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Reading 254-018

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Reading 254-018 Edited

(Q)  You will have before you "The psychic work" of Edgar Cayce,
and the body of [900] and the plan of [900],
for the establishment of an institute of psychic research,
where those who are desirous and in need may apply for aid from
these sources.

You will have that plan before you as outlined in a letter
written on the night of Dec. 18, 1924, by [900] and addressed
to Edgar Cayce, which includes among other details:
A list of people who may act as a board of governors
for such an institute, or for the start of such an institute.

You will tell if this is the correct policy to pursue
in furthering the good that may be accomplished from information
received from the Universal Forces.
If the plan is practical.
If the board of governors as selected in the letter
are the right people to form the nucleus for such
an organization.

And you will give us advice and counsel
as to just how we should organize to initiate "This work."

It has been given that Edgar Cayce and [900] desire
only to do right and help humanity.

You will therefore now give us advice of a practical nature
as has to do with conditions in the material world
at the present time.

You will answer questions regarding this.

(A) Yes, we have the psychic work here, the body of [900],
the plan for organization of an institute of psychic research,
as outlined in letter, and the impressions of those
as might be associated with same in the capacity of governors.

Now we find that there has been much information given
as to how such an institute should, could be, organized.
And organized in a manner that would be profitable
and beneficial to those who would come in touch with same.

The greater portion of the plans as are in the mind of [900]
would work to a successful end.

The changes would be those in accord with instructions
as already given, as to how such an institute should
be established.

This we find also, those as are given here, all these would act
very much in the capacity of governors, or trustees, for such
an institute, to start, or foster, or initiate, or to begin such
an institute, for all have either directly, or indirectly, received
or given benefit to others through manifestations of
The Phenomena [Edgar Cayce, Gertrude Cayce, Morton,
Edwin, Freda and Ruth Blumenthal, Dr. Eugene Kraus,
Dr. Grace Berger, Charles Meyer, David E. Kahn.],
and there are others who might be, would be, could be,
added to such a group.

"Begin with that in hand", as was given to the great Law Giver
of old.

The command was to "use that already in hand", and through
the use of same see such manifestations of the guiding,
directing force as would lead to the establishment of that
which would give much to many peoples.

As has been given, the forces may be used to direct,
so long as they are within the scope and are in accordance
with those laws governing such manifestations.

The many changes as might and would come with
such development, the body, [900], with the understanding
of the manifestations through psychic phenomena,
as obtained through the body, Edgar Cayce,
would build to the development far beyond
the present thought of any, or either of these,
in normal thought.

(Q) Tell [900] how he may make the institution financially
(A) By beginning such an institute with the establishing
of such a board that would be investigators, known as
national investigators 
and then let those who have
received good from such manifestations.
(That such has been done.)
[GD's note: Jan. 1925 Edgar Cayce started working under
the ANI, though it was not
incorporated in Virginia until 1927]

Then there will be contributions of such a nature from sources
already benefited, and those who may be benefited
in the future, that would make such an institution
self-sustaining, through the donations as given.

And through the efforts of those interested where data
may be given that would be interesting, the magazine
articles that were corrected, other data that would be
given to such.

These would prove also very remunerative
to such an institution, and with the work once established,
we would find there would be (slow at first, but with
the spread of such good, as has been and as may
be accomplished), there are, many who would give
to the furtherance of such work, and such an institution.

For in this we have that different from other work.

Not only has there been donations for psychic research
of many natures, in this we have the exemplification
of the phenomena, and the manifestations given in
such manner as any may see the good accomplished.

For in this there may be individuals as physical groups,
as mental classes, and masses as mental, physical
and educational.

(Q) As such an institute must be practical and under
proper management, would it not be better than the body,
Edgar Cayce, move to New York permanently
to be under direct supervision of board of governors?
(A) Not of necessity, under such direction, for as has
been given, such a board would choose that head
to direct such phenomena as was given, or used,
and it has been given as to where such an institute
should be established.

There might, there could, there should be the correlation
between the phenomena and the board in the beginning,
and in the establishing of the manner in which
such manifestations would be directed and would
be controlled.

There are many conditions entering into such conditions,
and all must be considered.
These have been well outlined.

Follow close in that line.

(Q) If Edgar Cayce decides to move to New York,
when would be the most advantageous time to do so?
(A) The removal, as has been given, would best be as outlined,
to the place where Institute would be established.

The board may function from New York, or from an Institute,
whereever established.

There should be many investigators on such a board.

The time to begin is now.

For the institute is a fact when such a board is established,
and the work of correlating data for any institution is begun.

(Q) To those who cannot pay, free help shall be given.
To those who who may well afford to pay and refuse
to donate anything, either in [time] and or money,
shall further aid be denied?
In this policy shall we be following the correct path?
(A) The rain falls on the just and unjust alike.
The flower blooming in the desert, its beauty and
odor is not lost to a world.

This policy would be well under some conditions,
but there must be much diplomacy, much change
in many of the ready established business rules
in such an institution.

Such may be followed by many various routes.
Do not make such an ironclad rule.

(Q) Taking [900] and Edgar Cayce individually,
what more may they each do to further the work
that the many may benefit?
Are they each of them following in the righteous
path and remaining faithful, that in the end
of the crown of Life and Happiness shall be theirs?
(A) Be faithful to the end.
And you shall wear the crown of Happiness.
Even as is set in the mind, the heart, the soul, the life
of each at present.

(Q) We ask God's blessing and help for "this most wonderful work."
May we have it through you now?
(A) As has been given, in the adherence to the principle,
the law, as has been outlined.

The blessings, the joys, the sorrows, the hardships come
with the giving of self to such development to mankind.

In the straight and narrow way leads to the life everlasting.

As has been given:
"the yoke is easy, the burden is light, when the heart, the soul,
the mind, is set in that path that leads unto Him."

The blessings of the Father's
rest upon the labors of those who would serve - serve - serve.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 1 August 2013