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Reading 262-008

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Reading 262-008 Edited

(Q) We seek guidance in working upon the lesson of Know Yourself.
Please give us what we need at this time in carrying on God's work.

(A) Well that each prepare themselves to be a channel
to minister to others the lessons being prepared.
It must be considered that you are an entity (an integral factor)
when seeking to know what goes on within and without yourself.

Because this is a practical lesson in the study of oneself,
then let us consider the factors that are within self
that must reason with/from those factors without self.

There are the organs and their functionings of the physical body,
that have their individual desires that are taken into consideration
when the body functions in its physical sense as a unit of creative forces
that are manifesting in a material world in the body with its senses,
that make known to the physical body those magnified desires
or natures of that physical body. 

These are registered in the activities of the physical body
in such a way and manner as to stamp upon the very face of the body
that which has been magnified through its own physical senses. 

These senses are attunements within a physical body, each vibrating
according to the training of, or elements of concentration
by the physical forces of the body as applying
to the attunements of the development of that,
of which the physical body is a material representation.

For not only do these show forth that which is magnified
in a single appearance or experience,
but the whole impressions as have been
received through those varied experiences of that entity.

The registering being in the soul of the entity,
the same as in the material sense it is in the physiognomy
of the individual upon which the activities of that environ
in which the entity has placed itself, by its attunement to
the various elements about that entity. 

In the same sense these elements, then,
are made up of the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body,
each with their attributes and associations and connections
that must all work in unison in much the same manner
as the organs of the physical body must attune themselves
in their ratio or relative active forces with a normal physical
functioning body.  This lesson! (Know Yourself!) (See 262-10)

Ready for questions.

(Q) [115]: After group meditation for the folks in New York,
I dreamed I was talking to and walking with Gladys. She said,
"They do not pay their rent."
I asked who owned the place (we seemed near a house).
Gladys said, "Mr. Cayce."
The building seemed quite large and rambling and was at the Beach.
We wandered around the place, and I noticed much iron rubbish,
both old and new. Gladys seemed to fade out of the picture.
I still wandered around the place, discovered a lovely lake,
clear as crystal, beautiful white swans swimming around
and being fed by loving happy children.
Looking over the lake I saw there beautiful houses
like a new settlement of beautiful happy homes,
a white village, flowers, etc. Then I was so happy, felt uplifted, etc.
What is the significance of this dream?

(A) This is emblematical of conditions within the development
of the individual, or entity-individual itself, as to the individual ideal
held in its consciousness.

Now apply that as has been given, as to how the activities of
a body-consciousness or mental body acts upon incidents or happenings
in a material plane, and we will find the answers in the material sense;
that is, sense conditions of material nature represent the spiritual
or mental and spiritual aspects.

And as the body viewed those of disorders, representing in
the body-consciousness that of laxness, or inability in directions
that made for disorders; yet as these are turned into directions that become
more the mental and spiritual aspect, the visions of that as would again
be held by the entity, or individual, as ideal, or idealistic, arise from
the rubbish of those things material.

Dreams are which buildings come into the material aspects of life.
First as visions that are as to some visionary or unreal.

They are crystallized in the lives and activities of others through
constant actions of the various elements in the body of an individual entity,
which is being studied.

Then they act upon those in such a manner as to bring into being
realities, that in a material plane represent those;
as the peace and tranquility of the lake with its crystal fountains,
and the swans as representing peace and serenity as come
with such surroundings, and with the hope as in flowers and blossoms
and children.

The whole as emblems in the body-consciousness, seeing, visioning,
to which its own self is raising, may raise, those around self.

Hence the entity, the body, truly the missionary, the emissary.

(Q) [560]: Please interpret (meditation experience asked in 262-3)
"As the activities of self in the relations to others is made active,
so will the water of life be made more plain, more active
in the experience of self, as was the depth and the activities
of that mother of life seen."
(A) Again an emblematical opening of the entity's consciousness
to the practical applicability of things unseen upon the relative forces,
of force within individuals being raised in their consciousness
to the awakening of the universality of the continuity of life, God,
in human experience.

And as the lesson as is and will be awakened in the consciousness
of each entity is aroused in the study of self, these awarenesses
of the activities become more and more real.

As is conceded, even by the most pessimistic, that unseen forces
are more powerful than those seen or realities, to some.

The dreamer, the visionary, those who attune themselves to the infinite,
the more often they receive the more infinite power, for those attunements
will bring into being realities of the unseen forces
being as coordinant in their activity, as the night follows the day,
the moon sheds its light from the activity of the giver of light, the sun.
(Q) What service did Isusi [560] render in the temple in the Egyptian period?
(A) As those in the temple were raised in their understandings,
through the applications of the laws (of love) as meted or measured,
the entity was in the capacity of making practical, personal application
of such in the lives of those who sought to be channels for such laws,
such loves, such manifestations as raised the attunements of those seeking
to be channels in the spiritual sense.

