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Reading 254-080

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Reading 254-080 Edited

(Q) The ARE plans presented by various members of the Board
of Trustees regarding the activities for the coming few years.
The comments received from those Trustees.
A desire to evolve from the combined suggestions a definite
program for our activity.
Council and guidance to the various questions under consideration.

(A) We have the work of the ARE, with the various plans that
have been presented or suggested by the members of the Board
and others, with the comments that have been made by some
of the Trustees.
In approaching a work of this nature, many and varied conditions
and circumstances are to be considered.

First there has been chosen by the members of said Association
those that are to officiate as to the policies and the plans
for the activities of the Association.

These, as indicated by the varied comments, are in the present
very much at an at-variance one with another.

Yet all of these experiences are to those individuals a part
and parcel of themselves as related to the various factors
in their experience that have prompted them to give expressions
in the ways and manners they have.

Many others are yet to be heard from; many who have
had not only their own ideals shapened by the activities
in the membership of the Association but that have had practical
application of the varied business, the varied commercial,
the varied spiritual approaches of the minds of the populace
as a whole to subjects of this nature.

Well, then, that those who are to act in the capacity of the judges,
compilers or analysts of those varied suggestions that are to
be made, hear them all through - and then set down in a systematic
way and manner the comments on the varied plans, and compile
- as far as practical and possible - those that are in accordance
one with another.

And from such an analysis then outline that which seemeth, in
the experience of those so commenting, that which would be
re-submitted to the varied individuals for their again considering
in a prayerful manner that which is worth while.

This must be entirely separated from the activities of the channel
of information, though this channel may be approached as often
as desired and desirable by the varied members of such a Board
for counsel or advice in the varied directions that are to be considered
under the varied plans that are presented.

For all must realize as has oft been said respecting this channel,
that they - the members of this Board - are in that position much
as the question asked by Pilate, "What will ye do with this man?"

Ready for questions.

(Q) From the first analysis, should one or more than one plan be evolved?
(A) All plans should have their due consideration; for, as has been given,
they each are giving expression of their experience, and they must
- as members of that Board - receive due consideration.
Then, it will be plans - and eventually evolved into A plan, or the plan,
for the coming period as would be set forth.

(Q) Would it be wise to seek at this time comments through this channel
on various phases of these plans?
(A) Better that there be first the compilation of that which is of the nature
- from each commentator on the plans - that agrees one with another.

Don't look for differences, look rather for harmony! If ye look for differences
and still set the differences aside, you'll continue to have differences!
Look, seek, and ye will find peace and harmony!
While many minds make for many varied expressions, look for the truth
in each that is seeking harmonious activity.

And the purposes and aims should be set not as a cism [schism?] or ism,
not as a creed, but as that they each seek to present that they as individuals
have found, do find, helpful in their experience, for the consideration of those
that would seek through such channels for inspiration for their activity in
the material things, in the mental things, in the spiritual things in life.

(Q) Considering the Washington trip, have we done everything that
we should to make this trip a complete success?
(A) Plans have been very well laid; the activities, the meetings,
the associations, the connections - of course - have not been made as yet.

Be well that there be a representative, one that would present - at or through
that channel in which the approach is being made - that which is felt to be
the most worthwhile activity at this particular time.

(Q) Just what is meant by that; I don't understand (Ques. by HLC)?
(A) There has been a chosen channel, or a group through whom the
approach is made. Understand that?
There is to be a representative at that meeting. Understand that?
There is to be presented to those at that meeting that which is felt
in the immediate - by the individual so representing the Association
- to be most worthwhile being presented at that time.
Understand that?
That's it!

There are many phases of the approach to individuals.
Every individual's troubles to him are the most important in his experience.
Truth itself meets all such conditions, for it takes the individual where
the individual is, meeting the individual problems in the individual's
experience; else that which is truth becomes false to that individual.

What has been the law of the universal influence?
"To all men I will be all things, that I may thereby save the more."

Hence in presenting a channel of approach, of course, as has
always been, it should be first to the individual - the physical;
then to the groups - the mental; then to the masses - the associations
of those individuals into the various groups of study and activity.
Hence the physical approach, the mental expansion, the group activity.

(Q) Any other counsel or advice at this time regarding any phases
of the Association's activities?
(A) Well that all those who have not made their comments be acquainted
with the conditions that exist, and the necessity for their giving due
consideration to those things that have been sent to them for their activity.
They either do, or do not, desire to (What's your first lesson?)

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013