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Reading 262-011

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Reading 262-011 Edited

(Q) You will have before you the group gathered here
and their work upon the lessons they are preparing,
both that as presented in Know Thyself
a copy of which I hold in my hand, and the subject
What is Your Ideal on which they will now seek
to form the next lesson.

Please advise them and give that counsel
which they need at this time in carrying forward the work.

(A) The lesson that is prepared on Know Thyself, as we find,
with the minor changes that will come in the preparation,
is very good.

The presentation of the spiritual body presents to many
a variation to those things that make for the spiritual life.

If we add to this connection (the mental and spiritual life)
the Christ Consciousness, as may be had in Him through
the applying of self in act, in thought, to those lessons
to bring to individuals that consciousness,
then the greater effect may be in this connection.

In preparing a lesson on "having an ideal", as seen
from the proper consideration of the lessons that have gone
before (Cooperation, Know Yourself), there must be
the necessity of a Oneness of purpose in a
cooperative manner, which gives then a group a one ideal.

Though there may be many ideas in the approach to the one,
the differentiations are lost in the purpose of the ideal.

An ideal cannot, should not, will not, be man-made,
but must be of the spiritual nature.

And has its foundation in Truth, in God, in the God-head,
that there may be the continual reaching out of an individual,
whether applied to the physical life, the mental life,
or the spiritual life.

Knowing that first principle,
that the gift of God to man is an individual soul
that may be one with Him,
and may know itself to be one with Him
and yet individual in itself,
with the attributes of the whole,
yet not the whole.

Such must be the concept, must be the ideal,
whether of the imaginative, the mental, the physical,
or the spiritual body of man.

All may attain to such an ideal, yet never become the ideal
- but one with the ideal, and such an one is set in Him.

(Q) Please give a prayer or meditation which the group
may hold in seeking the preparation of this coming lesson
on What is Your Ideal.
God, be merciful to me! Lord help with my unbelief!
Let me see in Him that You would have me see
in my fellow man. Let me see in my brother
that I see in Him who I worship!

(Q) As a group are we doing anything that we should not do,
or leaving undone anything that we should be doing
in seeking understanding that we may be used in Thy service?
(A) This is a question that each shall answer within
their individual lives.
Who has been made a judge?
Who showeth mercy, patience and understanding?

Pray that each may have that light that is necessary for them,
as an individual, as an integral part of the whole group,
that would give life, light and understanding to others.

For he that would be patient must show patience
to those that have a different understanding or
concept of life.

He that would teach, he that would minister, he that would heal
all likewise must be able to demonstrate in themselves
that they would give another.

"As I am in the Father and you in me, so shall you know the way,
for so is my Father magnified in the world."

Are you a channel of blessing to someone today?
Then that will answer in your own behalf,
that as will give that understanding that enables individuals,
the group, to give to others that light, that awakening,
that must be found in Him.

The awakening may be done by the words
and the acts of individuals;
the increase, the Understanding, is God's work!

Expect not that to be your work, but bringing
the opportunities, the awakening, the light, the knowledge
and God gives the increase; for those that are called,
those did He predestine.

(Q) [307]: How may I attain to and realize my true ideal?
(A) Study to show yourself approved unto God,
rightly dividing the words of truth,
avoiding the appearance of evil.

(Q) In what person, first, second or third, should the lessons
be written, in order that they may best express the truth
end help the greater number of people?
(A) First person, I am! "I am the way, I am the truth, I am the light."
That as is manifested, that as is experienced in the life
of each individual, is a personal application of that truth
as would be imparted unto another.
Hence should be in the first person.

(Q) [2112]: What was meant in my reading when it said
I might heal by the "pouring in of the oil"? (See 2112-1)
(A) As applied in many instances where the individual
understands that individual to be healed needs something
concrete, physical, that represents - as the oil of truth,
the oil on troubled waters, the oil of understanding,
the oil of awakening.

To some prayer means much.
To others an awakening must be through their five senses.
All are equally dear in the eyes of the Maker.
Be patient. Endure all things.
"I will be all things to all men that I may there by save the more",
is applicable in this light also.

(Q) [115]: Was there any special word of power given me
in my Egyptian period that would be of help to the class
at this time?
(A) As an emissary in this particular experience,
the power of persistence is magnified in the present.
Patience and endurance is a good lesson to teach in the present.

(Q) [379]: How may I attain my ideal?
(A) In each there is prepared a way of escape
for each and every soul.

To this entity, that of an ideal must be attainable
in a concrete manner.

Then little by little, line by line, may the body-consciousness
become conscious of the Spirit of the Master
working in and through the acts, the thoughts, the Life
of the body.

See in each individual that they represent of the ideal
set by self, and live the life, the whole concept, of your own ideal.

(Q) [993]: What should be our true ideal, and how may I reach it?
(A) Ideal should be set in Him.
See that coming to pass in the lives, the hearts,
the minds, the souls, of those the body works with,
the body labors with, and work - work!

For the night comes, and in Him will be that light
that gives rest to the soul.

(Q) [69]: How may I reach my ideal?
(A) As each lifts in themselves that as is their ideal,
as each measures another - whether a physical, a moral
or a spiritual act - so may self measure self by that
as is set as the ideal in self for self, and see
the Christ Consciousness raised in the heart,
the mind, the soul of others.

Keep before self,
"Judge not that you be not judged,
For as you measure so it is measured against you."

That signifies that with the measure you mete is your ideal.

Let that, then, be in Him.

(Q) [560]: How may I come to the realization of my true ideal?
(A) As there is raised in self more and more
the Christ Consciousness does one become free indeed,
and free gives that awakening that comes with the realization
of the ideal as set awakening more and more in the hearts,
the minds, the souls of others.

