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Reading 254-108

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Reading 254-108 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE in studying and presenting the work of
Edgar Cayce.
The program of the organization and the plans which made.
Advice and counsel which will be helpful at this time.

(A) We have the policies and the work of the Association for
Research and Enlightenment; together with the plans and
the policies of presenting the work of Edgar Cayce.

To be sure, much might be said or given respecting the plans
and the manner or means being used in presenting the work
of Edgar Cayce.

As we find, much consideration should be given as to the times, and
as to the turmoils and troubles that are a part of the experience
of this land as well as of others; as to how there is the seeking,
and as to the manners and ways in which individuals may find
a way "out".

To be sure, many plans, many things are being presented.
Many individuals of various faiths, of various steps of progress
along the way of life are seeking.
Much that is being sought is of a material nature.

Yet through the phenomena or work of Edgar Cayce, or the study
of same, there are manners presented through which there may
be attained greater peace and harmony in the experience of
all that seek.

Then, this phase of the work of Edgar Cayce should be that upon
which the greater stress should be put or laid.

For, there must come to the consciousness of all the awareness
that within self there is to be found that harmony, that peace,
before being able to bring about such in the dealings one
with another.

Then, as we have indicated again and again, - that which has
been found good in the experience of many should be presented;
in a way as to give the opportunities for others, too, to know
that they are children of the Most High God, and that there is
an access to Him - through the simple, unostentatious life
as was manifested in His Son, Jesus, the Christ.

These be the things that will prove the value of such in the affairs
of man at this time.
Not a new doctrine, - not even a new thought; but rather showing
that there is something that each individual can do about the fact
that Jesus the Christ is the way!

Wherever the individual is, or no matter in what position in life
he may be.
In these directions, as we find, there should be the stress laid
at this time.

(Q) Considering the book which is being written on Edgar Cayce's
life and work, the revision of the various pamphlets of
the Association, and the confusion and misconception of
terms in the public mind, please give at this time a term
which will best describe Edgar Cayce and his ability
to give "Readings".
(A) Application of the harmonious triune; or that as may be
determined by those who may "make" a word or term to designate
the various phases of the activities presented through such information.

To be sure, it is psychic - or of the soul.
As is stated, this is confusing to many whose knowledge or awareness
is only of some mediumistic seance or of some activities founded
upon an experience of individuals that has led to such a train of thought.

It is the harmony of the triune - of body, mind and soul - towards
the purpose of being a help, an assistance, an aid to others.

(Q) Upon what terms or basis should this term be built?
(A) As just indicated, let this be chosen by those who desire to change
or to "make" a term, see?

(Q) Build it on the Greek, or another?
(A) Whatever is the desire of the individuals, but do not change it
from that thought - harmony of body, mind and soul towards
the purpose of good in the experience of all.

(Q) In developing a publication program which will be prepared
to meet the growth of interest based on the book publication,
the following are in preparation or are planned:
Comment on each as mentioned:
(A) (Interrupting) Before this comment, - as has been indicated,
consider every description that answers, that offers a hope
for the troubled conditions which exist.

The gospel or the promise of that purpose which is to be set forth
is that it takes the individual where he is! Not where he might desire to be!

Then, there should be prepared all characters of these that may
be presented in the various combinations of information or data;
to show the spiritual truths to those who are seeking such;
to show the application of their abilities to those who are seeking
such; to show or give not only knowledge but wisdom as
to how to use the various conditions that bring about
attunement of body and mind to the physical, mental
or material disturbances, to those who seek to meet such.
These, too, should have their consideration; see?

(Q) A Man and His Work (printed leaflet for wide distribution).
(A) Very well. [See 11/38 leaflet written by Tom Sugrue
filed as 254-98 Reports.]

(Q) A brief history of Edgar Cayce and booklet on Association
combined (printed).
(A) This is necessary to those first approaching same, to be sure.

(Q) The Life Reading data (mimeographed).
(A) As indicated, this - too - is necessary.
But it needs more stress in same upon the necessity of seeking
the application in the spiritual sense to the material things.

(Q) Case Reports (mimeographed).
(A) These are necessary; they should be of a wider nature,
to be sure.

(Q) Meditation (pamphlet, printed).
(A) Excellent! This should be for sale. [See SFG I and SFG II.]

(Q) Essene data (from Life Reading, printed), by Smith.
(A) This is something needed, and is to be edited though
- from that as we find that is being presented in the mind as yet.

(Q) Should the following booklets be prepared to be included
on this publication list? Pamphlet on Revelation?
(A) Not ready yet.

(Q) Pamphlet on the Glands?
(A) Not completed, but this is very well.

(Q) World Affairs?
(A) No.

(Q) Child Training?
(A) This needs expansion, but is most excellent.
Or it may be combined with Glands - if properly written.

(Q) Atlantis?
(A) This is very well, but not so wide a distribution.
Let this be as an outcome.
For here you have knowledge without the wisdom
as to the use of same.

(Q) Would you suggest any titles to pamphlets that should
be added to the first publication list?
(A) These should become rather the result of seeking.
For instance: Many questions have been sought in the minds
of those who have had information as individuals respecting their work.
These have aroused a seeking in the minds of those who are students.
Then, go over these - and you will find from same some several
to be considered.

(Q) What suggestions at this time would be given as
to the index work?
(A) As we find, the plans for this are very well.
For, as given, from same there should be the ability
to answer the many questions that arise in the minds of researchers
- as to the metaphysical, as to the mental and spiritual,
as to the purely material-minded, in all fields of the healing arts.
The plans are very well made.
They need execution.

(Q) Would it be wise to suggest to the publisher a first limited
edition of the book on Edgar Cayce, to be autographed
and contain a print of the etching by Grossman?
What should be the price of this book and how many
should be printed?
(A) About $5, and about a thousand. [See 254-112.]

(Q) Considering the affairs of the Association, is there anything
that Hugh Lynn Cayce, Manager, should do that is not being
done to prepare for his possible absence for one year?
[GD's note: At that time I believe HLC was planning to go back
to school to work for a degree in psychology.]
(A) This should be best determined in the mind of Hugh Lynn Cayce;
not from these sources.
For, there are ideals and purposes.
What does the whole work mean to the individual?
It is just as the advice that might be given as to what to say
to interest individuals!
What do you wish to know?
Not trying to convince!
Then, don't try to convince self!
Do that as seemeth right - seeking His guidance, ever.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013