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Reading 254-081

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Reading 254-081 Edited

(Q) The ARE, its plans and activities in all phases of the Work.
Help in carrying forward the work.
The plans for the coming six month period.
The individual worth of the plan and also its value
in relation to the whole program.

(A) We have the work of the Association for Research & Enlightenment,
Incorporated, in all of its phases, its activities, its problems.

In giving that at this time which we find would be helpful, it would
be well that those who would consider the work as a whole consider
what was given first as the excuse, or purpose, or aim for such an
organization being in existence. If it does not fill a need in the experience
of those that are asked, or who seek, or who are members of such
an organization, then it has little or no place in a material activity
in the present.

Then, that which is of a constructive nature to fill the purposes and
the aims, the ideals for which it was organized - and is attempting
to further, foster or present at the present and for the future
- would be that which will be the helpfulness it as an organization
may fill at this time.

First, it is organized to present the work of an individual in an
equitable, in a consistent, in a legal, in an efficacious manner.

This is its First purpose, First aim.
Only, then, that which will be of a nature to interest, convince,
justify in the minds of those so tempered in such directions,
should be presented as part of the purposes, the aims and
the desires of those that would foster such.

That there are many phases of the information that may be
presented to such members through the channel it is choosing
for presenting is self-evident.

That the purposes, the aims, the desires - yea, the ideals
- should cover all such phases of that which may be presented then,
is a manner or a way that this approach should be made for all.

That there are the desires of many to seek through such an
organization for the justification or the verification of that individuals
or groups have deemed, do deem, as an element of education,
enlightenment, is evidenced by the varied manners in which approaches
have been made.

That the necessary funds, equipment and interest are needed to
further such research for enlightenment in all phases of that which
may be presented is of itself evident.

It is also evidenced that in the minds of many of the members
who have evinced an interest certain phases are of particular
interest to them.

Then, classify these in their regular order.
Budget the time.
Budget the investigations in each phase in such a way as to offer
the most possible of that which - to those that seek - will be as food
for thought; if ye have that to offer which is worth while.

Ready for questions.

(Q) The majority of the trustees have indicated a desire to change
the present expression of the Ideal and Purposes.
Just how should this change be handled?
(A) Change the expression to meet the needs of all phases of the work
that is being or to be presented.
Set forth in such Ideal and Purposes, under their various classifications
or various headings, the ideal or the idea or the purpose of each
particular phase of the organization's activity - to present to those
interested in each phase - that which will be helpful in each direction,

(Q) Please comment on the plans for several series of research
readings to be sponsored by various Active Members as planned
and outlined in the letters mailed to sympathetic doctors and the letter
(copy in hand) to be sent to members who may be interested in
the research activities.
(A) This, as we find, is a step in the right direction; provided there
is budgeted, as indicated, the time for the investigation in the
various fields of activity indicated.
Do not allow one to so overlap the other as to become of a
hindrance one to another. For, as oft indicated - or as was first given,
there are many phases that may be made possible so far as
remuneration is concerned.

But these should be approached in their regular order.
How was it expressed, then?
"Do all things in decency and in order."
Do the first things first!
Yet know that these must all be kept in their correct,
in their proper sphere of research - and then the enlightenment.

(Q) Comment on plans involving Active Members including:
(a) Letter of explanation of membership dues - $10 per year
to include Bulletins.
(b) Regular statement of account with Ass'n.
(c) Membership Card.
(A) This has been gone over and over and over.
No individual interested or seeking for aid should be debarred
at any time, whether he has $10 or a million dollars to contribute!
But there is the necessity of this being done in decency and in order.
That the purposes may not be defeated, it is necessary that same
be set on some basis.
But that this be made hidebound is defeating the purpose!
Yet it should be done in order!
$10 as a contribution for the work, that would be divided into
the various activities; showing to each member to what purpose
each is put, see?

There should be also some significant manner in which there would
be present with each individual something to make him aware of
his membership!
Whether he tears it up or throws it away, that's alright!
But whether it is a card, a 30 x 40, or 5 x 7, or 4 x 6 or what not,
let there be an indication as to what phase of the work such an
individual has at some time signified he is interested in - to keep!
Not only for the office but for the individual to keep!
Then, when individuals signify their interest in this or that phase,
send to such individuals each month something!
If there is anything to contribute, contribute it!
If there is nothing in that particular phase to devote your time to,
say so! If you haven't anything to report - and nothing's been done
- say so! See?

