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Reading 254-067

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Reading 254-067 Edited

(Q) The psychic work of Edgar Cayce.
The enquiring minds of those present in this room in relation
to the phenomena manifested through him.
The phenomena, and such philosophical subjects presented
for explanation through this channel.

(A) We have the phenomena; or the phenomenon,
in its association with the manifestations through
the body Edgar Cayce, and the enquiring minds of those
present in this room.

(Q) What was the cause of not being able to obtain [355]'s
Life Reading on Saturday morning, June 10th, when attempted?
[See 355-1]
(A) The inability for the active forces of the body Edgar Cayce,
from the cycle of psychic influence, to contact that record necessary
for the interpreting of same.

It would be well that there be reviewed much that has been given
through these channels, as to how information is obtained
through these channels.

Much has been given from time to time, though - in reviewing same
- there may be some enlargements upon that already given that
may be enlightening to those present, as to their own susceptibility
to such influence; and may also enlighten some as to
a better understanding of the laws that govern same.

First, let this be understood.
Any phenomena worth considering by an enlightened mind must work
or act in unison through some unified channels, that there may be
- as it were - stated necessary conditions in the activity for
the production of the best or of the truth as related to that
particular phase or class of phenomena.

And because there are variations, or because there are periods
when it is seemingly impossible for contact to be made,
does not necessarily indicate that such a channel is governed
by these laws; nor does it signify that such a channel or medium
(if chosen to be called such) is not amenable to those laws.

Then, considering this particular channel and what takes place
when information of a varied sort is obtained, or obtainable,
or unobtainable through this channel Edgar Cayce:

As has been set forth as to the developing of the soul-entity
through material-earthly manifestations (Please watch the wording),
there has been a development for the soul-entity that lends itself
(through natural consequence of environment and hereditary
influence, from the spiritual plane) to activity in the realms
of psychic or mental forces.

Then, consider also that which has been given, that through
the subconscious or superconscious forces of the entity
the manifestations may take place; or from the superconscious
or subconscious forces of entities that may have passed into
that designated as the spiritual realm.

Through these, or through the universal consciousness
or cosmic consciousness from the very abilities of the entity
Edgar Cayce to wholly subjugate the physical consciousness
as to allow the use of physical organs that may be attuned
to all realms that pertain to psychic or mental or spiritual
influences in the realms about the entity.

Then, that which wavers or hinders or repels or blocks
the activity through this channel when in such a state
may be from these causes; namely:

The unwillingness of the body-consciousness to submit
to the suggestion as pertaining to information desired
at that particular time.

Or the activity of the physical in such a manner as to require
the influence or supervision of the superconsciousness in
the body, or ill health, at such a period.

Or the mental attitude of those about the body that are not
in accord with the type, class or character of information
sought at that particular time.

Or there may be the many variations of the combination of these,
influencing one to another, as to the type, class or real activity
of the entity or soul that seeks the information.

For, as may be surmised from that given, one that would approach
the sources of the information with the innate and manifested
desire that that which is supplied in information should emanate
from a loved one in the spiritual realm, and that desire has kept
such an entity in the realm of communication, and there are those
combative influences in the experience of that entity so seeking,
and the development of the entity of the channel or medium
through which the information may be attempted is capable
of such contact, is there not - as presented in Holy Writ
- the continual warring with the flesh and the spirit?

The continual warring also with the spirit or entity or consciousness
that would control through such a period of information passing
from one realm to another.

For (for further explanation), this should be known to all:
The material realms or earth activities are as a shadow or
a manifestation of a spiritual law, that may in its essence
- when viewed from the realm of psychic or spiritual
or mental influence - appear to be quite different;
yet one is the shadow of the other. But in describing, then,
as a shadow upon a material plane, there would be periods
- according to the time of day, the position of the body
from the source of light casting such a shadow
- when there would be an outline that anyone would know
that from which the shadow was cast.

Yet at other periods the shadow would be, of the same body
(material body), such that the description would not reach
the consciousness of those even more intimate with the body
from which such a shadow would be cast.