(Q) [993]: Am I drawing near to the time when through knowing self
I can know the voice of the teacher within?
(A) As self keeps self nearer in attune, in accord, in vibration,
in coordinating of vibration, nearer the awakening, nearer the ability
to heal self and give life, light, understanding, to another.

Each individual (as this entity) should know first, the application,
the understanding and the knowledge of what is applied.

As in life, so in the actions, in the thought and body of an entity,
that this is!

Then how is its manner of executing that function it performs?
As these are in action, the awakening is soon to come to the entity
of the life within.

(Q) [993]: Were my two dreams on Sunday, Dec. 7th, 1931,
one at morning, the other at night, a glimpse of self-awakening?

[993]'s dreams:
The first dream was a miniature statue of an adult.
It seemed to have its place near me. I had a desire to take it
in my aura, as I did. It seemed to have life.
I called [560] to take it in her aura. She came but did not take it.
She seemed afraid. I received joy by holding it in my arms
and wanted her to have the same experience.

The second dream, I felt something being driven through the center
of my left hand and on awakening there came the Master's hand before me.

(A) A glimpse of self-awakening. As in the visions seen, to how the light,
or lights in their variation, brought those various effects upon the surroundings
and upon the individuals whom they shone, so does the awakening in self
act not only upon self but upon the activities of self and those to whom,
with whom, through whom, self ministers.

(Q) Please explain the second dream.
(A) This is a continuation in its varied activity upon those who, not seeking -
yet become aware of that awakening.

To turn back for a moment, may all understand the explanation
of an awakening from within:
In self are the material natures in an entity without as yet considering
that that awakens a desire to know, not only that of the without but
that that awakens a desire for a continuity of self other than from
a selfish viewpoint.

Get the variation and difference now!

As seen in the second vision, those from without are being acted upon
in much the same manner as an individual that is not aware of the holiness
of a brother, yet in contact with such one feels or experiences,
through not a feeling, not a hearing, not a tasting, not a vision of,
an aweness of a presence!

So, in the vision seen, those without will, are, must become awed
by the activities of self, of the group, of what it stands for!

(Q) [379]: What do I need most to further my development,
also to know self better?
(A) As self will meditate upon that as has been given, then in seeking
those answers to that as comes to self, in the awareness
of the various conditions physical, mental, spiritual,
that are awakened through the study of that given,
will there be seen, felt, known, understood, that that will awaken self
to a more close unison of purpose;
for indecisions have often racked the mental body of this entity,
but with unison of the mental visions will there come more peace,
more harmony, more unison of purpose.

We are through for the present.

1/07/32 Esther Wynne's letter to Edgar Cayce, expressing
SFG Norfolk Study Group No. 1 members' appreciation of his help,
see below:

Norfolk, Va., January 7, 1932

Mr. Edgar Cayce
Virginia Beach, Va.

My dear Mr. Cayce:
"We, the Norfolk Study Group of Norfolk, wish to express our appreciation
to you for the part you have played in helping us to know ourselves
better and to realize that true happiness consists alone in service.

We have been drawn together by some force, for some purpose.
This is felt by all of us, but it has been since we have known you,
known of your wonderful power, your close walk with the Master,
that we have come to realize with joy that we, too, may have
a part in bringing light, peace and understanding to a waiting world.

Allow us, Mr. Cayce, to take this occasion to assure you that we are happy
to have this privilege of service and we thank God for sending you to us.

We do not boast of strength, save in His Name, but forgetting those things
that are behind, we will endeavor to press on to the mark of the high calling
in Christ Jesus.

Assuring you of our prayers and full cooperation, we are,
Most sincerely yours,"
Norfolk Study Group, Norfolk, Virginia

[GD's note: This letter was printed in the introductory booklet "CAYCE"
published by A.R.E., with special gifts for that purpose, in 1932
to "explain" his work.]

8/01/61 GD's memo in re 262-8 dream at Par. 7-A:

Interestingly enough, although Par. 7-A seems to point to the dream
being individual, in the late spring of 1932 EC moved with his family
to the house on Arctic Crescent (at 14th St.), big, rambling old house,
very dirty and mis-used, it had to be completely scrubbed
and refinished inside. Beautiful Holly Lake was in the back,
often swans could be seen.

Years later little white cottages appeared across the lake.
The dream could seem also to be prophetic re. Edgar Cayce
and his work.

3/16/32 Gladys Davis took dictation for Edgar Cayce's letter to his friend
Mrs. A. Wood Gray (Mamie),  in Selma, Ala., which included this paragraph
- which referred to all those who had stood by him in organizing
and carrying on the A.R.E, especially SFG Norfolk Study Group #1 members:

"Nothing new going on, save our trials and tribulations they are with us
every day - but we are doing fine and dandy.

We get everything we deserve, and more too. We have the finest
lot of people to work with that ever lived.

[2/20/78 GD's note: We still do!]
We have so much to be thankful for, that we should never grumble.
I believe that somewhere it has been said, 'Grumblers never work,
and workers never grumble.'"

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