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Reading 254-106

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Reading 254-106 Edited

(Q) The ARE and its work in connection with
the 9th Annual Congress to be held June 20, 21, 22, and 23.
The preparation of a program that will be in keeping with
the ideals and purposes of the ARE and be an effective
presentation of Edgar Cayce's work.

(A) We have the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment,
the ideals and purposes, and the conditions which present themselves
respecting the Ninth Annual Congress.

As we find, in presenting the accomplishments of the Association,
the purposes and desires of its work, -

In this present Annual Congress it would be well to follow somewhat
the lines of those that have gone before.

However, we would indicate that it would be better to have one or two
special individuals as speakers who are qualified to speak respecting
any phase of phenomena of the nature, - or to draw on activities
by knowledge of same, by actual experience, and then to give
an insight as to their impressions of the Association work and
its manner of presenting the information obtained through Edgar Cayce.

Otherwise, in the three to four days have three Readings;
these not on subjects that would be sensational or even appear so,
but that would be rather in keeping with the ideals and purposes;
that is: with no desire to induce others to believe anything other
than that which has proven helpful in the experiences of others;
no desire to induce others to embrace or even try something
other than that in which they are satisfied; but the desire to spread
peace, harmony, and the love which is magnified in the life
and teachings of Jesus, the Christ.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Which of the following subjects will be most suitable for open
Readings in the afternoons: (comment on each as called)
1. The Influence of the Egyptian Period at time of Ra-Ta
on the present Work (Preceded by discussion of extracts
from Life Readings).
(A) This would prove rather enlightening and helpful to a great number
of individuals.
Those who have not had an appearance in that particular phase of activity
would be inclined to feel that this was giving those of certain groups
a privilege; yet it should prove to be worth while at such a meeting.
[See 294-198.]

(Q) World Affairs (What would be the best approach to this subject)?
(A) This will depend a great deal upon developments which will arise
between now and that period, - save as might relate to the activities,
in relation to world affairs, of individuals here and now. [See 3976-25.]

(Q) Political and Economic Conditions in U.S. (Suggest best approach
for information through this channel on this subject)?
(A) Stay as far from these as you can!

(Q) How do the laws of karma operate in relation to nations?
Explain and use America as example. How to meet.
(A) This would be better included in the suggestions as might be
related to that indicated as to World Affairs and the effect upon
individuals here and now.

(Q) Explanation of prophecy in light of free will.
(A) This is a very good subject, but a very debatable question in which
you would only form a great many antagonistic views and conditions
that might not be for the best.

(Q) Trace the racial history of the negro and suggest ways of
meeting the American situation.
(A) This is another controversial subject.
This might be better taken up a little bit later, when developments
are going to arise after the next or the second Presidential election
from this time, - when it will figure more in the political and economic
conditions of this country.

(Q) Can a discussion be given through this channel on the sun spots,
cause and effect on the earth?
(A) This might be given.
As to just what its value might be, - it will be valuable for the young if
it is preserved, for it will be a very helpful influence that might well be given,
and would show particularly the variation of subjects that might be treated
by or through such information. [See subsequently 5757-1]

(Q) Any suggestions for other topics for Readings that would be better,
or more beneficial?
(A) For only three, these would be very well.

(Q) Considering the coordination of activities, good which may
be accomplished and value to both the work of Edgar Cayce
and Faith Hope Charity Harding, would it be wise to suggest either
of the following or work out any other plan for the Congress program:
A. Ask Faith Hope Charity Harding and her mother, together
with Mrs. Arthur Learned, to be present for the Congress and present
at one meeting an outline of her work. What parallel with Association
information might be helpful?
B. Ask Mrs. Arthur Learned to present at one meeting some of
the prophecies given through Faith, and parallel them with information
given through this channel. (Following this plan Faith would not
be asked to be present.)
(A) This as we find is not amiss.
The latter plan, of course, would be the more probable reaction.
This, of course, will depend upon their own sources of information.
The invitation should at least be extended to Mrs. Learned,
as well as Mrs. Buchanan, - for they are both sponsors in this direction
for the presentation of the work.
If their information indicates that it would be a desirable thing,
then place both propositions and let them decide themselves.

