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Reading 254-104

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Reading 254-104 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE, the Board of Trustees, the publication program
and the various activities of the Manager, Hugh Lynn Cayce, as they
relate directly and indirectly to the ARE's endeavors.

(A) We have the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment,
Incorporated; its policies thus far, its purposes and ideals; together with
the trustees, their activities, with the work of Hugh Lynn Cayce directly
and indirectly in respect to same.

(Q) First: It is planned to have a meeting of the Board of Trustees in New York
the early part of February.
At this meeting the 1939 program of the Association will be discussed.
Please state where the emphasis should be placed as may be explained
through this channel now.
(A) The emphasis, as has ever been, should be upon the individual, and
the help that may come to such as seek aid through these channels.

That there are the prospects, that there is the interest being manifested
in individuals and groups of the profession - or medical men - these
should be not stressed so much but considered in their proper
relationships to the whole.

The stress also should be upon those activities for the publication
of various phases of the purposes and activities of the Association;
the findings, the papers and the like.
These should be the general stress.

(Q) Would it be wise to ask Thomas S. Buchanan and Edward J. Barber
to become members of the Board?
If so, how should they be approached?
(A) These, as we find, have evinced interest sufficient to bring their activity
then into association - would be very well.
To be sure, they must be nominated by either those of the laity or members
of the Board; approached in that they are asked to be present at such
a meeting, and then they elected, - and they either accept or reject.

(Q) In the report and suggestions which will be drawn up by Hugh Lynn
Cayce as recommendations for the Board, the following points will
be included.
Please comment on each as mentioned:
Continued expansion of Sponsored Reading Program.
(A) This is very well, provided there is kept sufficient correlation of what
is the Sponsored Reading and the reports from same to the Sponsor.
While it should not be a hindrance to any that seek, the sponsoring
must not be made so easy that there is not an understanding of
what is being sought, or as to the ideals and purposes of same.

(Q) Wide distribution of new small green pamphlets introducing
work through Regional Representatives.
(A) This is very well.

(Q) Brief explanation of Regional Representative work and point
of unifying and expanding their activities.
(A) This is very well, but needs a closer cooperation with Regional
Representative Chairman.

(Q) Increase activity of contacts with doctors for general research
and observation of individual cases.
(A) This, as indicated, should be carried on.

(Q) Consideration of possibility and advisability of an April lecture
tour to present Association work covering such places as Detroit,
Nashville, Selma, Birmingham, etc. Hardwicke and H. L. Cayce,
or Cayce alone.
(A) This is very well.

(Q) Would it be wise for Hardwicke and Hugh Lynn Cayce to conduct
such, or better H. L. Cayce alone?
(A) To be sure, in some centers it would be more advisable for there
to be the two; in others alone.
As in Detroit, Birmingham, Selma, these would be better with the two.
Nashville, much better alone.
It would be well to include also some centers in the Carolinas and in Ohio.

(Q) Which specific ones in Carolina?
(A) Centers where there are schools.

(Q) In Ohio?
(A) In most of these including school centers where there are specialty
schools especially, - but Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati.

(Q) Would it be well for both to go in Ohio, or just Hugh Lynn Cayce?
(A) Be well for both in Ohio.

(Q) In Carolina, alone or both?
(A) Both.
In many of the centers it would depend upon the manner of presentation.
In the presenting, let there be a definite plan; as following that as would
be presented to the Board, and it - the plan for the extension - to be
adopted by the Board, see?

(Q) What would be the best way to finance this lecture tour?
(A) By individuals and by the collections at such meetings,
- but a free will offering.

(Q) Discussion of how soon the Association should attempt the opening
of a New York office for centering its activities.
(A) After there are at least three or four physicians testing or assembling data
upon individual subjects or individual cases of a general nature; and publication
of some extensive data upon the life and work of the channel through which
the information is obtained.

(Q) Completing of book on Life and Work of Edgar Cayce this summer.
(A) Very well.

(Q) Filling out publication program in 1939 with twelve Bulletins and
twelve Research Papers.
(A) These should be kept as closely intact as practical.

(Q) Emphasis on indexing Readings.
(A) This will necessitate a place or space for such work, before a great
emphasis may be put on same. It would be well to emphasize the need
for such quarters; and make some concerted effort to complete those plans
which have been presented or offered.
Then, it would be a natural consequence - in the preparation
of Research Papers - for there to be such activities that would enable
those studying to have the index and a cross section of data.

(Q) Time and plans for Congress.
When would be the best date for the Congress?
(A) The middle of June, or close thereto.

(Q) Would the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, or 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th
of June be better?
(A) Close to the middle is the better.

(Q) Regarding activities of Hugh Lynn Cayce directly and indirectly
affecting Association work:
(A) A publisher has proposed that material used on Mysteries of the Mind
program would make a good book, an agent has commented on the interest
of such a book.
Would you advise that such a book be written?
(A) We would.

(Q) What publisher should be approached?
Greenberg, Farrar and Rhinehart or some other?
(A) Farrar and Rhinehart or the publications that make, have made
a specialty of such; or make arrangements with some English publication
that would use one in States as distributing center.

(Q) Should the book follow the pattern of the program or be handled
in some way as to give it more continuity, such as suggestion from
Thomas S. Buchanan to write from angle of H. L. Cayce's experiences
in investigations, - or would a book of this kind naturally come later?
(A) As we find, best in the present to follow rather the program; later
a book upon experiences.

(Q) Would it be wise to include either a case from a Life Reading
or Physical Reading in this book (first mentioned)?
If so, should Edgar Cayce's name or Association name be used?
(A) Not well; unless presented in the latter part of the program.
And when such is presented - if it is presented - it should be as
from an experience as dramatized, as a regular experience and
no name of the source or of Association presented in same.
In book it may be referred to.

(Q) In the book should both a Life Reading case and a Physical Reading
case be presented?
(A) If they are both presented on program, yes; if not, no.

(Q) Should H. L. Cayce, considering all circumstances and conditions,
attempt to secure a sponsor for the program Mysteries of the Mind?
If so, just what steps should he take?
(A) Only as it comes through the regular channels, or the presenting
of same to those that, through their activities, present such to varied
sources for sponsorship. Regular agencies or channels for same.

(Q) Are there any special directions for activities of Hugh Lynn Cayce
while in the New York area that would expand and improve
the Association's work?
(A) In those things which have been indicated, - the willingness
for closer cooperation with those physicians who have seen or
are interested in any of the developments; keeping in close touch
with all of those channels that have been opened through the
various contacts.
Do not leave any of them out!

(Q) Should Hugh Lynn Cayce continue his observation and study
of the Nesta Crane and Dorothy Herzog psychic work?
(A) If there is in either or both that which responds or reacts favorably
to the ideal in self as respecting same, pursue it.

We are through - for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013