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Reading 254-110

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Reading 254-110 Edited

(Q) The ARE which is studying and presenting the work of Edgar Cayce.
The selection of new members for the Board of Trustees.

(A) We have the work of ARE; its policies, its purposes, its activities,
and those phases presented by the activities of the Trustees.

This particular phase of the activity of Trustees must be stressed in the weeks
and months to come, if the Association will be able to fulfil the purpose it proclaims.

There should be no great deal of interference with the activities of Edgar Cayce
in the appointments, or the manners in which the work is carried on.

But there should be a closer cooperation within the Trustees to the adherence
to the policies, purposes and aims of the Association.

Do not alter these activities otherwise you will present to others
a foundation for a cult, schism or ism.

But there should be more of "the universality of the information"
be indicated to the public so that greater good may be accomplished.

And this then is a reason why, in the selection of Trustees at this time,
consideration should be given as to how active an individual
might be in following the policies and the purposes of the Association.

Ready for names.

(Q) Beulah H. Emmet.
(A) If this entity will accept such an association, it would be well.

A great deal of help and consideration may be expected from this entity.

The ability to "coordinate information that is of a universal appeal"
is well in the realm of the qualifications of this entity;

The ability to assist in pointing these out and in directing the ideas
of those who may be chosen as qualified to segregate information
from and in those reports that have been made.
Be well, then, to offer the position to this body.

(Q) Marion L. Wolfe.
(A) We find special qualifications, not only because of former
associations but of ideals and purposes that are a part of the entity's

Fortunate would be the Association to have the advice,
the counsel, the assistance and aid of such an individual.

By all means insist that the entity join in a service to its fellow man
through such offices, if the Association adheres to those suggestions
and counsels that are indicated here.

(Q) Are there others who should be asked to become Board Members
at this time?
(A) Others might.

But let these remain until there is more being accomplished by those
already chosen.

Do have another Board meeting of the Trustees soon after the book
"There is a River" is published.

Much will need consideration when this is under way;
not only as to manners and means to handle those requests for the data.

Thus it is well that as much of those periods of special influence
be available as possible; not as prognostications,
not as those things of a sensational nature.

Remember the law. It is the little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump.
It is here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.

Not that man does not know, has not heard of those activities
necessary in each individual life to bring the joyous day of the Lord,
but he needs to be reminded again and again.

All are children and all are seeking their way;
oft groping blindly, following those that would lead here or there.

There needs to be the reminding that we must love one another
- just as God has loved man and has made manifest that love.

And day by day He manifests that love, if only those that seek will
open their hearts, their eyes, their minds to the wondrous
love which God, the Father, has bestowed upon the children of men.

This should always be the theme of all that are associated or affiliated
with this work of the Association.

Let the idea grow that individuals are to work where they are!
in that environment where they are!
That is the first step to be taken.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 13 July 2013