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Reading 254-020

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Reading 254-020 Edited

(Q) You will have before you Edgar Cayce and [900],
who have established the "Association of National Investigators"
to carry on "The psychic work" of Edgar Cayce.

You will have before you those at the present time associated
with Edgar Cayce and [900] in the carrying on of "This work."

You will also have before you May Solomon who was at the home
of [900], Wednesday Night, January 28, 1925, New York City,
and there discussed and planned periodical work of the Association.

You will tell us, now that our organization is a fact, what we may do
to further "The work," what we may do to help put our Association
on a sounder basis, correct us in anything we may have done
that we should not have done, and ought not do in the future.

You will also tell us if May Solomon is the right body to cooperate
with [900] to care for the periodical work of the Association,
and if she will in any way take advantage of knowledge she is gaining
from the association with [900] to use it for her personal gain,
her personal fame, and not for the benefit of the Association.

You will answer questions on this:

(A) Yes, we have the bodies here and the association for the purpose
of furthering "The psychic work", and the discussion regarding periodical work,
and those associations and the conditions as regarding same.

Now, in these conditions and relations, we have a vast deal of both data
and conditions in the minds of those associated with the furtherance
of this work.

First, the Association.
This is as has been given - commence.

Now, in this association, we find with those as are associated with
those regarding "The work," these, each and every one, shall gain
that knowledge necessary for the furtherance of work of this character.

For we must cooperate with the other would there be the success
as is necessary for such work of such phenomena to be dealt with properly,
and for the benefits that may accrue from same to be given to those
desiring such assistance.

Then, let each determine in their minds to fully cooperate with
the mind of [900], who is at present directing the investigations
in the manner where each, will they but study the information obtained,
may gain the insight into "That great work" that may be accomplished
through such investigation of such phenomena.

As to those things to be done.
First gain that cooperation in fact, in spirit and in truth.

As to "The work."
The discussion by and between [900] and May Solomon,
as to periodical work, this body, May Solomon,
we find particularly (and peculiarly) adapted for such work.

Yet there is at present some inclination for the individual
to gain knowledge that they may broaden their vision regarding
such phenomena as manifested through the sources, both
of Edgar Cayce and [900].

There is the intent that at some future time such knowledge
as is attained through this association may be turned
into channels that would be remunerative to the individual.

As to how this, then, may be conducted that the individual
does not supersede the intent and purpose for which the work
has been, and is, outlined, let [900], give and impress
on the individual the reaction of those who would in any manner
attempt to take advantage in an underhand manner of work, data,
information, gathered through such sources.

This may be well done, for the individual is susceptible to
the finer insight into mental and spiritual development, and
[900] capable through his mentality of giving such
information as may awaken the assistance of the individual
and to prevent any undue, unsatisfactory, use of data given
the body, May Solomon.

Then, impress those facts, and he will find the work will progress
in a satisfactory manner, but do not let the individual labor
without compensation in manner commensurate with work done.

As to how "The work" as the Association may be furthered.
Sooner the better that all who have been interested in
the phenomena may know, by letter, by data, the intent,
the purpose, of the Association and of the Association's
existence in fact, and of the work the Association intends
to do, and cooperation desired from individuals who
have obtained, who know of, who are interested in
the furtherance of the good obtained through such phenomena.

As to the conditions that should not arise.
Let there be no contention in any place.
Keeping close to that principle as has been given for the
foundation of such an Association.

Be good to those who seek, through the divine within self,
to be awakened to the consciousness of the good
that may be accomplished through making the will
one with God, as accomplished in following those conditions
as given by Him who gave:
"I am the Way, the Truth, the Light. Come unto me and learn of me,
for my yoke is easy and my burden is light, casting all cares on me,"
looking to that city without, who is the builder, and who through
the awakened divine may become one with the Father."

Ready for questions.

(Q) Is there anything in the organization that we should heed,
or be warned of?
(A) Only that as given.
Let those who have known of, and who for one cause or another
have contacted "The phenomena," know of the intent and purpose
of the Association, and that same is offered to those who would
with diligence seek that understanding.

(Q) Give us guidance regarding the conduct of our new Association.
(A) Has been given, in no uncertain terms, and it is needed only
that these conditions in each be kept and that every one associated
with the Association know and keep these principles within.
Let each approach every condition with that prayer:

God make me worthy to enter into the Holy of Holies
and understand how I may serve my fellow man
in giving the essence of life to many.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 1 August 2013