowledge
and association of that knowledge with God's word made manifest
in the flesh."

The last to be overcome is death.
And the knowledge of life is the knowledge of death. See?

Any who may seek knowledge is seeking the greatest gifts
of the gods of the universe, and in using such knowledge
to worship God renders a service to fellow man.

For, as given, "the greatest service to God is service
to his creatures."

For, as shown in the Holy One, without spot or blemish,
yet gave Himself that others through Him might have
the advocate to the approach to the Father without fear;

In that He had passed through the flesh and the rules of
the earthly, fleshly existence, taking on all the weaknesses
of the flesh, yet:
Never abusing.
Never misusing.
Never misconstruing.
Never giving to others a wrong impression
of the knowledge of the universe.
Never giving any save loving brotherhood.
The desire to stand in the place of him that would receive
condemnation for wrong committed by or in the body.
Never relying on any who would bring reproach
for knowledge, or place such conditions in the hands
of him who disregards such understanding of God's laws.

Then, in asking for such knowledge through any of
the means of communication of the universal forces
(that only take of a small portion of the great storehouse),
beware that such knowledge is directed in the channel
that give succor and aid, and stands in that way
and manner as was given by Him who was given
to the world as an ensample and made Himself
of no estate that He might give, give, give to all peoples,
no matter what clime, what race, what color.

They that would seek Him earlier will find Him and,
in time, have life and have life more abundantly.

(Q) Give us, who love this work and who would give
our life to it, a message of encouragement, hope and love.
(A) Be thou faithful unto the end, and thou wilt wear a crown
of life, for it has been given unto those who would seek
His way will find it and those who would gain an
understanding will find the burdens of life easier in time.

Remember all of our brothers, and
we would stand in place of Him.

We are through.
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