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Reading 254-111

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Reading 254-111 Edited

(Q) Thomas Sugrue and Hugh Lynn Cayce are present in this room.
These entities desire to devote themselves to the propagation of
the ideals and purposes of the ARE.

Considering their past associations and their present mental
and spiritual development, you will give them advice and guidance
as to how they may best direct their separate and mutual efforts
toward this common end.

(A) We have the enquiring minds of Thomas Sugrue and Hugh Lynn Cayce;
the ideals and purposes and intents of the ARE;
together with the associations and the abilities of each of these entities.

In discussing such an undertaking from the angle or angles
that each has approached this work, it is well that there be some
consideration given to:
(1) the former activities of each, and
(2) their purposes and activities, and
(3) the conditions which have been and are to be met
in the innate influences, impulses and forces of each.

As has been indicated through these channels,
the period at present is a representation or a re-enactment -
in a manner - of the Egyptian experience.

When there were those periods of dissension, discussions arising
from the positions of each of the entities and their relationship
to the tenets and teachings in the purposes and ideals
of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Differences and disturbances that arose through those periods
brought much that necessitated (for a more perfect spiritual
and mental understanding) the opportunities for each meeting
self in relationships to the other in this present sojourn.
This, as may be interpreted by each, has come to pass.

There could not be too much said of a commendatory nature
as to how well each has measured up to the activities in which
they have come to that state in a physical activity to meet
those problems that caused material disturbance or dissuasion
from purposes of each in that experience.

Yet the ideals of each in that experience, and in the present,
might be said to be one and the same:
"To know more of man's relationship to the Creative Influences,
or God, and the manner in which he may manifest same in
his relationships to his fellow man."

Hence the desire as sought in the present is to continue,
or to do something about those purposes as prompt them
as individual entities to seek such in the present.
This is commendatory - within themselves.

Then you are taking upon yourselves responsibilities in doing so.
Each then remember, the sources of spiritual, mental and
material purposes; how each phase (mental, spiritual, material)
of that purposed to be done by each may be kept in accord with that ideal.

As to the manners in which each may conduct self in the present:
(1) Supply data, (a) of self and (b) of that which has been gained and may
be gained, to give to others through their mental resources.
(What may be termed a reversed counterpart of those experiences)

(2) The preparation for:
(a) the dispersing, the activities that is necessary in making consistent
the varied phases of activities - mental, spiritual, material.
(b) Coordinating these varied phases of activities - mental, spiritual, material.
(c) Keep these phases of activies (mental, spiritual, material) in the ways
that they do not become tenets, schisms, cults, but as truth -
that they may be made applicable in the experiences of every individual.

To illustrate exactly what this is meant:
Take the first of the commandments, a promise to man:
"Honor your father and your mother; that your days may be long
upon the land which the Lord your God gives you."

What does this mean?
Only when each soul becomes the father, the mother, is it aware
of the meaning.
Only in that period is the individual soul capable of comprehending
what is really meant.

Yet to many souls the opportunity of the application of the feeling,
the knowledge, the wisdom of what that promise from the divine
means in the soul and the mind of the individual, is passed
when the period of such awareness comes.
Yet each reaches that period - that becomes a mother, a father.

So in your analysis of those truths that may be presented through
such a channel as the Association, and its attempted service
to mankind in a physical, a mental, a spiritual manner,
- know that many will pass over without understanding,
until the opportunity for comprehension seemingly is past.

Yet build the truths in each phase of individuals' experiences;
in books, in pamphlets, in lectures, in conversations;
in such a manner that to each phase of the individual experience
come such knowledge - with the wisdom to apply
- will be the experience of all who come in contact with these works and

Remember - as He has given - and build on this:
"My word (truth) will not return to me emptyhanded."

Build each phase (mental, spiritual, material) of that presented
in such a manner that it is His word, His truth, His will, His purpose
to your fellow man.

Thus you may do something about many errors you have to make straight.

(Q) What would you advise as the specific activities for each
of these entities for the coming year?
(A) In the writing, distribute those truths and tenets
in the various phases of the work or phenomena -
in the keeping with that needed for that individual section,
that individual group, that individual people.

(Q) Should Hugh Lynn Cayce prepare to deliver lectures in conjunction
with the publication and distribution of the book "There Is A River"?
(A) As has so oft been indicated, well..
For, through the lectures there is the opportunity to present - as is well done
in that thus far written the threefold, or fourfold life.

(Q) Other than "There is a River", what specific projects
should Thomas Sugrue undertake?
(A) In the present, or as soon as this is completed, there will be
the needs of the gathering of data to answer the thousand
and one questions that will be asked, about the various phases
of that which has been and is to be presented.
This will require many pamphlets, five hundred to a thousand
to fifteen hundred to two thousand words, see? Get the data together.

(Q) Considering world affairs, what should be the primary objective
of the book, The Coming Age of Faith?
(A) Like that presented in the sermon on the mount.

(Q) What place should The Coming Age of Faith occupy
in the publication program?
(A) In answering many of the theosophical, philosophical and the age
old questions in the application of tenets, of truth, in relationship
of one individual to another.
And in the answering treat the relationship of man to woman, of woman to man,
as the Master did.
Use as a basis any experience of those whose life has been changed.

(Q) What past association will most influence these entities during
the coming year, and what problems will be raised by the urges from this?
(A) As has been indicated.
Do not conceive that there is not forgiveness by each; for, as has been
indicated, each has met himself well.

There needs to be not only as from past associations, but a coordinative,
correlated activity of doing something about paths made straight here!

Remember the injunction given by Him,
"When you are converted, strengthen your brethren."

Then, what is the service you each are now to do?
Strengthen your brethren!
"Feed my sheep. Feed my lambs."
And as indicated, do not depart from that awareness that He, the Master,
Jesus, will walk with you - if you desire a walk with Him.

(Q) What past association has been the basis of the experience of
the entities for the past two years? Give explanation.
(A) As has been given, - Egypt.
One was the king, the other was the native
- who found in the purposes of each the ideals as one, but the manners
of application creating those elements of being at cross-purposes,
one jealous of the other.
These have been met very well.
Do something about it - don't smear 'em!

We are through.
Updated: 13 July 2013