So, with that which may emanate through such a channel,
there be many influences that have to do with the corrector
of the shadow cast; remembering, too, that material things
- or the vocal cords of a body, material - are being used
as the means of transmitting that which may be seen
of the actual or true body that is being described, analyzed,
philosophized, theorized, or acted upon by or through
that being sought.

Hence, there are laws that pertain to the activity; as to why
there become periods when there is the inability of activity,
or when the activity becomes hindered by DIVERS reasons
or causes, when they are so called in the material plane.

As in this particular instance that is asked for, with this entity
now known as [355]: There were, in the field or room at that
particular time, feelings in the make-up (which means of
the whole body) of those present that made for a deflecting
of that being sought; as well as of the shadow cast.

Or, there was the inability to reach that position, that plane,
that sphere, from which the record was being sought
as made by the entity.

What are the records, and how are they made, is asked,
that they may be turned back and so read by any soul-mind
or medium or channel?
(Which, in its analysis, means the soul-mind of either the entity
through which the information comes or that entity speaking
or manifesting, whether in hearing, in visioning, in writing,
in speaking; but, as given, to become a manifestation
it must approach through one of the channels through which
consciousness comes to those that reside in the plane that is
seeking the information. See? Hence, called senses.)

In this particular instance, again there were those conditions
in the entity's mental being seeking the information that were
combative in opening self that the real record might be
read as made.

How is the record made?
How is the record read?
In the material plane we have instruments that are so attuned
through the raising of the forces in various elements of one
or another of the consciousnesses that manifest in
the material plane.

As in the phonograph or the radio, or the prism light; or
any of the activating influences such as in the stethoscope
with its various acoustic arrangements for the activity of
elements related to movements of various influences
within the realm of man's activity in respiration, circulation,
activity of contractings in muscular forces, tendon activities,
ganglia reaction, and the like.

These are but, then (from our first premise), a shadow of
the real realm in which the activity of life is recorded.

Then (to become more elucidating upon that we are presenting
here), we must turn again to a first premise that we may make for
the greater enlightenment or the cooperative influences that
come to bear when these are in motion that make for a record.
For, as we see first in the material plane, to the material sense,
an object or a body that is called stationary produces the same
character of shadow as one in motion.

Far, far from same!
It might be even characterized by saying that an instrument for
measuring time that stood still is correct in some realms twice
each twenty-four hours, but never correct at any other seconds
in that period.

So with the shadow of a stationary object; for that which appears
even stationary is only relatively so, as related to or compared
with that still in motion (through the sense stations of consciousness
to a body in the material plane.)

Then Life, or the manifestation of that which is in motion, is receiving
its impulse from a first cause.

What is the first cause?
That which has brought, is bringing, all life into being; or animation,
or force, or power, or movement, or consciousness, as to either
the material plane, the mental plane, the spiritual plane.

Hence it is the force that is called Lord, God, Jehovah, Yah,
Ohum [Ohm?], Abba and the like.
Hence the activity that is seen of any element in the material plane
is a manifestation of that first cause.

One Force.
And, as seen and stated above, a record in a phonograph is made
up of elements of a certain combination of that which has become
in manifested form in certain movements in relation to the first cause,
for the projection (and does project) by natural laws; as the physical
or material laws, then, are the reflection or shadow of spiritual laws.

And these then make for, under certain laws, certain words, certain
regulations, the retaining of that (through one of these elements or
attributes of consciousness) which has passed before it; or that has
been indented upon this element in this rate of activity of a first cause
or first principle that is in movement, and unless in movement is not
capable of being manifested in a material world.

For, the movement itself (to make applicable another law) draws
about a nucleus the positive and negative forces as to bring into
visibility from one sphere or realm to another that force or power.

Or it has lost that which makes for the raising or reducing of such
vibrations as for the force, the power, the first cause, to become
active in this or that or the other realm of consciousness.

