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Reading 262-002

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Reading 262-002 Edited

(Q) We are gathered here, for the subject of Cooperation.

(A) May each come seeking for the understanding of what may be
their part in the lessons to be given to others.

In learning cooperation may each apply in their own lives,
and in the group, what they seek.

(Q) [307]: Is universal love necessary for us to have unity of purpose?
(A) Universal love is necessary that there be unity of purpose or desire.

Universal love is necessary in each presenting themselves
for a oneness of purpose, or as an aid to others in finding themselves.

May losing self in universal love be made the ideal of those seeking.

(Q) [307]: I offer myself as a teacher of truth.
How may I become more spiritual and efficient?
(A) Practice makes perfect.

As one practices, puts in use, in word, in deed, day by day,
so does one grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.
"He that will be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all."

(Q) [307]: Am I led through my dreams?
(A) Ofttimes.

(Q) [993]: What is my definite part in the healing group?
(A) As a leader of prayer in the various supplications that there be accord
with those that are aiding in bringing the consciousness of truth, life, light
and immortality, to those seeking aid through those channels.

(Q) [993]: Is my method of meditating correct?
If not, suggest meditation that would be suitable for my development
at this time.
(A) This would require an organization of the purpose of the group.

Let the group come together and the needs of an individual or individuals
be outlined by one of the group.

Then let the leader and director indicate the various manners of meditation
for that particular character of desire or aid for the individual seeking same
through the group as a group.

Group meditation and individual meditation may be one, or it may be entirely different.

That as for self, correct.

(Q) [115]: How can I best cooperate with this group?
(A) Be an emissary of light to those in the group and outside the group,
bringing those together who may be of aid or understanding
to the various groups as they go about their work.

Be a real emissary, as the body has been called in the past - make it now!
for all time is One time.

(Q) [404]: How can I best cooperate?
(A) Be the secretary or messenger for the group, aiding each
in their respective activities to be of One mind.

(Q) [404]: What is my best time for meditation?
(A) At sunrise.

(Q) [379]: Is there a message for me as to how I can best cooperate
with this group?
(A) Seek and you shall find. Do what you know in each meeting,
each activity. For it is line upon line, precept upon precept,
here a little, there a little, the leaven that leaveneth the whole lump.

In doing may those blessings come to others through your activities
be the best service you may give in and with this group.

(Q) [341]: Please advise us as to how to conduct our meetings?
(A) That would depend upon the character of the meeting to be conducted.

In seeking as a group on a lesson it will be given for study by the group.
Then the lesson may be compiled by the group for study by other groups.

As the various lessons are chosen to be presented, let each gain through
their own concept in the manner which they themselves receive that
may be helpful.

In seeking their answer through these channels this then will become
a portion of such a lesson.

As each should have a part in each lesson, for each will make a response
to self to another.

As you receive, so may you give.

The most interesting thing in life is yourself.
Yet you must become null and void, by losing yourself in love for another.
You must have a part in the losing by the giving of aid to another.

In the conducting of meetings where there is to be some special message
received, or aid given to an individual in the spiritual healing (to which
the body would be a portion of such a group), this has been outlined
as to how the meetings should be conducted.

Let everything be done in decency and in order.

(Q) [341]: How may I cooperate with this group?
(A) In your influences that may help for the good of others in the various
exercises or various activities of the group, whether in lesson, in meditation,
in healing, or whatnot.

(Q) [341]: To what advantage may we use the ideas presented in
the "Song of Sano Tarot" [by Nancy Fullwood] for the benefit of this group?
(A) It is to be hoped that the sources would be much higher than these,
and that they would seek higher! (See 262-2 Report)

(Q) [294]: Are the seven presented to me in dream, (see 294-127) to be
the healing group, or was this emblematical?
(A) This is both emblematical and a portion of the group that should begin their activities in this definite line and manner, aided by all who may seek or desire
to be a portion of the group.

This will lead into their respective places and times.
As each gather as a body to be of aid to another, there will be from time to time
a message from one to another.

This is not only a promise, it's a threat! Be mindful of it, but be faithful to each
as they receive. (See also 281-6, See 281-8, See 281-1 and entire file of prayer group readings as result.)

