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Reading 254-113

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Reading 254-113 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE, in studying and presenting the work
of Edgar Cayce, as it relates to the publication of the book
on his life and work "There is a River", by Thomas Sugrue.

The place of this book in relation to the growth of our work
and the opportunity offered through it for greater service.

(A) This discussion we have had before.
At this time, these as we find would be the indications of the manner
in which a greater distribution of the book may be accomplished.

As has been indicated, there should be sent the announcement of the book,
with a special letter to each individual who has at any time evinced an interest
in the work of Edgar Cayce.

To each individual who accepts, or orders a book, there should go then
the request that such an individual in his own community - if he finds
the book to be worthy of consideration, and in keeping with his own ideals
- ask his local book dealers and book clubs to give consideration
to the regular edition of the book.

This should - and will, if it is conducted properly - insure that there
be quite a demand for the book.

Then may the members of the Association expect a lot of disturbing
For, all will not accept the book and its contents at its face value.
Here and there, but not as much as may be expected,
there will be criticisms.

Let especially the Christian Science Monitor be asked to write a review!
This will have more influence, if it is published, - whether it be
a scathing denouncement or a boost, - than all other reviews.

Let it be especially reviewed, of course, in the cosmopolitan papers.
But every individual ask that it be reviewed even in the school papers,
or the county paper published once a week, once a month, or
three times a year!

For if the members of the Association - as persons interested in the Work -
have found it good, don't be afraid to speak of it!
If they have found same confusing,look it over again!
If they have found it disappointing, think about it.
If they have found it to be discouraging, forget it!
But try and forget it when it's being talked about!

(Q) First, the special edition to be published Nov. 12th.
It is planned to send the personal letter, as directed, with
the descriptive pamphlet. Give the basic thoughts which
should be expressed in this letter.
(A) This is the whole basic thought:
Here is something to think about!
You can expand on that all you want, and you have the whole thing!

(Q) Just what efforts should be made by members of
the Association in securing a wide circulation for this special edition.
Give suggestions for methods.
(A) As indicated, - naturally, - as there is the presentation of this book
to book clubs, book dealers, in every section of the country,
this will increase the numbers of the special edition.
Though it may delay, it still adds to and will make the greater contribution
toward the sale of the book.
But let none do it that are not personally convinced they would like
to have their neighbor read it!

(Q) Are there any suggestions which may be given now relative
to the choice of a color for the binding of the special edition
and the design, if any, on it?
(A) Let there be, at this special meeting of the Board, three
appointed to select and make suggestions to Mr. Manager!

(Q) Are there any suggestions now through this channel relative
to the color and design of the jacket for this special edition?
(A) Leave this to the committee of three.

(Q) Are there any other efforts which should be made by members
of The Board of Trustees or by members of the Association,
in connection with this special edition?
(A) Only as has been outlined.

(Q) Second, Trade edition of THERE IS A RIVER.
Please comment on the following methods of assisting in
the distribution of the trade edition, indicating the relative
value and importance of these activities.
(A) (Interrupting) These have been indicated in that outline given,
as to where, who and what is the manner of the reviewing of same.
The more that is said - good or bad - the more books you'll sell!
That's what the publishers wish!

(Q) Should a personal contact be established with each reviewer,
if possible, or the book sent and left on its merit?
(A) From the very indication as given, that it should be given from
the school paper to the better publications, let it stand on its merits!
That which is good does not fail.
That which is bad has no place in man's experience at this time.

(Q) Reviews in regular publications.
Contacts of personal nature through members and friends
wherever possible, - or should the book be left without
any personal pushing in these directions?
(A) These have all been indicated.
Don't try to make other than - It'll cause enough stir, when there's
even the first one sent out!

(Q) Just how far should we go in assisting the publishers
with direct mail lists for circulars?
What lists besides those of the Association would be most important?
(A) Give all that you can find! Scrape 'em up from the basest heaps,
and let the publisher stand on 'em!

(Q) What would be the best approach to secure reviews in publications
of various groups and cults?
(A) As indicated, ask those who have a book to have it reviewed,
not only by his own book club and his own groups of every nature
but others.And let it stand with them.
If they are afraid, you be afraid.
If they're not afraid, don't you be afraid.
The book will speak for itself.

(Q) Would the plan of having members present book reviews before
various groups in their cities be of help?
Would it be wise to have some member of the Board organize
and handle this phase of the work?
(A) Hasn't it just been indicated, that this should be from the school
to the Capitol?
Don't be afraid of any of 'em! It must stand on its own!
Let anyone who cares to review it, but don't try to put the words into
their mouths!
Let the book and the individual reaction speak for itself!
Many will say it can't be true, but they'll try to find out!

(Q) What should be most stressed in discussions with the publisher
regarding distribution and publicizing of the trade edition?
(A) As has been indicated, if there is the response to
the special edition, the publishers will try to find out what to do
about the numbers being called for!

We are through with this Reading.

Updated: 13 July 2013