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Reading 254-103

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Reading 254-103 Edited

(Q) The situation which has arisen regarding radio program at WOR.
The suggestions which have been presented for a combination
of efforts of Harold Sherman, M. H. H. Joachim and Hugh Lynn Cayce,
working together to produce a separate recording of a possible program.

Tell Hugh Lynn Cayce which is the best procedure considering
all factors and developments:
To proceed to work up a sustaining program with WOR if possible,
or combine efforts with Sherman and Joachim for a psychic program
to be sold direct to sponsors?

(A) We have the conditions which have developed.
These as we find have changed materially since last we had same here;
as well as since the seeking in this particular frame of mind or awareness.

As we find, it would be most advisable to continue with the developing
of the program as a sustaining program.

For as we find this may be written in such a way and manner, as well
as presented, that it may be sold or used as a program.

As to considerations regarding the working of a program with
Joachim and Sherman and Hugh Lynn Cayce, this is very well.

But, as has been indicated, there must not be used the name of
the individual from whom such is obtained; but rather the good
which may be gained in the experience of individuals through
information of the psychic nature as to their qualifications
or as to the development into their activities from such information.

This may be written - that is, as a program - from the experiences
that have been obtained by individuals, see - as well as from those
that may be a development as conditions progress.

Never as Experiences but as Facts from an experience, see?
This is a very good connection and association, provided there
is still kept the basic forces or principles as taught by the Master
- and not those as of any cult, schism or ism.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Any advice or suggestions to Hugh Lynn Cayce regarding improving,
or as to just what should be done now on the program of WOR?
(A) As we find, the new injection of the dramatic effect, - as well as
holding to the benefits materially and mentally.
Stress the mental attunement attained, or the satisfactions.
And these will be more and more acceptable as the program develops.

(Q) Then you would advise Hugh Lynn Cayce to continue with WOR?
(A) As has been given.

(Q) Regarding the other connections:
Is Joachim the right producer for a psychic program?
(A) As indicated, provided there is kept the occidental rather than
the oriental tinge or tend or trend.

(Q) Could you suggest a better one? for such a program?
(A) This is very well if it is so desired.
Or there may be any of those that may be gathered from such
conditions that are of a varied nature, which include not only telepathic
but clairvoyant and clairaudient activities, as well as those through
all the various forms or natures as are presented; making as might
be given one for, one against, one for and one against the use
of same; so that there might be presented a constructive approach.

That which would be against would be to show how easily one might
be misled, or become sidetracked; while the one for would be to ever
show the constructive and the creative.

Remember this:
All such must have basic principles, rather than laws.

(Q) How far should the work of the Ass'n be involved and sold direct
to a sponsor?
(A) As indicated, only that of the nature from vocational guidance.

(Q) Is development now wise with Sherman-Joachim new program
on Life Readings or Edgar Cayce's experiences?
(A) As indicated, only those of the nature where helpful forces may
be presented - or have been had, through vocational guidance;
not just an experience.

(Q) Is now time to develop program for Spot Ford Hour
on Life Readings?
(A) This would be acceptable with the correct character
or nature of program.

(Q) Any other advice that will be helpful to Hugh Lynn Cayce at this time?
(A) Let all the principles, all the way through, ever be - give those
basic principles, and the laws are set in motion by the attunement
of individuals to their development in relationship to Creative Forces.
That is a basic law respecting all such.
And see by comparison as to how law as made by the teachers of old
differs from that given by the Teacher of Teachers.
One is mode and manner and law, the other principle
- with the free will that is ever in Choice.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013