(Q) [69]: How may I best prepare myself for the work at hand?
(A) Preparing yourself for what is to be attempted by the group is a different preparation, from preparing yourself for an individual activity, when learning
the lesson of cooperation,

Unless there is the cooperation in intent and purpose in each, as they gather together
for some definite action that is to be taken to aid.
"Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

In preparing yourself as a portion of a group, not independent and not dependent upon
any member of the group but be dependent upon God! In the dependence in individuals, it falls short.

What may be gained by each through cooperation to create by those of the higher forces manifesting through each, is the power given, the understanding given, the knowledge given.

"In all your getting, get understanding."

(Q) [303]: How may I cooperate?
(A) In the various manners we find each individual in the group has prepared itself through those activities in the material life, in the mental life.

They each have passed through their individual trials, that they know better how to present to those seeking for aid and understanding, through a group, a better sympathetic knowledge of the sources of information, whether they be
the consciousness that is of that that may be applied through the spiritual realm, or whether through those that are necessary to become more in contact with the spiritualistic influences in an active force.

So this body, in its cooperative measures, may meet many of those conditions as arise
for the group, as an advisory measure; being also the emissary, or one as a missionary to many.

(Q) [288]: Does the dream I had last night, in which I travelled on a ship and arrived
at the Statue of Liberty, indicate my part in this lesson?
(A) Emblematically. That, as the statue stands for a spirit as is supposed to emanate from a nation, so do the activities of the body in recording that as may be received stand as that that will be the formulative spirit in the minds, hearts an souls, of many - the many thousands that may be reached through that as may be recorded by the activities of the body itself.

(Q) [288]: How may I best cooperate?
(A) Give of your best to Him. (See also 262-12))

(Q) General:
What should be the subject for the next lesson?
(A) Let's take one at a time! Let's finish this first!
Has this been compiled? Then, in the beginning, Begin at the beginning!
Do not have so much compiled, or data gathered, that it is harum-scarum, but - as given - do all things in decency and order.

First make your first lesson. Have that complete, by the completing of that portion
each gives - desires to give - would like to see given - would give themselves with it - to others, to know what cooperation means.

We all in the group have a smattering as to our part. This has been asked, as "I may do to cooperate;" so, let's put it into practice, and then present same as a lesson.
Then we begin with the first lessons in knowing self! How may I know self?

(Q) Who should be the leader of the whole group?
(A) As the spirit moves! As the compiler, Miss Wynne.
As the secretary, Mrs. Miller. As of the groups, as has been given in their various capacities as they have asked, they are given.

(Q) Is there any special message for this group at this time?
(A) You have begun an active service for yourself and for others
through a cooperative way and manner.

Seek through those sources that may give understanding to each in their respective knowledge and understanding for their part as an integral unit of a whole to present a light to a waiting world.

As you seek you shall find, as you knock so will it be opened.

As you practice - not preach! as you practice, so will your activities be.
Let you yeses be yes and your no's be no.

Be not unstable in the things you do, for you have asked that you be guided by that that may give a light to a dying world - not an individual, a world!

We are through.

See 262-1 and 294-127.

10/05/70 In re 262-2, Les Morgan,
Tarot Project Director of Scientific Analysis Corp., San Francisco, Calif., wrote:
does not classify as a real 'tarot' reference; the book discusses contacts with an entity
known as 'Sano Tarot' and does not deal with tarot cards."

10/71 In re 262-2 GD's dream interpretation?)
Reader's Digest -
by Paul W. Keyes:

Lord God of low tides and high hopes
who has brought millions to our shores
grant that each of them shall find the freedom
he sailed for in this land which honors all who honor it.

Lord God of willing hands and Opportunity,
of past failures, present mistakes and future successes,
who has brought man from wagon train to space capsule
and filled this great country, imperfect though it may be called
by some, give equal dignity to all and send word back
to Thomas Jefferson that we do try to fulfill the promises
he filed under the Declaration of Independence.

Lord God of foreign ancestors and home-grown Americans
who taught strangers to live together do as much now
for friends, remind fiery young hearts that passion works best
when tempered with reason and that nothing was ever built up
and torn down at the same time.

Lord God of broken promises and hungry hearts,
remind us constantly the land we call home wasn't built in a day,
bear with our failures, forgive us our trespasses.

As you once trained lightning and fireflies to live together,
teach us now that good intentions are a beginning not an end,
that doing is still better the hoping and wishing,
that today holds the cure of yesterday and the torch I hold high
is Liberty's nightlight welcoming tomorrow with
a rainbow of freedom rising from the thunder of despair.

Updated: 25 June 2013