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Reading 254-101

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Reading 254-101 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE in studying and presenting the psychic work
of Edgar Cayce.

That which will be helpful to those assembled here for the SEVENTH
ANNUAL CONGRESS in better understanding and carrying forward
this work during the coming year.

(A) We have the work of the ARE, with its ideals, its purposes
that are set forth in its relationships to others.

We also have those gathered here, and what may be accomplished
in the coming year.

First know in what and in Whom you believe in.
When you say you believe this or that, know Who is the author,
Who is the finisher of what you believe.
And unless its source is of such a nature that it is in keeping with Him
that is the Author of Life itself, reject it!
This must be the principle of Life itself!
When you have found good, use - do not abuse.

Knowledge that causes man's uprising and sitting
is from misapplication of law.

(O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.
You know when I sit down or stand up.
You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
Psalm 139:1-2)

Know that your God is law; that law is love.
Know the law of God is Love and apply it, comply with it in your life,
in your application.
Do in yourselves what you would have your neighbor do!

This makes for that which is in keeping with a fact that has been
from the foundations of the earth - God is!
And they that would know Him must believe that He is and may be
made manifest in their dealings with their fellow man!

Until you see what you worship in your Creator,
in those that speak evil of you,
in those that hate and despitefully use you,
you have not begun to think!

As man thinks in his heart, so is he.
Then, if you do not want to be condemned, then condemn not.
If you want faith, show faith.
If you want love, show love.

Yes, - you say, "This I have heard so often!"
Yes, but what have you done about it?
You must realize, then, that God is.

Your body is the temple of your God! Do you meet Him there?
The kingdom of heaven is within. Do you worship there?
Do you worship yourself, or your God?
Have you made your god - fame, fortune, to be famous?
Then that is what you will attain!

When troubles, distresses, heartaches and disappointments come,
Who will you then turn to?
Not to yourself!
For this has been used up in the gratifying of your desires
- if you have made those things that are temporal your god!

Only when love, patience, perseverance, longsuffering and brotherly
love are shown may you indeed know upon Whom to rely.

For of such is the law of creation, of hope, of faith, of patience.
And in patience you possess the knowledge of your soul.
Then how did He give?
"Agree with your adversary quickly!"

In your activities be wise, not in your own conceit but in the knowledge
that you speak often with God in yourself.

Then may each of you here, through the coming year, have this
- in your own words - as your counsel in meditation:

God, in You do I put my trust!
You know my heart, my mind, my purposes, my desires!
Make them, O God, Yours!
May I choose to do that You would have me do.
May my purposes and my desires be one with You
For I would be one with You!
And even as You have promised,
As You have shown us the pattern
in the mount of our own consciousness,
May we walk with the Son of Light and Mercy and Grace,
Even as shown to us in Jesus - the Lowly One!
And may our will be with You,
That You may come and abide with us day by day.
Not my will but Yours, O God, be done in me.

If each of you through the coming year will make that your life
- not just a saying, not just a profession - you may add to those
purposes of the Association for Research and Enlightenment
in such measures that your vision, your consciousness, your awareness
will be enlarged; so that your life, your experience, will become more
worth while.
Ready for names.

(Q) [1152]:
(A) Hold fast to the faith and light that has shone to you often.
Be constant in prayer, in service.
For as you do it to the least of your brethren, you do it to your Maker.

(Q) [1530]:
(A) Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God.
Believe also in His purpose with you.
Faint not because others may disagree with you.
Hold to the law of love, and love will hold to you!

(Q) [1100]:
(A) Keep the ways before you open, so that the purposes He has
for you may be broadened in your life and your contact with your fellow man.
Always be alert to the opportunities that lie before you day by day.
Each day is a new creation of opportunities.
For whosoever will may come and drink of the water of life;
for it wells up from within.

(Q) [470]:
(A) Let your going in, your coming out, never be questioned by your own conscience.
Yet know that you have a service, a duty to perform.
The idle always think upon their own deeds.
Sow not pearls before swine, but let your yes by yes and your no's be no.

(Q) [1391]:
(A) Store up in your heart the more perfect image of what
you would worship in your God.
Know that all of your fellow men have that image within themselves;
that in each there is that image.
Seek to magnify that which is good.
Forget the shortcomings of those who are weary and heavyladen,
by easing their burdens here and there.
For the Lord loves those that love His erring children.

(Q) [1610]:
(A) In your purposes, in your desires to know His ways, always look within.
For there He has promised to meet with you.
And if you will by your purpose, by your desire, seek Him - He will come
and sup with you.
The ways of the Lord are not past finding out.
Only those who seek their own way are the paths of the righteous hidden.

(Q) [1626]:
(A) The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.
Make your purposes, make your desires then one with Him
- and you will find that the pathway of light and life will open
for you new fields of delight in the Lord.
For His yoke is easy, His burden is light.
Offences must come, but woe to they by whom they come!
Then, have no part in that as would offend the least of those
you meet day by day.
Keep your smile of encouragement to others; for it lightens the heart of many.

