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Reading 262-005

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Reading 262-005

In the way and manner that each person contributes
in a cooperative manner towards being a light to others,
in magnifying His Name in their lives to others,
may the work as contemplated, as desired, as sought for,
be carried on.

In the lessons:
Each have gained through their attempt to cooperate one with another.
Each have gained something for themselves.
If the lessons be put in a practical, applicable manner in their lives.
It will bring to each that will make life in this experience more worth while.

(Q1) We present the lesson on Cooperation compiled.
(Q2) Is this lesson acceptable to the forces?
(Q3) Are we now ready to begin work upon the second lesson?
(Q4) What special meditation should we hold?
(Q5) Are we handling our work in the correct manner?
(Q6) Is there any special message for the group at this time?
(Q7) Are the readings as have been given sufficiently understood by the group?
(Q8) What is the significance of this dream?
(Q9) Will I be able to prophesy through dreams?
(Q10) Will I be able to interpret those that come through me?
(Q11) What is my duty as a member of this group,
and how can I best cooperate?

(Q1) We present the lesson on Cooperation compiled
by the group, which I shall read.
Please make such corrections and suggestions
that will clarify, complete or strengthen this lesson.
(A) (After completion of reading lesson) The lesson is well.

(Q2) Is this lesson acceptable to the forces,
without any correction, just as it is?
(A) The lesson is well.

(Q3) Are we now ready to begin work upon the second lesson,
how to Know Thyself?
(A) Ready, as each puts into effect that as has been
- and may be - gained through the application
of the lesson prepared, to begin to know self.

(Q4) What special meditation should we hold
in preparing ourselves for work on this lesson?
Please suggest the thought we should hold.
(A) Father, as we seek to see and know Your Face,
may we each, as individuals, and as a group,
come to know ourselves, even as we are known,
that we - as lights in You may give the better concept
of Your Spirit in this world.

(Q5) Are we handling our work in the correct manner?
Please give any specific suggestions that would clarify
our understanding and help us at this time.
(A) Wait upon one another. (Serve one another)
Work as a unit.
Let all be done in order.
Wait often on the Lord before speaking a word
that would give an improper relationship of what
you would present.
In this manner may the work be expedited,
may it be in unison.

Depend not one upon another.
Rather depend upon Him.
Work together in your respective sphere.
To all are given a portion, a part, in this work.

Let each look not upon what would exalt themselves
in any manner; rather that the feeling, the thought,
may be better expressed, that those who seek
may gain the closer vision of the Master's face,
may have in their hearts, their souls, that peace
that comes only from being close to Him;
for when He speaks, only peace may abound.

Others may make afraid.
Others may bring that force that would sound far.
Yet He - the Prince of Peace - brings cheer, gladness,
to the hearts and souls of those who seek
to be a channel of blessing through Him!

(Q6) Is there any special message for the group at this time?
(A) Children, as you seek in His name to know the Father's way,
come ever then in singleness of purpose.
Think not of the hindrances that are of the man-made nature.
Rather know in whom you have believed, knowing
He has brought all things into being, and as you seek
- and use - His strength, in His name, you are His,
and will become - and be - the lights that will bring
that light into the shadowy places, and
- though turmoils and strifes, and contentions,
are about you - that peace - His peace,
will keep you safe in Him.

(Q7) Question of [2124]: Are the readings as have been given
sufficiently understood by the group?
(A) As they each seek in their own hearts and minds,
as will be seen in that as will be given
in each knowing themselves, each will gain
the better understanding, the better insight
into that as is given from day to day;
for as He gave,
"Sufficient unto the day is the good - or the evil - thereof."

As ye apply His love, His light, in your own life,
so does the understanding come of
that He would have each of you do day by day.

Tell not tyour neighbor how he, or she, should act.
Have you been put under the same circumstance?

Rather give each that standard that they may measure themselves
by, and be equal - through such measurements
to the needs of each hour, each circumstance.

Walk carefully in the knowledge you have of your own God.

Seek as children to know His love, His law, His biddings,
and as you seek so shall you find;
for He is in His Holy temples.
Are you holy?
Are you desirous of being holy?
Are you seeking rather the good of your brother rather than yourself?
Then, as you know Him, as you know His way
- be on speaking terms with your brother.

(Q8) [288]: Tuesday morning, Nov. 24th,
I dreamed there was war.
We were all on the roof of a building shooting
from cubby-holes.
Each of us had a post.

I noticed a strip, or band, up in the air, about to break,
and recognized it was holding up the building,
that if it did break the whole structure would crumble
and thousands underneath would be destroyed, besides ourselves.

I got permission to leave my post and went down
and out of the building.

I influenced people of higher authority to come and fix the strip
so that the building would still stand.

What is the significance of this dream?
(A) That within yourself there are those needed corrections
that can only come from the source of all love, force, power,
that the structure that is builded for others
may be a unit, a whole.

Look to your own conscience within.

(Q9) [288] Will I be able to prophesy through dreams?
(A) Rather interpret.

(Q10) [288] Will I be able to interpret those that come through me?
(A) If you open yourself to be a channel.

(Q11) [[69]'s husband]: What is my duty as a member of this group,
and how can I best cooperate?
(A) As the light comes in your own life as respecting
the various duties in a secular and spiritual life,
so will the body-consciousness be able to be
the balance as would keep a union of purpose,
keeping all in order.

As you were in the days of old, when in the temple
you ministered to the needs of those - and prophesied
under the spirit of the office held, so will you be able
to minister in this direction, as the light opens through
the associations of the cooperation of self with others,
in studying to know His way.


1. Read the lesson as a whole.
2. Memorize the Prayer given (Affirmation).
3. Study the lesson by topics.
4. Study the lesson by questions.
5. Meditate upon it.
6. Listen in meditation for the truth you need,
for it will come to all who seek.
7. Apply that learned in everyday life.

Lesson on Cooperation - Review:
1. Define cooperation in the physical.
2. Define cooperation in the spiritual.
3. When does cooperation become a blessing?
4. How does this apply to a study group?
5. When do we have the Mind of Christ?
6. How may I work as an individual to be able to become
one of a group whose purpose will be in accord with His Will?
7. What will each find in self-discipline? How must it be met?
8. What should each seek in meditation?
9. What should our prayer be?
10. How must all seek?
11. What should be the attitude of the group in seeking?
12. What will follow the realization of perfect cooperation in Him?
13. How do the experiences given by those of a group
seeking cooperation differ?
How are they alike?
14. In the patient and untiring efforts in seeking cooperation,
for what are we preparing ourselves?

Updated: 25 June 2013