(Q) Comment on plan to publish Bulletin on 1st of month and 15th
of month, the first to be devoted to physical case studies and research,
and the second to psychical research and general information.
(A) Very good, provided funds are made available for doing such.
When these are classified, individuals have indicated as to their interest,
made their pledges or their promises, or their contributions, and each one
is set aside, do it!

(Q) Comment on plans for readings including:
(a) Budget based on income from same, plus memberships and Groups.
(A) [Interrupting] All of this first should be budgeted.
You've got it in the end, but you should budget first!
Begin there!

(Q) (b) $5 cost of check physical readings.
(A) Should never reduce; but may all be done for this, or if they only pay 10 cents!
But let them contribute something, if it isn't anything but a stamp with which
to return it to them!

(Q) Some statement to individuals preparing for readings as to proper
attitude of mind.
(A) This, as given from the first, should ever be present.
As the prayer, as a meditation, as an activity of the individual.
And unless same is evinced, you are very foolish to try to carry on!

(Q) Comment on plan to work out some cooperative research studies
with University of Pennsylvania or Duke University.
Is this advisable to be pushed at this time and just how should it be handled?
Which of these two should contact be pushed with or should some other
university or universities be approached?
(A) It would be advisable to carry out this plan with both of these,
if there is the interest shown in these directions - or with any other
organized groups or individuals.
But necessarily such would require periods of a year to two years of reports
before they could be published.
Hence such studies should be financed by an independent fund created
either from individual or group contributions for such activities.

(Q) There is a division of opinion on plans to stimulate Representatives.
Would any plan for making the work of the representative remunerative
be in keeping with the best expression of the purposes of the
Association to others?
If so, what plan would you suggest?
If not, what plan do you advise for stimulating the regional representatives?
(A) Regional Representatives will naturally fall under the head of those
who are in the activity of the spiritual phase of the work, and will not be
those that would be paid! If there is the desire that there be group
organizations for the study of lessons, or for the study of the findings
of the organization on any particular phase or development of the organization,
then such may be made entirely separate.

As an agent of, or as a worker with, and such may charge fees for their activity.
But not as a Regional Representative, nor as one that headed a group.
These would be separate entirely.

(Q) In paying such a worker, what plan would you advise?
(A) That would of necessity have to be worked out with the individual.
Find such an individual that may undertake such a field, and then with him
work out such a plan! Like this:
Mr. A. goes to Burmuda or Casa Grande or to Seatack for the formation
of groups.
He finds individuals interested in those activities presented by the
organization, on which you already have data!
You can't sell something that you haven't in hand!
Have data, whether it be for organized study groups for the lessons
or for the spiritual work, the philosophical, which would then necessitate
that they be of the nature already devised along certain lines.
Or there may be reports from psychical institutions, psychical research
organizations, psychical information of any nature that may be used
as a study or a portion of same.
Then each individual would pay to such an organizer a stipulated fee,
whether $5 or $500, for the right to cooperate with such an organized
group in the study of same.
Such fee would be retained by such an organizer for the work done.
Then the organized group would indicate its preference as to the
phase of work in which it would be interested.
And then for the stipulated price the Association would present data
whenever it's requested, on the 15th or the 1st or on the 15th and
the 31st or whatever it may be.

(Q) What phases of the work could Faith Lewis best present through
(A) Spiritual. The spiritual.

(Q) Any other suggestions for carrying on the work properly at this time?
(A) "Properly" is almost like saying "probably."
Properly, or carrying on the work, should be:
Let there be outlined each phase that is to be studied, each phase
that is to be a research.

It's often stated that the work is a research and enlightenment program;
but how much research have you done?
Isn't it presented rather as enlightenment without much research?
Then, don't get the cart before the horse!
It doesn't work so well!
Even with streamlines! [1/12/35 See 254-82 message volunteered
immediately following above regarding research on epilepsy.]

Then, present more and more that which is not the sensational,
not that intended to impress superior minds - they are already
correctly impressed so far as they are concerned!

Look rather to that which may be for the helpfulness, hopefulness
that may be experienced in the minds of those that seek to know
their Maker.

For those with a million dollars are no more precious in the sight
of the heavenly Father than they that are hungry in the street!
Who, in the light of that thou presentest as a purpose, needs the most?

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013