(Q) [1402]:
(A) Let your light so shine that others seeing your good work may take hope again.
Give that to others often that is encouraging.
Warn those that are in their own conceit of the mighty.
Keep the paths of righteousness foremost in your presenting the ways of life.
For the seeker will find.
Encourage, then, all to seek to know their Maker, their Lord, their God!

(Q) [1397]:
(A) Hold fast to that which has prompted you to lighten the burden of the mind
and the body of many!
For "Inasmuch as you did it to the least, you did it to me," will be music,
will be joyous to your heart of hearts in the days that you stand before Him!
For all walk by faith.
And as you create that in the minds and bodies of those you meet,
you show the way and sow the seeds that may bring righteousness
and life to the many.
The Lord loves the cheerful worker.

(Q) [1622]:
(A) Your light has gone out and light up the darkness in the lives of many.
Keep that light burning in your own heart.
Grow not weary in well doing.
Let your heart open to those things that bespeak the closeness
of His walks, His talks with you.
Your light of love and faith and hope and thought will not lose its reward in Him.
For whom He loves He comforts, every one.
Who is on the Lord's side - hold up your hands to Him!

(Q) [1158]:
(A) Let the love as He gave in His walks among men guide you
in your daily walks among your fellow men.
For His promises are sure.
His arms are not short as men's arms or promises.
For though the world, though heaven, though the earth may pass away, His promise,
His word, His love does not pass away.
For the world - yes, the earth - is given for His keeping.
Then walk often in the light of His promise, in the hope of His coming!

(Q) [1210]:
(A) Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
For as the Lord directs your way, so may you find peace - and contentment.
Only when you seek to have your way, your desire, without thought of your purpose
in the earth, do the real disappointments come.
For His ways are before you, and from His face you cannot hide!

(Q) [954]:
(A) The Lord keep you, the Lord bless you, the Lord cause His face to shine
upon you and bring you peace - in body, in mind!
Hold to the light that has and does come to you, and it will lead you
from the shadows, from the doubts, from the fears.
For He loves every one alike!

(Q) [1561]:
(A) In the days of your youth you gloried in your strength.
In the days now, glory in the strength of the Lord in you!
And your purposes and your desires, if they are kept in the Lord's way,
will bring to you joy of heart, magnitude of beauty - the love of the Father
as shown in the Son! Meditate often in your temple, that you may know
what manner of man you are, and the way you should go.
Stand aside and watch yourself pass by - see what direction you take!

(Q) [264]:
(A) The law of the Lord is perfect, and it will not fail when you allow
the law of the Lord to be magnified in you - your works, your thoughts,
your deeds!
Then hold to the light that is found in the promises of the Christ,
"What you ask in my name, believing - and doing my will - will be answered
in you, if your purposes and your desires are made wholly one with Christ."
These are your promises - not just for others!
For until you have known the Lord your God as your God, personally,
you have only heard of truth!

(Q) [689]:
(A) In the light of the Lord, and law, rejoice!
Hold to those things that make the heart of hearts glad.
For His ways are before you, and the way you know!
Then, follow in those steps that have been set before you,
for they lead to hope, to life - yes, to glory itself!

(Q) [1500]:
(A) Let that which has been done in your body be for a purpose before you,
that you may give the glory to Him who is the Author of life!
For what gains the man that has gained the whole world yet has lost hope
in his own self?
Arouse, then, to your abilities, to your purposes; and proclaim the glorious
day of the Lord!
For it is at hand!

(Q) [1401]:
(A) Love and mercy and grace and peace are not words to be found in
your spelling book nor in you Bible alone, but in your heart and in your dealings
with your fellow man day by day. If you would be lovely, show love in your dealings
with others.
If you would find that which is glorious in your life, make it a purposeful one;
not to your own glory but to Him who is the author and the finisher of faith.
Not long-facedness, never!
Be joyous in your love, in your service, in your activities before others.

(Q) [1506]:
(A) Let love be without dissimulation.
Abhor that which is evil.
Keep your face to the light and the shadows will fall far behind.
But when troubles and doubts and fears come, and you trust alone in
the deceitfulness of the material things - these may only bring
disappointments and fears and heartaches.
Walk in the light of God.

(Q) [1931]:
(A) The way is before you - your life, your heart, your loves!
Make them His purposes - God's desires, God's will.
For these ways will bring you understanding, which casts out fear;
and these ways are not grievous to those that love the Lord!

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole?
(A) As given - and to all, this:
Know - Know that He has risen, and Lo, He is with you always!
Even until the end of the world!
Let your light so shine that others may take hope.
And call oft to the erring one - call oft to those that are fearful.
Set their feet and their face towards the light of the hope that is in Christ Jesus
- the Savior of the world!
Updated: 13 July 2013