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Reading 262-006

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Reading 262-006 Edited

(Q) We seek prayerfully as individuals, and as a group,
to come to a better understanding of ourselves
and be able to present this to others
through the lessons we are preparing.

(A) Yes, we have the group, as a group, as individuals,
and the manner in which each comes seeking
that they may know His Face,
that they may be the more perfect lights in His name.

Each should first know "the marks of judgement."
Each individual should set a standard of measurement of valuation,
of percept and concept.

Each should know first that as an individual,
may receive from without or from within.

As the conditions arise,
each is dependent one upon another
in the material phases of life.

Each must have their concept of what they have accepted
as being a standard, a measurement, an active force
within their own experience.

Measure not by self, for he that does such is not wise.
Measure not by earthly standards, if you should know self;
Measure by that as has proven within self as a criterion,
as an ensample, as a guide.

Know what you believe and act that way.

(Q) Please interpret the following dream by Edgar Cayce
Sat. morning, Dec. 12th, in which he was in meditation
with this group. He heard a voice calling but was prevented
from answering by the group.
(A) That there are needs in the spiritual and the material world
for the efforts of this entity.

That there are needs for activities for the concentration
of the actions of the entity.

Where the need is most, there the body, there the activities
of the entity, will be.

There is the stage of transformation coming, then, to the entity,
will this be held in the material plane or in spirit
- and the actions depend upon the group, as was seen.

(Q) What can we as Individuals and as a group do
to aid in expressing that which will create the force
necessary to counterbalance the call from the other side?
(A) Work!

(Q) [993]: Dream Sat. night, Dec. 12th, in which Mr. Cayce
was testing or raising vibrations of individuals in the group.
(A) This is another expression of the same experience,

That the activities of the group in their individual lives,
as well as group, may be measured by those vibrations
or activities of the body, or entity, so testing same.

That each in their respective way respond to the test made.

So each, in that that is given by those sources from whom,
or the measure by which each measure themselves,
are they able to give that strength, or that aid,
in that being attempted - in the awakening of selves,
as well as others!

Well that all know and understand what it means
to be measured by not what one has,
but by what one is able to give out;
or, to be better put,
know what it means to be a channel of blessing to someone!

As you receive, give;
For Lo, I stand and knock!
Who will open and let that peace, that joy, enter,
that there may be more light in your own soul?

Think not on the cares of the day nor the hour.
Be not blinded by those things that make the physical body afraid;
for he that will come will not be denied.
"Not everyone that says Lord, Lord
- but he that does the will of the Father."
As I in Him, and you in me, so shall His will
be done in earth as it is in heaven.

(Q) [993]: Through which one of its members
can the group best aid Edgar Cayce in the present situation?
(A) Each in their own respective way and manner,
and let not one depend upon the other! (Depend only on God)
Good way to know yourself also!

(Q) How may I, [538] best aid?
(A) In awakening the desires to do that the love, physically,
spiritually shown, may find as a renewing strength.

Does love wane through over-activity, or does love grow by use?
Does love fail or wear away, or that love in blossoming, in growth,
in use, magnifies and so brings into being those forces
that overcomes all things?

Do as your heart, your inner self, as your soul, dictates.

Be not ashamed to be what you are!
If you are ashamed, there is something amiss!
The standard is shortened or lengthened, and does not fit the pattern!

(Q) How can [341] best aid?
(A) Here a little, there a little,
is added in the material activities
of individuals, that shows a growth.

Have you grown by association?
Have you been neglected by the association?
Then demand, or give, as you find to be.

(Q) How may [288] best aid?
(A) Keeping In accord those things known
to be the uplifting, the opening, to those of many conditions
that makes for Creative Energies, even as has been oft
in associations.

Not in any selfish or unseeming manner;
but keep your heart pure, your actions unquestioned,
keep yourself free from condemnation!

(Q) How may [295] best aid?
(A) In keeping the precepts in activity known to oneself,
that he that would aid must show the desire to aid in oneself,
as well as in others.

Keep your heart singing!
Make use of your abilities to be able to accomplish something now!

Making demands to help others.

(Q) [462], present at the first group meeting
at Mrs. Barrett's, now at Daytona Beach, Fla.:
Have I any part in the work with this group,
if so, please give it?
(A) Whosoever will has a part, or parcel, in His work.

This is His work!
He has called you!
If one heeds not, or hears not the invitation,
then one has only missed an opportunity
and it must all be done over again.

As you find in contemplation that
brings in the lives, the activities,
of those contacting those experiences
in the group, this must of itself (if it be alive)
awaken a desire, that be measured or acted upon
by that arising within self through its own meditation
- will find what willing hands are willing to do.

Each are called in their respective sphere.

Each must find the answer in their own selves.

Do you remember?
"Come with me, and I will make you fishers of men"?
Do you remember?
"Lord, will You grant my request
when You go to your kingdom,
that I and my brother may sit on the right hand,
the other on the left?"
"Are you able to drink from the cup?"
"We are able."
"Indeed you shall drink, but to sit on my right
or my left is not mine to give.
He that does the will of the Father,
the same is my mother, my brother, my sister."

We are through.

262-1 - LESSON I:
1. What promises are made to the group in reading I?
2. Through what sources will these come?
3. What great promise the Master gave to His disciples
He again gives to the group?
4. How may each know their calling?
5. Name seven things that the group should observe
while learning this lesson?
6. On what must the first lesson be?
7. What consolation did the group receive at this reading?

262-2 - LESSON II:
1. Can each repeat their part in the preparation of lessons?
2. Why is universal love necessary?
3. How does one grow in knowledge and understanding?
4. What part must self have in each lesson?
5. Upon whom must the group depend for help?
6. How is the power, the understanding
and the knowledge given?
7. How may an emissary or missionary become an advisor
to many seeking information thru the spiritual realms
or thru spiritualistic contact in the active force?
8. What is promised to the group in the second reading?

262-3 - LESSON III:
1. How may each be lifted up?
2. What has cooperation done in the natural world?
3. What is the blessings of keeping within self
the creative forces?
4. How may spiritual forces come to each?
5. What is meant by having the mind of Christ?
6. What is the benefit of a living lesson?
7. What should we ever keep in mind in regard to Christ?
8. Is spiritual healing a gift or a talent that
has been developed thru past lives?
9. What is true cooperation?
10. How can we as a group get in accord
with those helping us?
11. Give the definition of Cooperation in action?
12. What is the effect of the right attitude of mind?
13. How are we enjoined to pray?
14. What is the promise of the third Reading?

262-4 - Lesson IV:
1. What is the group urged to do in the beginning of reading?
2. What is each told to study?
3. How is each told to act?
When is the Group told to meditate?
4. What points should be emphasized in the lesson?
5. What promise is made to the group in reading 262-4?

262-5 - LESSON V:
1. Give outlines of the lesson on Cooperation.
2. What is each in group urged to do in
the beginning of reading?
3. Give the meditation on know self.
4. Again upon whom is group enjoined to depend?
5. How must self be looked upon in
the preparation of know self lesson?
6. What is promised from the Prince of Peace?
What message in this lesson?
7. How may each expect to understand the readings?
8. How may members of the group
become able to minister?

262-6 - LESSON VI:
1. Give marks of judgement in this lesson (Dec. 13th).
2. Why is it not wise to measure by self?
3. What special trust was laid upon the group in this lesson?
4. What should be the measure of each?
5. What is urged by those who receive?
6. What has one lost who fails to heed the call to work?
7. What must one who hopes to receive
the blessing first be willing to do?
8. What does that mean?
9. Give five great lessons in this reading, just what it has meant to you.

Updated: 6 August 2013