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Reading 254-102

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Reading 254-102 Edited

(Q) The radio program which has been developed through
Thomas Sugrue with Jerry Danzig, Sebach and Bower of WOR,
1440 B'way, NYC.

The circumstances and conditions in connection with this program,
including such men as Garrett, Hardwicke, Warner, Murphy
and Brown and others as members of Board of Experts.

Advise Hugh Lynn Cayce, regarding the developing and handling
of this program for the best interests of all concerned,
including the ARE

(A) We have the perspective - the desires on the part of some connected
with WOR, and their interest in and appreciation of the fact of the
interest being manifested by the public in things psychic; also the
progress thus far, with a type of script, and the various factors concerning

In giving Hugh Lynn Cayce advice and counsel regarding the association of self
with such a program, or such an undertaking, it is well that he - Hugh Lynn Cayce
- be reminded of the policies as well as the purposes of the Association
for Research and Enlightenment, Incorporated; and in thought of these,
no commitments other than those in keeping with the ideals and purposes
of said Association should ever be made!
Not seeking, then, publicity.

The members of the prospective Board are very well - as we find there is a great
deal of sincerity in those that are of the staff of WOR, as to their interest in
a program of this nature.

Yet as we find, in the selecting of those that would act in the capacity of judges,
these should have been chosen rather from all fields of endeavor than from just
the psychological or psychic only, or medical only, or psychic medical only,
or investigators only.

And these in the present, as we find, do not make a comprehensive view
of public opinion.
Rather should they be chosen as, - a scientist, a medical scientist, a researcher,
a lawyer, a minister, and an advertising man.

This would appear to preclude publicity men, as newspapers - which should be
precluded; but there should be given a perspective of the thought of the
various phases of human experience and human relationships and human desires
as to the spiritual life!

For, to be sure - and as may be offered here - if it is in keeping with that which is
the desire and the purpose and ideal of its sources - it must be constructive and
of a spiritual import!

(Q) Would you suggest a title for the program which would be more effective
than "Mysteries of the Mind"?
(A) This as we find is very well in keeping with those who are in accord with
the attempts of that to be presented; and let the name indicate, then, that
which is to be presented.

"Mystery" in itself to most minds, or the greater number of minds, presents
something that is to be thought of, something that would require thought,
something not fully understood yet something that is worth consideration.
Very good is the name, as we find.

(Q) What type of psychic experiences should be stressed?
(A) As just indicated, from here, it would only be those that have proven,
do prove to be beneficial in a mental and a physical manner.
Not any that are merely spectacular, but that stressed is that
the sources of such are constructive in their influence if so applied.

Just as the developing of the mind has been and is in two phases;
that wherein advantage may be taken of those not so well-grounded
or rounded, or that which is constructive - that which creates hope, faith, love.

These should be then the type, the character - that which has made,
does make or create or bring hope, love, faith and such, to the awareness
of the mind.

(Q) Please give a detailed suggestion for presentation of material in most
effective manner on the air.
(A) As has just been indicated, that way in which there is presented truth,
there is presented an actual happening; and the results or the effects created
in the minds and hearts and lives of those thus experiencing the incident
or experience.

That which brings such is the character and nature - never that which has been
a chance, that which has given one the advantage, that which would bespeak of
any underhand or overadvantageous experience other than as truth is real,
is life, and is all of those attributes that may be given to a constructive,
creative nature in the minds and hearts of others, in their relationships
one to another; and that such relationships bear the stamp of the Divine law!

That is the nature, that is the character of material that will be more constructive,
longer lasting, and bring help and hope to others.

(Q) What factors should be considered as most important in interesting
commercial sponsorship?
(A) That which will attract the attention of those who are worth while
in the endeavors in a great brotherhood, or of the helpfulness to all
as such is given.

(Q) How can this program best be made an effective method for stimulating
constructive interest in the whole field of psychic research?
(A) That each case or incident presented always presents fact, truth,
as experienced by someone; and that the hope and help created are
the outstanding factors in same, - that is helpfulness for something and
in a manner that is a constructive force or influence for the whole,
rather than the individual, though it may be individual in its application.

(Q) Advise me in relationships with the following, as I name them:

First, Jerry Danzig:
(A) Very well; working out much of the old associations as well as one
sincere, yet not wholly grounded in other than the best for the moment.

(Q) Harold Sherman, script writer.
(A) Very well; again working out factors wherein the capacities of each
are much in the same accord as being presented in the present.
Individually - the sensational or spectacular, rather than the purely helpful,
is rather the keynote.

(Q) Members of the Board of Experts.
(A) As indicated, these as selected or named are very well;
but if it is to be a constructive program, it would be well that such judges
be chosen rather in the manner as we have given, as we find.
However, if these are able - through their associations - to affiliate
themselves for the present, it would be very well.
But if it is to be made really a channel where there can be greater confidence,
greater assurance put to the public as a whole, consider from all the varied
angles as indicated rather than just one class or group of psychologists
or psychiatrists or researchers in certain fields.

(Q) Would you suggest the names of the type of men?
(A) As indicated; lawyers, doctors, ministers, advertisers - the regular business man.
All such, rather than just the one class as indicated.

(Q) Are the names of any suggested for this Board?
(A) Those as indicated are the types - and these, of course, require that there
be thought given to same.

(Q) To what extent, when and how should the material from the psychic readings
of Edgar Cayce be introduced in this program?
(A) Only when some one, or more, who has received such help, desires to present
his experience in such a broadcast or activity!
Then not as of Edgar Cayce; rather the Association for Research & Enlightenment.

Do not broadcast that which cannot be and is not proven in the experience of
the individual who has sought - and found in his experience - that which is good!

(Q) Which members of the Board of Experts will prove most reliable?
(A) No one better than the other.
While they all have different axes to grind, and different prejudices to be readjusted,
we would not say one was better than the other.

(Q) In what way may the Board of Trustees of the Ass'n for Research and Enlightenment
be of help with this program?
(A) Only in the encouraging of that they have found in their experience in
the Association for Research and Enlightenment, to be a part of
the policy and factors in the presenting of such a program.
Never for sensational purposes, nor for the arousing of individuals
to merely prove anything!
Present rather that ye have found helpful, and let it be left on this note:
"Is it a mystery of the mind, or is there not rather a law that governs same?"

(Q) What special guests should be invited for the opening broadcast?
(A) That had best be chosen by those conducting same, rather than from here.

(Q) Should announcements be sent to Members of the Association
for Research and Enlightenment, to listen in on this program?
(A) This would be very well, if it is in keeping with the policies and
the ideals of the Association.

(Q) Are there any factors which might prevent this program not going
on the air, not known to Hugh Lynn Cayce in the present?
(A) As indicated by the title - those factors might; owing to a word here
or there, as to the end or the final words as to Yes or No of those
that would present same.
And each individual has the choice, which no one has the right
to supersede - even God does not!

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013