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Reading 262-001

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Reading 262-001 Edited

(Q) How may we be a channel to present truth and light to the world?

(A) May each, in a group, combine your efforts in a cooperative manner
to give to other individuals, other groups, other classes, other masses,
what you have received, what you have gained in this experience.
(See 262-3)

Some will be teachers.
Some will be healers.
Some will be interpreters.
Some will be ministers.

Let each do their job and their part well,
in the manner given to them,
knowing - in the forces manifesting through them
- they then become a light in their
own respective action and field of endeavor.

As the forces manifest in their various ways and manners:
Some will be able to teach.
Some will be able to heal.
Some will be able to prophecy.
Some will be able to minister.

He that receives shall give.
They who come together in Christ's Name
that is what you will give.

As promised by Christ,
"I Am in the Father.
So in Me you may do as I have done.
The greater things that I have done you shall do.
I go to the Father, with you in me.
As you ask in My Name, so shall it be done in you!"

When it comes to each mind, heart, soul
there it will be given - in that same hour
- what you shall do!

(Q) Outline for us the steps which we must take
that we may become more of one mind,
that we may be of the greatest influence for good.
(A) Learn the first lesson that should be given to others:

Let all dwell together in mind for one purpose, one aim;
or, first learn cooperation!

Learn what that means in a waiting, in a watchful,
in a world seeking to know, to see, a sign.

There will be a sign given to those that have drunk the cup
that makes for cooperation in every sense
of enlightening a seeking desiring world.

Cast not pearls before swine,
neither be over-anxious for the moment.

Wait on the Lord; As been promised,
he that seeks shall find, and you will receive
- each of you - powers from on high.

Use that in a constructive, in a manner
that befits the desire of the group, of each.

Think not of your own desire, but let that mind
be in you as was in Him, and may it be in all
those seeking the way.

(Q) Direct us as to how we may best prepare
a course of lessons for this and similar groups.
(A) First let each prepare themselves and receive that
as will be given unto each in their respective sphere
of development, of desire, of ability.

The first lesson is to learn what it means to cooperate in One mind,
in God's way;
As each prepare themselves, in meditating day and night, in
"What will You have me do, O Lord?"
The answer will be definite, clear,
to each as are gathered here, You only have to seek in His name;
He is among you in this present hour.
All who seek are in that attitude of prayer.

Pray, that you may be acceptable to Him
in your going ins and coming outs.

Holy is he that seeks to be a light to his brother;
and faints not in the trials nor the temptations.

He tempts none beyond what they are able to bear.

Bear one another's burdens, so that each fills his own heart.
Answer when He calls - "Here am I, send me."

(Q) What would be the best subject for the first lesson?
(A) Cooperation.

Let each seek what will be their part in this lesson,
and it will be given to each as they ask for it.
(See affirmation for the lesson given in 262-3.)

Updated: 24 June 2013