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Reading 254-041

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Reading 254-041 Edited

(Q) The work of the Association of National Investigators, Inc.,
of Virginia Beach, Va., and all those associated with the work;
the contract for the building of the hospital and conditions
surrounding same.

If this is being gone about in the proper way and manner.
If there are any details that we should have at this time for the
furtherance of that being attempted in the proper way and manner.

(A) Yes, we have those conditions that emanate and are being
builded upon, of Association of National Investigators,
and conditions surrounding those associated and connected
with same.
These we have had before.

Much change is coming about for all those associated with this work,
in a much larger way and manner than scarcely any associated
know, dream, or contemplate.

There are many things that might be said concerning these conditions.

Those in hand at present regarding contract, contractors, and
the elements surrounding the actual physical erection - and
most of all that same care and attention that would be given
to the proper training of any element destined to play
an important or definite part in the lives, physical and mental,
of many peoples.

As to definite physical conditions, it has been given that
the contractor as has been employed would be well to consider,
for there are definite conditions being worked out - and influences
in the lives of many associated through same have a much
deeper meaning than the purely physical aspect as seen
from an outsider.

In the conditions that would be well to consider - that of the building itself,
as to the conveniences for the care and attention for those for whom
this is being prepared.

Other conditions are near normal for the developments of all those
associated, and will bring little or no regret to anyone who so expends
self in mental, material, physical or spiritual action, or contribution
to the development of that force and power being set in motion
through the building, erecting, putting into concrete physical activity,
those elements as are associated, and as will radiate from these

(Q) Are there any special conditions regarding contract or contractors
that the Association and those interested in same should be instructed
concerning at present?

(A) Keep in that same amiable manner toward all concerned, as
to bring that mental and spiritual reaction of the physical and material
relationship between contractor and those that are letting contract
to others for the building proper.

As to changes and definite conditions of material nature,
keep that same spirit of building as has been outlined for
those associated materially in the operation.

(Q) Is it better to face the building towards the ocean?
(A) As has been given, many conditions - material, financial,
real, and of the suggestive nature - why such should be placed
in this manner - it, the change, will give much more of an
imposing outlook or view, and that in itself will attract -
cause many to seek more of the truths that may be
disseminated through these sources.

Think not that all will be as ease - for,
"Though he were the son, yet learned he obedience through
the things which he suffered."

Not as spiritual or as of purpose, but of contempt, ridicule,
from those understanding little.

(Q) How far should building be placed from back line?
(A) At least fifteen to twenty feet from chimney to the back line.

(Q) How far should building be placed from south line?
(A) Equal distance between south and north line.

That is all the questions.
Much may be said concerning this.
We are through for the present.
Updated: 9 July 2013