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Reading 262-013

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Reading 262-013 Edited

(Q) Please guide and direct this group in their work
on this lesson
What is Your Ideal?

(A) As in the cooperation, as in the developments that
come to each when applying those things
(for they become things, ideas in the application),
as the ideas work upon the activities of each individual,
then the ideal or the standard that each not only
measure themselves by - but see in others through that standard
that they may worship, that they may honor, in their ideal.

Know first "All is One."
Then come the lesson of Faith.

That is one of the stepping-stones in balancing self to the labors,
as each applies self to what they set before themselves to work toward.
And that may bring the understanding, that understanding of the source
of the good, or brighten the lives of others through those things
that have been builded, are builded, and may be builded,
through the application of those things that make up the lessons
that are studied.

For in the beauty of service comes the knowledge and understanding
that makes the living worthwhile.

Setting aside those things that so easily beset.
Looking forward to that mark of the higher calling set in Him.

Knowing that the greatest service that may be done
is the little word here and there, the kindly thought,
the little deeds that make the heart glad, and
the brightness of the Son come in the lives of all.

(Q) I hold in my hand an outline of the lesson on What is Your Ideal?
Advise us to the expansion of this.
(A) Insofar as each has contributed their portion, then,
in the joining of each link let these be in the same manner
or temperament of thought, that there are no stumbling stones
between the truths presented by each individual,
that there may be unison,
that there may be oneness of purpose,
that there may be wholehearted cooperation
by all to whom same may be presented.

Let each individual, themselves, apply in their own daily life
that they have contributed toward the awakening of someone
through their thought.

So the lesson becomes a living example known and read by men.

So the lessons, the studies, be given a soul, with life,
that may live in the hearts and minds of others.

Beautiful truths without personal application by the one
presenting them is indeed casting pearls to swine,
and will turn again to its own wallow.

In the outline, much of that prepared is
Let each know and feel, understand, that prepared
is a part of them. Unless that prepared is a part of them,
they have little or no part in that prepared;
For many are called but few have answered.

The harvest indeed is ripe, the laborers are few!

The lords have called, do call, for laborers in His vineyard.

Who will work today?
He that has seen a vision of the love of Him
that has been set as your example, as your ideal.

These founded in those that are of man's making
must come to naught!

With the cooperation of the spirit of truth it is made
alive in Him, even as the overcoming of death
itself through the applying of self to His will.

Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in me!
As the meditations should be,
in the preparation of faith in self, in God, in your ideal:

Create in me a pure heart, O God! (Pslam 51:10)
Open my heart to the faith
You have implanted in all that seek Your Face!
Help my unbelief (Mark 9:24)
in my God, in my neighbour, in myself!

(Q) Regarding the questions on the lesson by individuals:
[2124] In what way may I best attain my ideal?
(A) Well that an individual know that
the attaining of an ideal of "an earthly making" is satisfaction,
and the attaining of an ideal of "the spiritual making"
is obtained only in spiritual understanding which gives

Then be content with what you have, and use with honor,
praise, glory to your ideal what you have, and more
and more is given as there is proper use made
of what you have in hand;
for, as was given by the Master of masters,
"The kingdom is like that man who was about to make
a journey called his servants.
To one gave five talents, to another two talents,
to another one talent.
As they applied themselves, they obtained not favor,
but understanding - and so were rewarded,
as called to account for what held in hand.

So, obtaining the ideal is making use, spiritual use, first.
For 'Seek first the kingdom and all these things are added to you.'"
[see 262-17]

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: In what way may I best attain my ideal?
(A) In applying yourself day by day in every way, what you know.
Make a personal application of what you know to do,
without questioning about tomorrow.
For tomorrow has its evils and its goods, sufficient for you.

Today is! Use what you have in hand.
So the awakening comes.

Even Moses was called by God to lead peoples,
a shepherd and the flocks in Moab.

Use what you have in hand, for the gound you stand is holy!
Do likewise! Even as Ram, Phares [?] or Tama [?].
each under their own vine and fig tree, learned first that
opening self to be a channel of the Living Forces,
not the dead past nor that makes one afraid,
but Your will, O God, be done in me -
use me as You see fit!
Fit me for Your own!

(Q) From Compilers: Are we submitting the paper "Present World
Conditions" for publication in the manner we should?
If not, please offer suggestions.
(A) Do with might what your hands find to do,
through the channels that have been set before you.
Knowing that many minds have many ideas and
all are not of your own channel.

Yet give each the opportunity in their respective place.
"Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida!
For if the mighty works that have been in you
had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah,
they would have repented in sackcloth and ashes."

How many of the Group have repented,
or been in sackcloth and ashes?
[See also 281-5]

How are such cast out?
Why could we not, who have been endued
with your own power?
Fear has crept in!
You have neglected to pray.
You have neglected to fast.
Keep what has been given, and parade not
nor flaunt not that given,
but know that there is need for an awakening and it comes.

We are through.
Updated: 3 July 2013