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Reading 254-061

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Reading 254-061 Edited

(Q) Edgar Cayce, his work, and those closely associated,
together with the conditions that surround and confront
this group at this time.

(A) We have the body, the mind, those circumstances
and environs that surround those associated personally
with the work at the present time.

(Q) For the best interests of the work, would it be advisable
for us to move to our old home on 35th St?
(A) Old place! There are many conditions to be considered
as respecting same.

If there are the correct channels set, that this may be obtained
in peace, in order, would be well - for has it not been given that
this had become a haven for many seeking to know of their ills,
physical, mental and spiritual?

From same there may, then, radiate that which would make
for a building that would take care of the physical needs
of that brought into physical being from the mental and
spiritual forces that surround same, in the same sector
or neighborhood.

This, as we find, would make for the better - or best -
surroundings or environs for the considering of such.

Then, those so interested as to work for, pray for, act like they
would receive that as may be builded, may bring about
- in and through all channels, in the manner that has been
presented ofttimes concerning same.
These, to be sure, as we find, will come to pass only when
a sufficient number that believe, that act, so, through prayer,
through supplication, through activities, create in the mind and the hearts
of those that have been blessed with those secular things,
that bring into material being those proofs for the acting of those
so surrounded.
So do.
So act.

(Q) Are there any conditions that might arise in connection with such
a move that we should be warned of?
(A) Overcome those by those acts that are in the material sense
the protection against any influences from outside of ulterior forces.

(Q) Are there any unforeseen advantages which we should
take advantage of by not moving?
(A) We do not find so, provided those things that would cause
any disorder or disruption may be made straight by the agreements
and understandings, and relations, before such changes would be made.

(Q) Would it be advisable to move this month, or the first of March?
(A) In March, if done. Would be well that there by that time be
the arrangements or settlements that are to protect or safeguard
the worriments of all associated through the coming season;
whether in that particular place or in this, or another - see?

We are through for the present.
Updated: 9 July 2013