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Reading 254-021

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Reading 254-021 Edited

The psychic work as done by Edgar Cayce.
We have this work here, with all of its modifications,
and the various channels through which it may manifest
in the various phenomena of the psychic forces.

(Q) Is this body when in this state able to give a horoscope reading?
(A) Able - but would not be worth very much to anybody.

(Q) What is a horoscope reading?
(A) That in which the planets and their relative forces having
to do with the planets that, control the actions without respect
of will or without respect of the earthly existences through which
the body has passed.

(Q) Do horoscope readings include former appearances in the earth plane?
(A) Not at all.
The former appearances and the relation of the solar forces
in the Universe have their relations to what might be termed
life readings, or experiences, for as has been shown and given,
horoscope the science of the solar system and its relation
to various phases of earth's existence may mean for anyone.

In life existence in earth's plane, and the entity's relation
to other sphere a different condition, for the sojourn
in other spheres than earth's plane controls more
the conditions or the urge of the individual, just as we see
in the earth plane an individual controlled by the surroundings,
or by the circumstances that have to do with the individual,
yet [we find] the urge, the latent forces, that would give
an individual, or two groups, or two individuals raised
under the same environment, of the same blood,
would have different urges.

These received from experiences the spirit entity gains
in other spheres, correlated with that of its present
circumstance and condition.

These should never be confused, for to gain that of a
horoscope is only the mathematical calculation
of earth's position in the Universe at any given time,
while in the life reading would be the correlation of
the individual with a given time and place, with
its relative force as applied and received through
other spheres and manifested in earth's sphere in
the flesh, and the development being the extenuation
of the soul's development manifested in the earth plane
through subconscious forces of an body or entity.

(Q) Give the words that should be given to this body
to obtain a reading of this kind, a life reading, with
the former appearances and their effect in
the present life on an individual.
(A) "You will have before you - the body, giving name
and place of the individual at birth, the name at birth
as given - and you will give the relation of this entity
and the Universe, and the Universal Forces,
giving the conditions that are as personalities latent,
and exhibited, in the present life.

Also the former appearances in the earth's plane,
giving time, place, name and that in that life which built
or retarded the development for the entity, giving
the abilities of the present entity and to that which
it may attain, and how."

In this, you see, we will find the effect not only of
the present environment, as it has been, as it may be,
but the effect of the past experiences and through
what sphere these were obtained.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 9 July 2013