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Reading 254-112

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Reading 254-112 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE in studying and presenting the work of
Edgar Cayce as it relates in the present to the publication
of the book titled "There is a River" written by Thomas Sugrue.

Within the next few days Hugh Lynn Cayce will discuss the details
of distributing the first special edition of this book with
Norman Hood and William Sloane of Henry Holt and Company,
New York, N.Y.

Advice and counsel which will make possible the best possible
presentation of this book.

(A) We have the work of ARE, and the publication of the book
"There is a River".

In considering this character of publication, to be sure many things
are to be taken into consideration; especially the distribution
of the pre or special edition.

There has been sufficient interest aroused in many varied portions
of the country.
This, as has been and is and should be the policy, is individual.

Yet with the publication of this story, if there is the announcing,
and the seeking that these individuals - in all portions of the country
- announce and attempt to get others to read the book, it will go into
- in the general edition - at least its seventy-eighth printing.
This may be a concept of its reception.

There may be even the request for another character of special edition.
This will be at another revival.
As to the manner of discussion, then:

As soon as it is in keeping with the policy of the publishers to print
the regular edition, it will find reception - because of the interest
aroused by the pre-edition in so many portions of the country.
It is not because of any special merits to the character depicted,
but because of the purpose that is told of.

For, it is the season, the time, when men, everywhere,
are seeking to know the relationships to the Creative Forces, God;
to the hereafter, and to much of that which is touched upon
in the book itself.

Then, insist that there be the right character of announcement of
the special edition.
But it will require a special letter from either the Association or
some one of the office of the Association, if the full amount undertaken
is to be distributed before the first of the year.

(Q) Are we correct in suggesting the printing of 1000 copies
as the special autographed edition?
(A) This is very well, as has been indicated.

(Q) Is the price of $5.00 per copy correct?
(A) $4 or $5 would be correct.

(Q) Any suggestions as to the circular prepared by Thomas Sugrue
for distribution to members and friends announcing this book?
(A) As has been indicated, this should be not only the regular
circular to announce the book but also with the circular there should
be sent a personal letter from the office of the Association.

(Q) Who should sign this personal letter?
(A) Either the secretary that is appointed for the sale of the book,
as the receiver of same, or the secretary of the Association, or Cayce.

(Q) Are there any other suggestions which Hugh Lynn Cayce may make
to Sloane and Hood which would aid in the presentation of this book?
(A) Each is very well sold on the material, if the Association is.
There should be the ability, then, to present
(a) what the personal or first edition may be,
(b) where it may be sold, and
(c) how many there are with whom there has been and
is being kept personal contact - if this numbers a thousand,
fifteen hundred, or a hundred.

Whatever the amount two or three times that many may be sold.
This is not to impress that it will be a great sale, but that there
is the interest that will be shown.

(Q) Are there any steps, outside of the letter, which may be taken
by the Association office in securing the widest possible
distribution and best reception of this special edition?
(A) As has been indicated, this is the manner.
This will lay the foundation, that there will be a wide distribution
of the book through the regular channels.

(Q) What general effect may the war situation be expected
to have on the sale of the trade edition of the book?
(A) It'll triple it!

(Q) If suggestions from Hugh Lynn Cayce would be considered
as to the best time for presenting the trade edition of the book,
what time would be recommended?
(A) As has been indicated, as soon as the policies of
the publishers would allow for the presentation of the trade edition.

(Q) Are there any other suggestions regarding the presentation
of this book which may be given at this time?
(A) These, if they go through their regular channels, will be sufficient.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 13 July 2013