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Reading 262-012

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Reading 262-012 Edited

(Q) Please give us what we need in continuing
our work on the lesson "What is Your Ideal?"

(Q) Each should apply in their daily experience
what has been given in Cooperation and Know Thyself.
For there comes then to each that as has been
set as their ideal.

Many individuals are able, or do express in themselves
the secular things in life as their ideal - or idea of a standard.

Have you chosen a Spiritual Ideal?
Are the things in your life measured by that spiritual ideal?
Are there continued efforts on your part to put into practice,
or to count yourself worthy of being the channel that may bring
a blessing to another?

There will come a sign to the group, or to members of the group
if they make the ideal one with Him.

The promise is, as was given by Him;
"I will bring to remembrance all things whatsoever
has been my part with you, for in such manifestations
is my Father glorified in you."

(Q) [303]: Please explain to me how I should proceed
in order to attain my true ideal.
(A) In seeking the Father's face, grace, mercy and peace
is added in the seeking.

Know who you worship, that you worship the Father;
for the prayer was,
"May they be one, even as You and I are one",
A spiritual insight brings the seeing of the best in each life.

There is good in all, for they are of the Father,
and have been bought with the price, of the Son,
in that flesh may know the Glory of the Father
that may be manifested even in you!

(Q) What can we do as individuals and as a group
that we may come to a oneness of purpose,
in a cooperative manner, which will then give
the group a One Ideal?
(A) This must be found in the Father, for
"You, I have chosen, as you have chosen me.
He, I have called, him did I also predestine
and they hear my voice, and answer by My Name."

In that name alone may the calling and election be sure.

Present yourselves in a way and manner that is holy
and acceptable to Him, according to your own understanding.
Doing each day what you know is in accord with that ideal,
and the Way will be shown to you!

Be not over hasty in word or deed.

For it is line upon line, here a little, there a little.

For it is the little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump,
and such compared He to the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom is within.

Go. Do. What I have shown you, so you do.
And there will be peace, harmony, understanding, light,
that saves even to the end.

(Q) [993]: What would be the most important work
for the group or individual to do at this time,
that would help us to attain the ideal as is set in Him?
(A) Let each show in their own way the manifesting
of His love day by day.
"A new commandment I give to you: Love one another."
As I would have spoken of you, so speak of one another.
In this manner may the greater work, the greater blessing,
come to one and all.

Be Patient, and see the glory of God!

(Q) In the reading of Feb. 7th, in Knowing Self, please explain
what was meant by "work, work! for the night is coming,
and in Him will be that Light that gives rest to the soul"?
(A) This is what was expressed by Him.
"Behold the fields are white for the harvest, but the laborers are few."
You have signified the willingness to be a laborer with Him.
Then work, work! for the night, for the shades of those things
that bring doubt, darkness, dissimilitude, will come - unless one
is busy with what they know to do;
But with the labor comes that rest as promised in Him.

(Q) [404]: How may I best attain to that ideal set in Him?
(A) Put into active, prayerful, working service,
that you know to do day by day.
See in others something that may be glorified by Him.
See in yourself what you would consecrate to Him.

Your daily acts, your words, your speech, these will bring
that understanding, and the realization of the ideal
being manifest in you, as well as in others.

Look for the good in everyone.
Speak neither evil, harsh, nor unkind, to any.

(Q) Please explain what is meant by the Godhead.
(A) That from which the impulse flows, or returns to.
The beginning - the end - of all.

(Q) How may I increase my faith?
(A) Use what you have in hand, has been the command from
the beginning, will be to the end, as to how to increase faith.

Faith, the substance of things hoped for, evidences of things unseen.

Using what is known brings attunements, emoluments in every form,
and makes Creative Forces in themselves - which is, must be,
the basis of faith.

(Q) [288]: How is it meant that I should give of my best to Him?
In what manner may I do that?
(A) Study that you say, that you do, and reserve nothing in strength
of body or mind - in service to others.
That is a reflection of what He would have you do, as you know how.

As was given by Him:
Let your works, your efforts, be as was said by Him:
"If you do not believe in me, then you will believe
for the very works sake - for the things I do bespeak
that I believe I Am!"

1/28/32 EC's letter to Mr. [333]:
"...The Board also officially recognized
our Norfolk Study Group, its aims and purposes.

They also recognized the fact that is very necessary
for us to have some sort of data.

The booklet you mentioned, with some
of the testimonials included, has been rewritten.

We are rather close on the financial side,
but are making some efforts to have this published
and hope to get it ready for distribution
by the first or middle of next month.

"Now for the Study Group: This group, in Norfolk
and Virginia Beach, is comprised of
about eighteen members, and is studying
our information firsthand.

This, to be sure, makes it a very personal thing.

We have readings at least twice a month,
and meetings from one to twice a week.

The lessons we are preparing are not just
the readings, but each individual getting
their own reaction from the information
or subject given, prepares their experience
of applying that information in their daily life;
so the lesson - each lesson - would comprise
the thought and experience of each member
of the group, rather than the thought or experience
of any one individual.

It is an undertaking that is entirely different
from anything that has ever been attempted
in the world before (unless we have no record of it).

I am sure that you will see it is a movement
quite worthy of a great deal of effort
on the part of those interested in being helpful
to their neighbor..."

See EC's dream during this reading in reading 294-136.
262-12 re Jesus giving the message to each in the group.

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