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Reading 254-107

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Reading 254-107 Edited

(Q) The ARE and especially the Department of Publications.
The work, plans and connections and developing a program
which will present the psychic work of Edgar Cayce
in keeping with the ideals and purposes of the ARE
and make possible increasingly wider distribution
of the information contained in the Association files.

(A) We have the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment,
Incorporated; the ideals and purposes.

As to plans or ideas respecting publications, - these have been indicated
again and again. It is first desirable, as has been outlined, that what is
to be presented be prepared in a way and manner that may be in keeping
with the presentation desired, - whether this be from special individuals
or collective case studies, or from the varied forms of data which may
be presented, or through individuals preparing papers, pamphlets,
booklets, books, upon the various subjects.

Then there would be the inviting of the various groups, students, researchers
or the like, to investigate the records that have been, or may be, made
or compiled for use in a general way and manner.

Any or all of these are worthy of consideration, and must be handled
according to the dictates, of course, of those who are chosen to carry
on such phases of the information or data gathered.

(Q) Regarding the book, "There Is A River," - is there any advice for
Thomas Sugrue in connection with the outline being prepared
for Henry Holt & Co.?
(A) This will necessarily have to be rather in keeping with the ideas
and purposes of the writer; else we may present one outline
and another idea in the main.

(Q) In explaining reincarnation in the book, "There Is A River,"
should the author Thomas Sugrue take special Readings in order
to get a clear outline of the way in which this law works in its many phases?
(A) It is not to be an explanation; it is to be the presenting of an idea
that is in keeping with the facts or fancies; but as conditions that are
to be answered by those who think.
Not as a fact, - as has been the first premise; it is rather an idea,
and is it - or not - an ideal?

(Q) What historical and philosophical sources can be consulted
for references which will give parallel or complementary interpretations
of the law of reincarnation for use in this connection?
(A) It may be reference from many of the writers of the East,
or it may be in the questionings as to Scriptural references,
or it may include all of these, as well as the masters or
the fathers of the church, in the various and sundry manners!
Not as being proof, but rather as answering questions; and
the question still - ever - to be answered by the individual;
as should be the whole tone or text of such a book.

(Q) Regarding the preparation of pamphlets from information
given in Readings, - it is proposed to have individuals prepare
pamphlets based on information given through Readings
on special subjects of general interest.
These will be sold by direct mail, advertisements in occult
magazines and lectures.
After deducting actual expense of printing, the remaining income
is to be divided equally between Association and author of pamphlet.
Advertising costs, and decision of extent of advertising to be borne
and determined by Association.
First: Dorothy Herzog of Nesdor Inc., 69 West 46th St., N.Y.C.
Subject of Pamphlet, "Continuity of Life."
(A) (Interrupting) Best that all such be prepared first;
then submitted to the information itself for due consideration.

(Q) Comment on outline suggested by Dorothy Herzog as section
heading is read from outline presented by her, copy of which
is in hand.
Foreword - An Appreciation of Edgar Cayce - to be written
by Herzog after interview with David E. Kahn - 2,400 words.
(A) Very well.

(Q) Ch. I - Early life of Edgar Cayce, stressing communication
experiences and followed by other later experiences of same nature.
(A) These may not be those as indicated by Kahn, however;
if they are to be a part of the data.

(Q) Ch. II - Information from Readings, What Is Death? - 3,000 words.
(A) The headings are very good, but what are the skeletons
of the data presented?

(Q) Ch. III - Continuity of Life - Excerpts from Life Readings
showing continuity of life - 3,000 words.
(A) Very well if presented properly; ever as a question, not as a fact.

(Q) Are there other subjects for pamphlets which Herzog
could handle more advantageously?
(A) As indicated, there are many various subjects.
We would only take one at a time.
This would be the better for this individual in the present.

(Q) Questions by Dorothy Herzog: What is thought of our idea
suggesting NESDOR, Inc. as the N.Y. distributors for
the Ass'n's literature?
(A) This may best be determined by the Board of Trustees
or Manager of the Association, rather than from here.
For it must be a material consideration and not a spiritual or mental one.

(Q) What is thought of the idea of the Association holding lectures
at NESDOR, Inc., either given by Dr. Enid Smith or others of the Ass'n?
(A) No.

(Q) Is Dorothy Herzog's thought of a pamphlet on Maya to follow
the "Continuity of Life" pamphlet good?
(A) This would necessitate more of the data.
The subject is well, but as to how the subject would be handled
is a different question.

(Q) Would it be good to follow the pamphlet on Maya
with a booklet (longer than a pamphlet but not altogether
book length) on Egypt that might be used as Volume II
to Volume I of a booklet already written (I have the manuscript)
entitled: "The Book of the Dead found in the graveyard of the living,"
by Kukuron, Master from the East - told to Mahru Lawrence -
"a work revealing Egypt via ancient - present - future documents,
written and unwritten, but recorded in
7-Chapters of powerful word incursion into the inner beauties of Egypt."
(A) Very well.
You'll need something to recognize the beauties of Egypt
after a few months!

(Q) First pamphlet of a series on Atlantis, - by Dr. Enid Smith
of 503 W. 121st St., N.Y.C. Considering information given through
this channel on Atlantis, what should be the material presented
in first pamphlet?
(A) This should be rather that which has been indicated from
the beginnings of the activities that may be paralleled, or
information drawn from many of the other books in which Atlantis
has been presented.

(Q) What approximate length would be most suitable?
(A) About 300 to 400 pages.

(Q) Any suggestion as to title for first pamphlet?
(A) This had best be written and then the title suggested.

(Q) Please give specifically what material should be included in first pamphlet?
(A) The first of the Readings as to the spiritual actions and
the developments of life through the Atlantean period,
combined with the references to individuals' experiences in Atlantis.

(Q) Are there other subjects for pamphlets that Dr. Smith could handle
more advantageously than the Atlantean material?
(A) The material regarding the Judean ministry could be better handled;
or the coordinating between Egypt and India; or the Persian experience.

(Q) Which one would you suggest as the first pamphlet for Dr. Smith?
(A) Judean ministry.

(Q) Should this be handled as entire history of the period, or record
of the life or Jesus before the beginning of the ministry?
(A) The entire ministry.

(Q) How should she handle this pamphlet?
(A) Much as that handled in "The Nazarene," except written from
the Essene or Judean angle, - or the masters of the East as presented
by or through the Wise Men, rather than the Roman experience.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013