Not in longfacedness, not in moral aptitudes that make
for shadows - but free in the love that makes not afraid,
that makes for that that would make self dare to do for Him.

(Q) [2125]: How may I come to the realization of my true ideal?
(A) As there is applied in the conversation, in the acts,
in the thoughts of self as respecting others, and measure
then by that ideal that is set in self, be as patient and
as forgiving, and as long-suffering as He was.
Then there comes that peace that gives understanding.

(Q) Is there any message for the group at this time?
(A) Is there set in this group that one ideal that has been set,
before the lesson is finished a sign will be given thee.

We are through.


2/02/32 See 3976-9, re Present World Conditions article
to be presented by Compilers of Group #1.

2/04/32 See Mr. [165]'s letter under 165-2 Reports
in re EC's work, world affairs, etc.



1. Why are we often barriers to our own development?
2. What does knowing self comprise?
3. What is the price to be paid in order to know self?
4. To whom is the way to know self open?
5. Mention our different bodies and show how they are related?
6. What is the physical body?
7. How has God honored our bodies?
8. What is the relation of all parts of the physical Body?
9. What influence have the senses upon the body?
10. Where do the influences of the senses register?
11. Discuss the desires of the mental and spiritual bodies.
12. Of what are we the result?
13. What are the effects of our thoughts and acts?
14. What will our soul seek?
15. Give the significance of the dream of the Truth student
given in the lesson.
16. Give ways by which we may see ourselves
in our relation to others.
17. What is the good way by which we may know ourselves
as others see us?
18. Why have we no right to feel humiliated when others
form opinions of us?
19. What should make us tolerant of others?
20. Give the quotation, "Be what thou seemeth," etc.
21. What is self's relationship to the Creative Force?
22. As we desire to be more in touch with God,
upon what should we meditate?
23. What promise is made for those who hunger
and thirst for for the birth of the Spirit.

2/09/32 EC's reply to Mr. [165]'s letter of 2/04/32:
We all indeed appreciate yours of the 4th, and realize that you
- as the rest of us - have been feeling the effects
of the strenuous times.

No doubt we all often feel that our situation has been, or is,
worse than the other fellow's.
Apparently, however, there are some who have taken advantage
of the situations financially to embarrass us.

Whether this has been purposely, or is the necessary trial
for us to go through in order to test our mental
and our understanding, sometimes is a bit hard to judge.

I have been, however, personally, very much gratified
at the way and manner many of our friends in Norfolk
have taken hold of the work.

It seems to me that they are preparing some of
the very first real understandings of the phenomena
that have been presented.

In fact, it seems to me the first real undertaking
to understand the work in its proper light.

I refer to the Norfolk Study Group of the Association
for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.

There are nineteen in this group - local people;
that is, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
Four men and fifteen women.

These are from all stations, we might say, in life.
Most of the women have been students in various groups for years.

Some of them are very well known in religious
and business circles, a few fairly well known
in social circles.

They are studying the information firsthand - and from the information,
as a group, are contributing - each one some part - to lessons
that may be studied by other groups.

In fact, it is putting into actual practice some such attempts
that were understood would be done when Mr. Blumenthal
came to Chicago to form or interest a group.

Please understand, we are not studying or making such lessons
as he attempted to present. I am merely telling you about this,
that you may know that there are some people really
studying the work.

There are also associated with this group a few out of town members
- one in Long Island, one in Staten Island, one in Syracuse,
one in Lewisburg, W. Va., and a couple in Pittsburgh
- who are following the information from week to week,
with the view of forming study groups when we have enough lessons
completed for them to begin.

If you are interested in seeing just what we are compiling,
I would be glad to send you one on these for your comment
- and I mean your real comment.

I really believe the spirituality and spiritual side
should be, and should have been, the more greatly stressed.

This, also, is not one individual trying to give their interpretation
of some phenomena, or the like, but a cooperative group
presenting their combined efforts on one subject
- that they have studied, lived and found to be true.

In fact, I believe it is one of the first undertakings of a Group
of so great a number, and - as you may readily suspect
- of different temperments, different developments, different minds,
to be of one opinion sufficiently to make a Lesson
that would be worth while is very unusual.

I hope that we may be of some help, Mr. [165], to you.

Don't hesitate to drop us a line with your questions
whenever you feel that we might be of help with a reading.

Hugh Lynn, since he left the school (that was closed,
as you no doubt know), has been devoting his time
to the study of the data already in hand.
We have sent our first article to a magazine.
Of course, we do not know that it will be accepted
by the first one.

He is also a leader of the Study Group.

While some people may feel that he is wasting some good time
that possibly he should be using in getting more practical application
in a commercial world, it does seem to me that the world
is in dire need of a spiritual leader with some spiritual vision.

I understand it must be practical, but our lessons appear to be
just practical business religion - and if there is truth to be obtained
through these channels, he should be able to get a training that is
worth while, and assist someone else in making their lives
and their efforts more helpful, more definite.

So, we are struggling along. [257] recently interested a gentleman
in New York who apparently has gotten a vision of the work
being helpful to others, and he has interested quite a number
of his friends in securing information.

Reports from all of these, without exception, have been wonderful.
So we feel that we are carrying on. [Mr. [437]]

We trust that sometime in the near future you will have the opportunity
to drop in on us, and have a heart-to-heart chat.

Again thanking you for your letter, and with all good wishes
to you and yours, I am

P.S. Mr. [165], our Group is arranging for Mr. Cayce to lecture
in Norfolk once a month.

This one on Present World Conditions we had in January.
The next one will be on The Lost Continent of Atlantis.
I thought you would like to have a copy.
Kindest regards.

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