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Reading 262-015

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Reading 262-015 Edited

Please give us at this time what we need in continuing work
on the lesson on Faith and answer the questions asked:

(A) In the exercising of faith shall the next step
come to each
for their enlightenment.

In the preparations of self, in the exercising of talent or ability
that is the heritage of each.
Plus what may be gained by the cooperation of one with another
in the light seen in self through the chosen ideal of the individual,
the chosen ideal of the group.

In the manner of presenting what has learned, what is chosen
that comes through the concerted action of self in response
to surrounding environs, and the seeking of self
for knowledge as the will enables self to give expression
to what is experienced within the individual.

In responding to opportunities presented from day to day
to put the experience into active thought, active being;
activating, then, one with another, toward what may
be given out to others to enlighten them in respect to
their relationships with the Creative Forces, and with
their fellow man.

As is seen by those of the first lessons, these are built
step by step, that there may be seen and may become
a living truth in the lives of individuals, known and seen
by those who may come in contact either with the life
of the individuals applying these, or what may be
given by the group as a whole.

(Q) [993]: In passing through the test that has come with
the sign that was promised, has my faith been sufficient?
Would appreciate more light regarding this, and how I should act.
(A) As has been promised,
"My grace is sufficient", and
"Take no thought of what you shall say in the hour of trial or test,
what is necessary for the renewing of that spirit that makes for
the understanding of 'His Spirit bears witness with your spirit'"
will be given

Meet each step shown to you, remembering that He promised,
"I am with you always, even until the end of the world.
I will not leave you comfortless, but will come to you,
and he that takes my cross shall not bear it alone."

(Q) [560]: Could the entity receive a message at this time
that her faith may be strengthened?
(A) Add to your faith works, that show attributes
(such as love, hope, patience, etc)
that are expressions of His Spirit in the world.

So shall the faith, become the evidence of things not seen,
and His grace, His mercies, will abide with you whereever you go.
Peace be with you!
Not as the world gives peace; rather self's personality lost in Him.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: Please explain what was meant in reading
262-13, by "Use what you have in hand, for the ground you stand is holy!"?
(A) As each individual uses the knowledge and understanding
pertaining to the attributes of the spirit of truth, life, light
and understanding.

So come that growth, that which brought the worlds into being;
and being, places, things, spots, that are brought into being
through such activity of an entity, self, is indeed holy.

There is in the self, in the entity, seeking what may be found,
and may come to self to know the closer relationships with
the Holy Activating Forces in a material world.

(Q) We present the outline on Faith, which I hold in my hand.
Please suggest any further headings which should be added.
(A) Rather we should fill those that have been outlined
with experiences of individuals, such are the tests of faith
or confidence, according to that held as the ideal; and, 
whether it partakes of the physical conscious sense or that of the
spiritual intuitive forces that comes from close communion with the
Holy Spirit, the promised Comforter, the consciousness of the Christ.

(Q) When in the meditation of Faith, we are told to pray,
"Create in me a pure heart, O God".
Does the word "heart" refer to the subconscious mind?
Please give some light on the word "heart".
(A) As in the physical body "the heart" is considered the seat,
or the source of what impels life to all portions of the body.

In that sense, then, in creating in me a pure heart,
a pure soul, a pure purpose, that in all forces,
all circumstance, all conditions, in all the active forces
of the body, in mind or in physical contact,
may bring that life, light, understanding, to those contacted
- as does the heart to the body.

This attribute, or representation then, is used
to signify that purpose, that intent, that life,
that characterization, of the active forces of an entity,
a body, a mind, the imaginative forces, the conscious forces,
the subconscious or soul forces.

Not as of the subconscious alone; rather illustrates
the seat, the source, the activating forces that impel those
to do His biddings.

As: "Create within me a pure heart, O God, and renew
a righteous holy spirit within me."

(Q) Please give some information on how we come to have faith.
Is it a gift of God and developed through the use of it?
(A) As was brought into creation, in the beginning,
there are the attributes of every force, power, that may be
magnified in whatever source of creation that is exemplified
in the act.

In man given as the will, and the soul, with that given
the attribute to keep those forces in a line with what
takes from the source of its emanation, and in faith - then
- grows (the will) to be one with; or going away from,
by the exercising of will in another direction.

So the soul, or what separates an entity from the whole,
grow in whatever direction the exercising of the attribute
(faith), as gift, as a force, as power, magnified
in the creation of forces in the beginnings.

So it shows forth in individuals according to the manner
or way in which the faith is used  as those attributes
of individuals related to the Creative Force, or God himself.

(Q) Please explain by illustration Reading 262-14
"Most say they believe, and yet begin at once to explain
what this means in the mental rather in the material
(A) As has just been outlined as to how faith, an attribute,
came into being as the Son in which the faith is magnified
to make those active forces in the will, and the growth of the soul.

So, as is seen in individuals that would say, "Yes, I believe
- but" "but" meaning there is doubt.

That by the comparison of some individual, individuals
or circumstances in their experience, when, where, or how,
that individuals spoke yet acted in a manner as if that did not exist!

Then, creating that doubt for self, applying to self,
brings about the opposite of faith, or else
partakes of that within the conscious mind that begins
with the lessons that must be answered by the attributes
of the physical consciousness, that seek for
a demonstration through those senses of the body
that makes for an awareness to the physical being.

Yet these are manners in which the variations to individuals
reach those various conditions or circumstances in their experience.

We are through for the present.

Updated: 3 July 2013