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Reading 254-116

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Reading 254-116 Edited

(Q) The work of the ARE especially in reference to the Building Fund
recently started for the purpose of erecting another building, or annex,
where the work as a whole might be carried on more efficiently and
on a much more extensive scale.

The letter drafted by Mrs. Ethel Clyde and advise if it would be well
to send this to all our members. If so, what amount should be specified
as the goal? Should anything else be added?

(A) In considering the work of the ARE there are many phases
of the ARE which need consideration.

As we have oft indicated THE PUBLICATIONS should be first.
This department is receiving some consideration.
It is not yet altogether set as to the best plans.

As for THE RESEARCH, to many this is the most important part.
To be sure, many papers, many pamphlets should come out of the research.
Under present circumstances there is not sufficient room for this
to be carried on for the work of the readings, the filing, the compiling
of that necessary which may be drawn from the data
- there is not sufficient room.

Then THE BUILDING FUND is to be considered.
To be sure this is hardly plausible in its entirety until cessation
of war activities - and you will have cessation before the snow flies
even in Russia!

The manner of THE LETTER is very good provided it is handled entirely
from the office or home of Mrs. Clyde.
Then, let her send envelopes to be addressed - and the amount set
at $15,000, with those requests from $1 up, the present amount
being already near $500.

This fund is to be kept separate and sent, as indicated, to the Secretary
(or Treasurer) of the Building Fund, see?

(Q) How often should the Building Fund Treasurer [Beatrice Seay]
report in the Bulletin the amount reached?
(A) At least once every two months or whenever there is the request for same.
The ones to whom letters or the envelopes are addressed should be culled
by Miss Davis.

(Q) How should it be determined which members should receive the letter?
(A) All who have asked for membership and especially those who have
indicated benefits derived.
Those who are interested the greater in other phases should be among
the ones indicated, that they may have the opportunity.

We are through.
Updated: 13 July 2013