Then, as the realm of record is made by indentations of other influences
that act upon the medium that is used as the source, or plate, or manner
of recording, so will there be - with the acoustic arrangements of that
which is the negative of that influence which causes the indentation
- reproduced that which has been indented by the positive activity
upon that record, that plate, that plane, that activity.

So is this, then, as the record that is made of the force that manifests
itself in the form of a body-mind with the attributes of all that vibration
through which it has passed in reaching that place or plane of
consciousness; it must be in accord, so that the record made is
positive or negative (negative being error, positive being right
- good), that it may be penetrated to through the application of
a negative influence upon that in whatever realm it may have made
its indentation or record.

Then, only in attuning the forces of that which may be the medium
of reading back that record which has been made, may this be
given activity into another realm of consciousness for instruction,
for edification, for those various activities of those seeking same.

For, how does the answer come?
For what purpose is the information sought?
To do that which is in accord with that which first made the record,
the indentation, or to correct that which has been in an obtuse angle
to that which should be in accord with that to which the entity or
the soul so making such a record is gathering its influence
and force toward?

Hence, how easily may there be a diffusion or a break in that which
may be obtained through such a channel, that is capable of attuning
self so that it may write, read, hear, see, feel, or experience, and
- through some of the modes of approach to consciousness in a
material world - give that experience which has been made by
some activity; whether in this or that realm, in its course through
that of eternity, time, space, or in the realm of the spirit itself!

For, as given, names but give metes and bounds to
the consciousness of those that classify such activities in a
certain stage or realm of conscious movement.

In the same manner we find the record as of the radio.
The influences used here are simply a changed vibration of those
very influences that have been described in their activity, and
gather from this or that influence that which is being recorded.

By the movement of what?
The first cause, when in its activity in various forms or manners
in a certain realm of consciousness.

What, then, is the variation from the one to the other?
The reproducer of that recorded.
In one it is required that it change its realm of activity for reproduction.
In the other it is attuned to the first cause, that gives off in whatever
realm or place that is attuned to the activity, the immediate response.

Hence, as from our first premise (the post), the conditions are only relative.
Then, the psychic influences or forces in manifestation in their various
spheres are as but a type of needle upon the record; a type of acoustics
in the recorded or de-recording activity.
Or the power and the influence by its development toward the realm
of the first cause, as to the power of the tube or of the resoundant
or of the length of its activity to care for its reproduction.

Hence, out of tune by many of the channels that have been indicated
did prevent at that time [355] from receiving that later given.

(Q) In group reading of Sunday afternoon, June 25th [262-48],
why was no answer given to the request for a message?
What happened to Edgar Cayce during the experience?
(A) This, as we find then, must (if it follows natural laws) fall
among the category of that which has been presented
as related to the laws pertaining to the abilities of the reproducer
to gain from the channel of the information sought that which
is to be brought to those seeking. In this particular instance
we find two elements enter. Remember, we have spoken
of the elements; how that they in their various vibrations produce
that which makes for either the producer or the receiver. See?

And these may appear, in their first glance from those that would
study same, to be a different condition; yet they are phases,
as the shadow has lengthened - or that producing same is
at such an angle that no answer comes.

Is the simile understood?
It is as this:
In the one there was the desire of that source of supply to respond
through that channel (This is from the outside, now, acting in) being
opened for same.

And there was within that which turned the switch and produced static.
Hence no message came. Who?
Those present.
What happened to the body Edgar Cayce?
To the body, little.
To the mental forces, or the spiritual activity of the entity as a whole,
a very hard knock; as there was the desire to enter in, and the
entity stumbled - as it were - against a closed door.
Yes, this is deep; but it's understood!

(Q) What happened Tuesday morning, July 11th, when we attempted
to obtain a Life Reading for [373], and received only some words
or exclamations in German?
(A) The attempt of one that might guide the thought of the entity seeking,
that was of that speech only. You see where this fits in with that which
has been given?
Incapable of being understood through those present, then - by them
- cut off!

(Q) What is the interpretation of the German words given?
(A) This is simply curiosity! Learn German!

We are through.
Updated: 10 July 2013