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Reading 254-073

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Reading 254-073 Edited

(Q)  The psychic work of Edgar Cayce.
The various activities of those who seek to aid in presenting this work to others through the ARE.
Help in carrying on in accordance with Divine Will.

(A) We have the psychic work of Edgar Cayce; its possibilities,
its limitations, its characters, its activities, and those that would
aid through the ARE.

First, in considering the existent circumstances, much of that which
has been given - as to the various activities of the Association through
which the the information is being presented - should be read and
COMPREHENDED; instead of being filed away it should be where
all might look it over and act much in accord with that given.

For, as has oft been said, faith without works is dead; so knowledge
without activity is very "punk." In making practical application the
activities are as given: Each activity should be so arranged, so used
and conducted, as to be capable of being self-sustaining; and if it is not,
there is something WRONG with the manner in which it is being handled.
Ready for questions.

(Q) Considering the information already given through this channel,
the needs and desires of the family, the desire of those present to assist
and especially the soul development of [378], you will tell us just what
would be the best manner to seek further information concerning his
welfare through this channel.
(A) As indicated, there are limitations to the activity of any influence
that manifests itself into material action.

Such seeking through these channels is among those things that may
be done, but when there is considered the numbers and the type and
the character of information that others seek, it is like sharpening a pencil
with a razor.

For, to seek through force into that which has been willed by a soul, as
to what its consorts or associations shall be, is to attempt to override
a natural law; "Like begets like."

Then, the greater aid may be had through reaching out, through seeking
divine aid to those that in their realm of experience and activity may work
upon the soul and mind of that entity, [378].

As was given by Him, be rather afraid to do wrong or to have thy good
evil spoken of by or through evil associations of the sources of
the information.

For a minute turn back, my children, to that which was given as to how
the information through this channel may be received:

Through the subconscious or soul self of the body Edgar Cayce,
and that soul development or experience in its realm of relative
material association; or through the activity of the subconscious
or soul self of those passed into the realms of spirituality or spiritism,
or both; or through those influences that may be had by the associations
of ideas and ideals of those so seeking.

And add to this: The judgement will ever be as to the spirituality of
that which is being sought.
Not that this may not at times bring questionings to many; but would ye
- for the thought of being well spoken of - slay the goose even though
he be the one that only lays china eggs, much less golden ones?

Would ye tempt the man by influencing such to seek independently of
that which has been given as to the channels through which ye must
or should seek?

(Q) Give the proper suggestion to be given Edgar Cayce to obtain
the help as suggested.

(Q) Is the soul-entity of Edgar Cayce properly protected in seeking
information of this character, and what more can he do to strengthen
this protection?
Is any special suggestion necessary, if so give same.
(A) Each soul should ever seek and be directed to be under the protection
of the Christ Consciousness in its seeking for information, or for guidance
in seeking for same; and ever be surrounded by that Consciousness.

For, much might be given here as to what man in his estate has gained,
and as to how he has gained that knowledge of the seeking for the
awareness of a consciousness in what is called the unseen, the cosmic,
 the spirit realm, the unconscious of a conscious mind.

In directing the body, then, either verbally or in the undertone or in
the desire of all present, make the affirmation that only the highest
may guide in all experiences; and there will grow the more perfect
attunement by the associations of that consciousness ever of those

And be they saint or sinner, rich or poor, stranger or closest in association,
they should ever be asked to hold that affirmation through every period
of laying aside of the conscious self to enter in communication with
the highest that may be attained in self.
And those who cannot conform should not be present.

(Q) What has caused the jerking and twitching movements of
Edgar Cayce's physical body during readings given within the last
few months?
(A) Not perfect accord in the physical body of Edgar Cayce, partially;
not perfect accord in the minds of those present as to the purpose of
the seeking in each instance.

For, where inharmony prevails and a soul enters into the veil where
there may be the realm of those influences that become so impelling
in their activity in material things, what a strain - unless harmony

The wonder may ever be that there isn't and has not been much
greater contortion, save that - as given - the body-mind, the
body-consciousness, the soul-consciousness has been attuned
to much that to many would have been a breaking point.

Not that the body is to be pampered, nor to be shown other than
that deference which each individual present does hold.

But know all - that draw near - what they are dealing with; that
the soul is very near at all such times to being away from the body
- seeking. Hence the care, the caution that should be taken by
those that feel they have any interest in the body-life, or in
the greater life of the entity in its seeking and its desire to serve.

(Q) Are there any suggestions or counsel that may be given at
this time that will aid in securing clearer, more valuable information?
(A) Seek and ye shall find.
As given, that which may be helpful and hopeful on any subject that
pertains to the welfare of the souls and bodies of individuals may
be sought through these channels.
Materiality, or to gain the power over another, or to be forewarned
as to impending influences, should be taboo.

As to those things that make or force an influence in the experience
that partakes in its essence or in its fruitage of those things that
are for self-exaltation, or aggrandizement of self's own interests
without respect to others, as given, such make for a soul seeking
into the mire and slough of despair.
For, materiality is born there!

(Q) Are there any suggestions at this time regarding the handling
of the various study groups?
Should Miss Esther Wynne organize Group #7 in Norfolk?
(A) Much might be given on these, and the subject deserves
being approached - and should be approached - from that angle only.
The work of the Study Groups, their place in the organization
for Research and Enlightenment; for we are enlightening without
a great deal of research! Yes, organize Group #7 - Miss Esther Wynne.

(Q) Are there any suggestions at this time as to the proper handling
of the coming Congress in June?
(A) This also should be handled alone.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013