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Reading 254-019

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Reading 254-019 Edited

(Q) You will have before you the meeting to be held tomorrow night,
for the establishment of a board to form the nucleus
of the National Investigators, and a board to conduct the work
of the Institute to help humanity.

As given, the forces will guide and direct us in this work,
and we now seek this advice and guidance.

You will give us a letter that may be sent in reply to a first appeal
from a stranger to the work for help from this Institute,
by which letter we can make the one seeking help understand
clearly the requirements which he must fulfill before
receiving the help, so that we may judge by the answer
to our letter whether the applicant is one who is ready
for help from these sources or not.

You will give this letter.

You will then give us definite advice by which we may be guided
in our organization tomorrow night, both regarding Institute
matters and the individuals who are to meet to make up this board.

(A) Yes, we have these conditions:
As would relate to such a meeting
As would be for individual seeking help from and through such forces.
As related to Institute and such developments from such work.

As to the National Investigators for "such work and phenomena":

These should begin with their investigations in a clear,
definite, understandable, manner for each and every individual
who may be interested in receiving the knowledge through
such phenomena.

For the things that make up the worthwhile conditions in life,
and those relating to physical conditions of individuals
who would receive assistance in an understanding
of such conditions, these relations, we find, must be made
to meet the needs of each individual.

And each individual must be made to understand in such
a letter the investigation as is being carried on through such
an Institute, or through such society, or through such group
of individuals that are expecting to receive assistance through
the manifestations of such a phenomena.

This may be made in the form of a letter, that when such an
application is made, the individual, after receiving such information,
would compare and report at once those conditions that correlate,
or coincide, with the feelings of the individual, and such reports
should be filed with one investigating phenomena, and such records
kept from time to time, as conditions progress in the understanding
of the individual, and individual's understanding of such knowledge
from such phenomena.

This may be made in form letter, or may be made in personal letter.
Then form the letter following, in such relations to developments.

As to meeting.
As to individual.
Those individuals who themselves have received individual assistance,
such that they desire to give self to the developing, to the retaining
records of such development, needs be individuals that would
associate themselves together for such work.

As to names.
These mean those who would willingly, without coercion,
give themselves.

(Q) Those who are expected to meet tomorrow night here,
to form such an organization, are they the right persons,
and is the idea in the mind of [900] to carry out such work
the correct idea for the success of the Institute?
(A) There are those among those expected that will not be present.
There are those who will not be present that should be connected
with such development.

The ideas as in the mind of [900] regarding such developments
are very good, and there would be given through such forces
the correct plans for developments as developments progress.

(Q) Give [900] advice as to immediate steps now to be taken.
(A) Begin, and as conditions arise, there will be those of
the correct knowledge to further such work.

(Q) Are there any barriers by which advice from these forces
might help us overcome those barriers of the present time,
we are speaking of?
(A) Begin. Those barriers would remove.
Updated: 1 August 2013