(Q) Would it be advisable to ask Dennis Conan Doyle to be present
at the Congress and speak at one of the meetings?
What subject would be suggested?
(A) Ask him to be present, and speak on The Value of Spiritual
Healing through Psychic Information.
(Note: The Value of Psychic Information in Spiritual Healing??)

(Q) Would it be advisable to ask Dr. Enid Smith to be the speaker
at the Congress dinner, and if so, what subject would you suggest for her?
(A) Be very well if there is not the ability to obtain Doyle;
but have Dr. Smith at some meeting during the period if Doyle would
be the one you would have at the dinner, see?
It is preferable to have Doyle at the dinner, though this would apparently
prevent many from being present, but all may be asked to enjoy
the privileges of such.
Dr. Smith's subject would be:
The value of psychic information in the spiritual interpretation of mental
and physical phenomena in the experiences of individuals,
- and especially as related to the Association's activities, or the value
of such information as the Association presents in the various activities
for our fellow men.

(Q) Any other special speakers you would recommend inviting?
(A) We find that many would be available and that would speak,
but confine it to the members of the Association!

(Q) Any suggestions regarding the presentation of
the Physical Readings?
(A) This presentation would be made as it has been made heretofore;
asking one or two individuals to give their interpretation of their experience.
Take a local individual and one at a distance; have at least three,
- and then one or two doctors to present their experience.

(Q) Who would be the best doctors to secure?
(A) Any who will aid or give their help. Taylor, Reilly, Hudgins,
any or all of these.

(Q) How should the Life Reading presentation be made this year?
(A) Take an individual case and give a literal interpretation of same.

(Q) Should the individual be present?
(A) Take it on Cayce himself!

(Q) On Edgar Cayce or Hugh Lynn Cayce?
(A) On Edgar Cayce! [6/20/40 See 294-198.]

(Q) Would it be wise to urge Nancy Lansdale to be present at
the Congress and discuss archetypes?
(A) This may be a phase of a morning meeting if so desired;
not - we would not expend moneys for same!

(Q) Would it be wise to urge Miss Strickland [Virginia (Perry Sargent)
Strickland], who is doing Egyptian paintings supposed to be centered
about the same period as the Ra-Ta Period in Egypt, to be present
and present her work?
(A) This would be in the same way and manner as the other.

(Q) How should the Study Group Work be presented this year?
(A) Let it be presented by the speaker who speaks on Spiritual Healing
and not by any members of either the Study Groups or the Healing Group!

(Q) How should the healing group work be presented?
(A) As just indicated, - whoever is the speaker on Spiritual Healing,
let him acquaint self with the lessons and as to how they affect
the activities or react upon peoples, and also with the healing group
work and its effect!
Let it be presented by an outsider;
not by anyone from the groups themselves attempting to do so!

(Q) Should John O'Neil be asked to be present?
(A) If so desired, yes.

(Q) Any other suggestions for having a successful and helpful Congress?
(A) Ask the own groups or the own associates to cooperate and coordinate
in all phases of the activities selected as a program.

Indicate or find as to what are to be the programs, and if there are outsiders
with the various phases to be presented have those in the morning meetings,
Not at the time when the Readings are to be given or when there are
to be talks by either Cayce or the Manager!
or when the presentation is to be directed to the work of the Association!

In the introduction of other groups or other activities, there may be reference
made to the individuals presenting their activity and as to how
it might be related or connected with the work presented by the Association.

This may be done diplomatically, and in such a way as to be a helpful
influence not only for all members present but for others to whom
the reports will go.
Let there be a democratic reaction throughout the activities
and associations.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013