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Reading 254-114

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Reading 254-114 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE, and those who seek to help in planning
procedures for handling the readings of Edgar Cayce more efficiently
so that more people may be helped in a basic way.
Constructive suggestions that will further the work of the Association.

(A) In considering any questions as may arise respecting readings,
respecting work of the Association, the ideals and purposes of ARE
should be kept in the forefront.

As was indicated (not as a comparison but just as He gave):

Fret not yourself because all may not receive.
Cast not your pearls before swine - but do that with a might that
your hands find to do.

What you have found good, pass on to others.
For the Lord is not divided, but is whole within the heart and soul
of each individual.

And if they are healed, helped, aided, in body, in mind, in purpose,
all of those that time gives, be satisfied.

For it is either the Lord's work or it is nothing at all.
He will provide.

Let each and every soul, then, do their part.
It is not the lauding of the Association or its purpose.

For, the Association is such that it may never become a tenet
or that to supplant any organized work.

As an ecclesiastical group may individuals work, but it must supply
to the needs of every character of individual, whether they be of this or that faith.
For the faith must be in the good, in the God, that is presented in same.

(Q) Would you advise our trying to gather specific data on a few diseases
such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, asthma and tuberculosis,
by taking quite a number - perhaps one hundred - cases of each
so that diagnoses and treatment could be evaluated by specialists
in those fields?
(A) Let this be done by those who are supposed to seek such information.
Until such seek help you cannot force them to accept medically.
Let them seek, not you prepare or present to them without their seeking.
But it is well that such be prepared for the consumption of each sufferer.
But these are not to be mechanical, but always from the spiritual side.

(Q) Should we require medical histories on all cases?
(A) We should require reports, not necessarily medical histories.
There are not medical histories on all cases that seek.
Require their reports, whether they be done in one way or another.
For, they will be quite at variance to what medical reports would be of such,
but it's the individual!

For, all that each soul may know of God is contained within itself.
And it blossoms, it grows.
For all disease is sin.
Then that necessary is to eliminate sin in the lives of individuals.
It requires oft the use of mechanical means of various forms, is true;
because that entity, that soul is in that consciousness, and not
in the consciousness that the Lord your God is one.

(Q) Would a trained person be required to supervise medical files?
(A) Not necessarily. It requires rather the sincerity of the persons,
and let them rather be grounded in the spirit of truth, of God,
rather than in the knowledge of the material.
For what is the anatomical structure of the body?
No two are alike.
Do you ever find two blades of grass alike?
Ever find two leaves on a tree alike?
No. But all are the handiwork of God.
So, with individual souls, with their complexities of activity.
And each soul must know itself to be itself and yet one with God.
That's Christianity!

(Q) Would Miss Phyllis Goodall [R.N.] be a person to work?
(A) She's doing very well! Not necessarily, as has been indicated.
The need is for a spiritual minded person rather than one gifted
in knowledge of anatomical structure.

(Q) Would it be advisable to give mental and spiritual readings
precedence over physical readings?
(A) Would the Master make precedence of physical, of mental?
He took them as they came.
Pretty good pattern to follow!

(Q) Should a definite proportion of our time go to physical readings,
life readings, mental and spiritual readings?
For instance, two days each week for each class of problems?
(A) As the Lord moved them, so were they added.

(Q) Is it advisable to take two or more readings at a time?
(A) This has been pointed out by Him. He will direct - the Master.

(Q) What is the maximum number of readings which should
be handled in one day?
(A) What business is that of yours?

We are through.  
Updated: 13 July 2013