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Reading 254-105

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Reading 254-105 Edited

(Q) The ARE which is studying and presenting the psychic work
of Edgar Cayce. The various aspects of the Association's program.

(A) We have the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment,
Incorporated, its policies, its program in presenting the psychic work
of Edgar Cayce.

In considering this program, many of the policies which have been
reiterated from time to time must be taken into consideration.

The greater outstanding policy - which has at times received due
consideration, and at others not so much - is the attempt of this
Corporation to present a work, or to present phenomena, that might
- or may so easily - become a cism [schism] or a cult.

And the organization is to keep away from such, just as much
as possible or practical.
That fact, that idea in itself, has hampered, and does in a manner
hamper the Association in its search for, or desire to raise,
definite funds for the carrying on of the work.

Yet, as has been so oft indicated, there are many phases of
the phenomena, and the work, that may be presented in such
a way and manner as to bring returns in an equitable manner,
and in a manner also in keeping with the policies, the ideals
which have been set as the channels for activities of this
Association; namely - more specific in the present - the publications.

The Publication program, then, as has been indicated again
and again, should become the greater active.
Yet, as indicated in the Program, the place - or A place
- for the preservation of the records that have been made,
should be the first on the program, for the assurance of those
who may attempt to gather the data from such records
for publication.

The attempts have in a manner proved satisfactory, yet
in some respects very unsatisfactory; these having been in
the position as to be necessary for the carrying on at all
in the present way and manner.

Then, as we find, there should be undertaken a definite way
or manner to present this need to those who have indicated
their interest, or who may indicate an interest in those activities
which will enable this phase of the Association work to be carried on,
- in such a way that these may become realities in the experience
of the Work.
And, if it is to be accomplished, it must be done this year.

(Q) It has been proposed and discussed that a building program
be launched which will add a library, reading room, vault, and two offices
to the rear of the present home.
As each is called, please comment on the following suggestions
for securing the needed funds for this program:
1st - A personal letter to each individual who has had a reading
from the Manager of the Ass'n, enclosing a pamphlet describing
the building program and a blank for a statement of contribution.
Such letters to bring each individual file up to date if possible.
Please comment on this idea.
(A) If analyzed with the suggestions that have been made from time to time,
it will be seen that this is quite in keeping with the policies that have been
indicated that should be maintained throughout; that is, that individuals
who have sought aid or help, or any activity in same, must themselves
be convinced of its worthfulness within their own experience, and
indicate as to whether they - as individuals - desire to see such
a work passed on to others.

This is a most desirable way and manner, then; though it would
necessarily require a great deal of personal work.

But, it fits such an individual, or individuals that do same, to become
compilers of data in a way and manner as no other way would!

To be sure, there may be these alternatives, - only as alternatives
- we would not advise their use:
To any publication that is already active, there may be offered the
use of such as a means of income; and a whole amount of some
forty-five hundred to six thousand ($4500 to $6000) may be obtained
at once.

But this is again putting the work in the position of becoming under
the head of some other group, without the ideals or purposes
to prevent the making or creating of an ism or cult.

Or, through some one or two of the Trustees, there may be borrowed
sufficient capital for this purpose.
If there is not sufficient obtained from such a letter, this might be used
(in consistency with the rest of the program) as a means for obtaining
the full amount necessary for this procedure.

In this case, it would be understood and given to such individuals
making such loans, that they would be repaid from the proceeds
of publications, - such as articles and the like, that may be gathered
only by an indexing and a compilation, under subject heads, of data
included in the records already made.

(Q) Should a fixed amount be set for the building program,
and would it be wise to include sufficient funds to equip the new offices
and conduct the work of indexing and extracting from the readings,
showing estimates of items needed?
(A) This should be included in the raising of funds, as has been
indicated above.

(Q) What amount should be set?
(A) Forty-five hundred to six thousand ($4500 to $6000), dependent
upon how many would be active and how long it would be estimated
as necessary to require the activities to index and compile sufficient data
to be offered for publication in various means and manners where
there may be sought information.

There are several groups or societies that have publications that are
a part of their records; the research organizations such as
the Homeopathic Research Society, the Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat Specialists

The Osteopathic Research Society, the Physicians and Surgeons
Research Society; and all of the metaphysical societies.

All of these offer outlets such that, with such a compilation, there may
be contracts for six months for articles, for a year, - yea, for two
to three years, that may be made.

These, to be sure, are far ahead, - but carry on; and this may be
accomplished before the meeting in June, - it should be.

(Q) Should the amounts desired for each activity be included in
the pamphlet on the building program.
Please comment on this.
(A) Not necessarily broken down into items, but rather indicated all
that is needed for such. For, as we find, in the end, there will necessarily
be supplements made to the contributions.
But make it rather strong, indicating on the slips that are to be returned
as to whether the individuals (those from long ago until today)
are interested, or are to be considered non-existent so far as
the work of the Association is concerned.

(Q) Would it be wise to hold an open meeting in New York at which
[time] the building program would be discussed, and should contributions
be solicited at such meetings?
(A) Not until the other has been launched and there is at least a great
portion of that needed already subscribed. In New York, as in any
other center, a going thing carries weight!
Where there is the seeking for the going, - it is already beaten!

(Q) Would it be wise to advance to the general membership the
proposal of the Norfolk Trustees that ten percent of income
for three months be contributed?
(A) Be wise to indicate this as a way in which certain groups are
aiding in the program, but as to whether this plan should be
accepted or rejected - leave open.

(Q) Considering all circumstances and conditions, would it be wise
to undertake to build the addition as planned to the present home,
or attempt to raise funds to secure a new home and office site?
(A) As it has been begun, and as this was the center given, hold to it!

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013