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Reading 262-007

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Reading 262-007 Edited

Each seeking understanding is well.
The application of that understood is better.

Each in their own way and manner may aid, or hinder,
according to the application of their own abilities, own talent,
own understanding.

Each have indicated their desire to know the manner
and way of a clearer approach to the continuity of life,
or the origin of life, light, that they might be a better channel
of manifesting light as individuals, as a group.

Each in their own way and manner have sought
to apply what is known or felt in oneself
to be the manner or way to aid in the existent situation
or condition.

Each seek for an individual interpretation of their work,
their portion of work.

Each should apply what they know, and in the application
gain a clearer, a better understanding, in experience.

(Q) [2124]: When will I be ready to begin
my spiritual work under your instruction?
(A) When the light has come sufficient in self
to know the awakening that gives strength, power,

If what is known used, the light comes.

When will that be put in more perfect activity?
Do not become confused by waiting.
Be not over-anxious, that any source, any channel, would do.

Know that He who you have named has directed,
"My sheep will hear my voice, and not heed any other."

(Q) [307]: What more specific work can I do?
(A) This may be a specific condition
or a general condition for all.

In the specific manner much has been accomplished
in the activities of the mental and spiritual self.

In the general, continue to be a light bearer to others,
as has been indicated in your work.

(Q) [2125]: What is my definite work?
(A) Keep in the way and manner as has been indicated
as the manner in which self may be awakened
to the possibilities in self.

In general, keep applying w
hat is known in onesself,
that is being more gentle, more loving,
more kind to all; for little by little
we gain that understanding that comes
from keeping a heart, a mind, a life in the light.

(Q) [379]: What can I do at this time?
(A) Think not that the abilities of self are lacking
in such conditions.

Doubt not that your own supplications
reach the throne of grace or mercy.
Show forth, then, that in your activities day by day,
that in the union of strength comes a greater understanding in all.

(Q) [404]: Is there more that I can do at this time?
(A) Keep on keeping on, and as other experience
opens the understanding of that necessary
for spiritual or physical activity be willing and ready to answer.

(Q) [69]: What more specific work can I do at this time?
(A) Doubt not self nor self's abilities, in doing comes strength.

Keep that consciousness that answers to self,
as face answers to face in the water,
and this will bring the answer in self
as to whether the Spirit of the Creative Forces
bears witness with your own spirit.

Not that any should chide another,
unless self's own self answers for that as is
felt or acclaimed in self.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) That the entity, the inner self, seeks, knows intuitive forces
much more than is often expressed in action,
or that the word of the moment covers much
that is felt to be true in the inner self.

Cultivate rather that spiritual insight ability in self,
that the analysis of disorder, disruption, distress,
may be yours to correct at a moment's thought
or activity; for he that has been anointed
to the priesthood in the Living God's activities,
loses little of abilities in many of the appearances.

What are the activities that you may accomplish.
Open your understanding, that those forces
as may manifest, even through that anointing,
may bring that of an understanding heart, mind, soul,
and much may be accomplished by the activities
of the entity.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: Interpret the word "work"
for me in this connection?
(A) As you have chosen, as you have been chosen,
do you know that you should be about the Father's business?

As each are given, and each interpret their own activities,
so apply self in that direction as to answer that consciousness,
or the mind of the soul, as to know all is well,
and as the answer comes - know work has been accomplished.

(Q) [560]: What more specific work can I do at this time?
(A) Keep on in the manner as you have set before yourself,
for the way is opening, the light is dawning, for you.

(Q) [303]: What can I do at this time?
(A) Doubt not in self that the seeking, as you would apply yourself,
has its own reward in that as is being, as may be, accomplished in the whole.

Each should learn, in the attempts as is being made
by each, the lesson as has been set by the group
as the lesson of cooperation toward one thing
to be accomplished; remembering, there has been given,
"Who can, by taking thought, add one whit or one cubit
to his stature?" but
"When you pray enter into your closet and pray,
and He that hears in secret will reward you openly."

Then remembering, the giving, the understanding,
comes from Him.

(Q) [993]: Is there any more definite work for me at this time?
(A) As was seen in the testing of those that had raised
their vibrations for an understanding, then pray that all may hold as one.

A group, a chain, a band, is as strong as its weakest member.

(Q) What should I do in connection with aiding the organization?
(A) Speak, act, when the spirit gives utterance,
where the way is opened; then fill that necessary
for a spreading an understanding of that as has been tested
and tried by self.

(Q) Explain what is meant by the transformation taking place
or to take place in connection with the work of Edgar Cayce?
(A) In an explanation, let's all understand in their own speech.

To some, an awakening to the greater channels of power.

To others, more spirituality than materiality.

To others, the karmic influences have reached their changing point,
that the vibrations may be brought one to another.

In transformation comes a light for those that look for same.

(Q) Any special message for us as a group at this time?
(A) Hold fast to what you have,
pressing on to the mark of the higher calling as is set in Him;
keeping your own garments white,
and seeing less and less fault in the other fellow.

We are through.

Updated: 6 August 2013