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Reading 254-115

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Reading 254-115 Edited

(Q) The ARE and its members.
The ARE's work as presented by Edgar Cayce.
Directions how this work shall presently be carried on
in the light of current Association problems.

(A) We have the work of the ARE and the members present here,
together with the efforts and the work - contributing to same - of Edgar Cayce.

The activities have been set forth in the charter under which, through which
the Association has been granted the privilege of activity.
This is how the work is to be conducted.

At each meeting of the Board of Trustees, then, this charter should be reviewed
and the activities thus far seen to conform to
(1) the law under which it is granted the privilege and then
(2) as to how the Association may contribute to the general welfare of those
individuals, groups, associations, corporations that have made,
do make it their business to be of a greater service to humanity.

For, as is indicated, those who will be the greater service to their fellow man
are the greater among the activities in the earth.

These, then, are the manners, the channels, the ways in which greater
service may be rendered.

There are those who, through their own experience as individuals,
would be of help; and, as has been indicated, first it must come to
the individual, then to groups, then to masses.
Do not ever attempt to convince, to impress, even to "expose"
the work to those who do not of themselves seek such information.

For God is God of those who hate Him as well as of those who love Him.
He is patient, He is kind, He is merciful.
Thus there should be that same attitude in the shadow, at least,
of those who conduct the work of the Association.

Thus there should be that attitude, that manner, that way of conducting
the affairs of this Association.
For it is a trust to those who have in themselves experienced, in their own lives,
that which is good.

Then, have no individual a member of this Board who has not himself received
that which answers to his own better self, as to the good which has come to him.

Each member of the present Board may say this, and is thus acceptable
as a member of this Board.

As to the work of Edgar Cayce, this - as it has ever been - must of itself
depend upon that wherewithal he, as an individual seeking to be a channel,
responds to that which is the direction through the physical, the mental
and spiritual abilities of the body.

Well that each member of the Board first, each member of the office,
each member of the staff, each member of the Association
- Associate, Active, Living Sponsor or what - be asked to give at least
once each day a silent prayer that the work, the power, the might which
may be that guiding force, may bring health, hope, a better understanding
of the purpose of life.

Ask that the life of Edgar Cayce be spared to serve, to be the greater channel,
that the love of God in Christ-Jesus be manifested in the earth; not to the glory
or honor of any individual but to the glory and honor of God.

These, then, are the beginnings.
This too, as ye pray, Live, Act!
So conduct your own life as to show your appreciation of that which you
have received.
For he, or she, who neglects to be thankful builds that which
is condemning in their own self.

As to the activities of Edgar Cayce - remember, the physical strength is limited.
There should be definite rest periods.
He did!
Are you greater than He?
In your own prayers, then:
Ask that you be shown the way, not from
those who would condemn, those who would preach,
but be guided by the spirit of the Christ-Consciousness
that makes men alive,
that gives hope,
that gives life!
His promise is there, yet there must be consistency, there must be sincerity.

Let the Board, then, appoint one physically capable of judging according
to health as to what the limits may be, guided also by the spirit of the Christ.

In this manner, under the present circumstance, may even greater work be done.

Prepare for a meeting place, yes - when consistent with the needs
of those who are through this channel seeking to know themselves
and their Maker the better.
Let each contribute according to the dictates of his own conscience.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Pending the return of Hugh Lynn Cayce, the Association's Manager,
tell us a better way to handle Association office routine than
is now being followed.
(A) This finds disturbing factors (the office routine) by the necessity
of change, under the existent conditions.
Be patient, be gentle.
Let those who labor there not find fault but let them do with their might
what their hands find to do.

Those who are laboring there are seeking first the satisfying of
material interpretation, except the conductor of readings,
the interpreter or the scribe of the readings, and those
who keep the records of same.

Then, let them so live in their own lives as to be an example to others
- and those who don't belong won't stay long!

(Q) Please advise Gladys Davis if there are better methods of
handling the work which comes under her supervision.
(A) Only don't find fault so often. Look within self.
And you can create, you can add to, you can stimulate sincerity in
the minds and in the hearts of your helpers - who will be entirely
changed in less than sixty days and you have it all to do over again!
So begin with self first.
Be sincere.
Be patient.
Be gentle, be kind.
And let each understand that to someone this means life and death,
hope and despair, and that if this were your only channel for help
what should be your attitude?

(Q) Any suggestions as to a better way to get out the readings
as they are given?
(A) No.

(Q) What advice about getting out the Bulletin and the Weekly Letter
have you to offer since Mr. Bro is leaving?
(A) Gain the services of one of your own members of the Board.
She can, she may, she will - Esther Wynne.

(Q) Outline a daily routine for Edgar Cayce to follow so that -
(A) (Interrupting) How will you make him follow it?

(Q) (Continuing) so that he may receive all the rest and relaxation
necessary for his health?
(A) As indicated, the Board should provide someone, a physician,
who would be in charge of his health, and a praying physician!
How many will you find? There are such things!

(Q) Could you suggest one?
(A) Who was told to find one? Not me!

(Q) Are all members of the Association's Board of Trustees satisfactory,
including those decided on yesterday and the previous years?
(A) All, as given, have received personal help - all are acceptable.
In the bylaws it has been provided that those who do not indicate
their interest, or sufficient interest to at least be represented by
a proxy for two years, automatically do not belong!
For the interest is not in self nor in Cayce but in their fellow man!
So long as that which is being presented is helpful, they do God's service.

(Q) Is there any suggestion on the Living Endowment?
(A) This should be presented to each member.
There should be prepared a booklet on what the Living Endowment is.
Let Sugrue write this.

There should be the presentation of the needs of the Association
for the building.
Let the secretary of the Building Fund prepare such.
She can do a good job! [Beatrice Seay]
Let this ever be presented (as understood) that the contributions
to such are to the Association, and thus many who would
not contribute may, for they can take it off their income tax!

We are through.
Updated: 13 July 2013